1 1. the baby

In a small town on the outskirts of the Ravens kingdom castle walls there was as a man pacing out side of his house. He had black long and curly hair and light blue eyes and and was pretty muscular. The reason he was pacing was because he was waiting for the doctor to let him in to see his newborn baby and his wife. But he had truly wanting a son so in his absence (meaning death) he could protect the people as he's father did as head knight.

"Sir you can know see your baby and wife" the doctor said lightly out of breath.

the man ran inside and he stop at the bedroom door where the baby was born starring at his wife with gently eyes she told him to come in with a hand gesture. walk over to the baby to confirm the gender he saw that it was an girl."why is it a girl i ASKED FOR A BOY." he said angrily while he took the child and thought his wife was threatening his reputation. "No no i didn't do this the baby most have slithered itself into my wish."she said frighteningly as though she needed to fight for her life. The man was incredibly strong he possessed allot of spells."it's fine we just need to get rid of it."the man said with a crooked smile. "Doctor."the man yelled the doctor came running back in the house.

"yyyeesss." the doc had know the man would not want the child.

"what to do with it"the doctor said grinning ear to ear.

"throw it in the woods far far far away from here and let nature deal with it." The man said coldly then pushing the baby in to the doctors chest.

"Yes sir"he know he was going to be paid handsomely and ran to he carriage riding it out of the small town to the woods hours from the town. he than found a spot to put the carriage stoping there he ran to the middle of the woods and placed the tiny girl there. turning his back on it and ran away going back ot his carriage and riding away.

what those three did not know was the baby was very smart and she remembered there faces. but she knew she was helpless in the middle. of the woods alone and the fact that she could not walk nor talk.she was so angry that she could not help but to cry. that seemed to get the attention of some thing in the woods she didn't know what it was.

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