I am DEAD. I mean I'm really DEAD. Well no fuss over it as I was really waiting for this. And yeah I am grateful for it. Living was good atleast for me when I was immature. Then reality gave a hard slap and I started to mature and it all happens in just 2 years.

I was a bright student till high-school. I mean getting over 85% and being in top 10 at school make you feel proud and I too was proud but not excessively. But after the finals of grade 10 I started to watch anime. Some friends of mine recommended me to watch. And when I say it was a blast watching all those anime I'm really understating that. It's like a brand new world is opened for me and just waiting for me to drown in it. And I did drown in, I mean I got so addicted that I started watching a new anime the day and it ended at night. I watched more than 12 episodes everyday and in just 6 months I watched 250+ animes, well not including the One Piece, Bleach or Naruto. They have a huge ass list of episodes even I got afraid of it. But I still completed watching One Piece till it's last episode released. It take over one year to watch it.

And after watching all those anime and waiting for the new one, I got bored and started reading manga. Even manga can't satisfy my appetite and by some recommendations I started reading LN and WN. First reading japanese then chinese novels.

And once I started reading novels related to cultivation it's like I got on adrenaline and just read about all famous cultivation related novels. And if I have to chose which one was my favourite I would choose Douluo Dalu, TDG and 2 series of Martial World.

Well it also let to my grades getting poor and my parents started scolding me. At first it was mild scolding but seeing no improvement in me they started saying harsh words. I know its my fault and I don't think my parents were wrong for berating me. My grades dropped from what used to be 85% in class 10th to 63% in class 11th. My family used to be middle class but after some problems with my paternal uncle for property related issues we got poor day by day. My father that used to be a businessman had to shut off his business because of financial issues. He started driving cab for income. So me and my older brother is the only hope of our parents to get them out of this situation.

The situation got worse when my father incomes get dwindling day after day.

Our schooling expenses are very high and is barely affordable for our parents. My older brother was better at studies than me and after his school he also got into one of the best University but expenses increased also.

And that was the time I became half NEET. So you can also predict what's gonna happen. They first scolded me then it's started getting louder and louder.

One day my father came home in a very bad mood and for no reason started to beat the shit out of me. And after that day it's started to get frequent. Everyday he'll beat me senseless spouting nonsense about not studying enough and wasting his money. He even started threatening me that if I don't get more than 80% he'll disown me. My mother also didn't stopped him. At that time I was a full NEET and addicted to novels. I will always think that they can all beat me but they'll never throw me out of the house after all I'm their son.

I was never so wrong about anything in my life. At the result day my father and I was coming back from school.

I got 69% marks at the 12th grade. My father's mood was gloomy and I can see that by the facial expression he was making. I knew I was going to get beaten today too. But no after getting home he doesn't uttered anything. I was having a very bad feeling but I can't put my hand on it.

After sometime he came from his room carrying a leather belt and without saying anything started beating me. He beat me for more than 2 hours saying how fucking useless I am, I wasted his hard earned money and it's better for me to be dead than alive . I can even see some blood rushing through my head. I can't even move after that. He carried me to my room and told me to pack up. I asked him for what and he told me to leave the home.

I was so shocked that I kept staring at him for 5 second and started crying and begging him to give me another chance. He didn't buy that and said to leave . I can see the determination in his eyes. Somehow moving my body I collected some of my clothes and stuff in my backpack.

Seeing me packed up he once again carried me and my backpack and threw me outside of the house . For the shame I'm feeling I didn't say a word and left. I looked back and saw him , he didn't even looked back. I was feeling very lonely at that time. I never in my wildest dream thought they would kick me out.

After that day I left that city and started heading towards the capital by foot because I didn't have a single penny on me. First I travelled more than 400 km on foot and after reaching capital I started job hunting. But for a job I needed to be a graduate. After trying in vain for half a month I didn't find any that was willing to give me one. I started working part time job at a coffee shop. The pay was barely able to satisfy my food problem and that is then when I only eat bread all day. Working continuously for 3 months, once on a unfortunate day someone stole the whole coffee machine and the blame was put on me because I was the last one to be seen around. They best me up even tore the last good clothes that I have remaining and also somebody kicked at my head making me feel dizzy. And after that I'll always forgot something very easily and there will be pain in my head for 30 min at least per 2 day. I can't even a good part time job after that. I started to live in streets.

After 2 years of struggling to survive I started living in an alley , eating leftover food from trash cans.

I literally became a beggar. My clothes were all ragged. I used to have some clothes but they all got snatched by some other beggars after they beat the shit out of me. I was literally tired of living. So after one more year I thought about visiting my parents.

I once again travelled to my hometown on foot and after reaching there I went towards my home.

What used to be a single story one room house became a multistorey house. I was there watching the house in awe when someone hit me and I fell on the ground.

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I apologized but after recognising who I have collided with my eyes began to shine.

He was none other than my brother. He just grumbled and didn't even recognised me. As he was leaving I yelled his name. He turned to look toward me with confusion. And he is right to be confused what used to be a healthy person is now all bones with overgrown hair and beard and wearing ragged clothes.

After I told who I was to him he was shocked and disgusted. But I can also see loathing and other mix of emotion in his eyes.

I told him that I came to meet him and asked about his situation.

I also told him to let me meet mother and father. But he didn't say anything. I asked to let me meet just once. He said to follow him I followed him to the building where a lawn was and I can see a couple sitting there bathing in the sun playing with a one year old child.

My brother told me to wait at the entrance of the building and after that left to say something to my parents. He whispered something in my father's ears and after that I can see my father looking at me with contemptuous eyes. I didn't let it bother me. He came toward me and stand at more than 2 metre aways from me .

He glared at me and asked what I'm here for. I swore I didn't thought that the first thing he'll say will be this. He told me not to dream about joining the family again and he won't give me a single ounce of his property and I can just fuck off. I stood there gawking at my father's behaviour. I know I wasn't a good son but he didn't have to hurt me like this. Tears started coming from my eyes and I turned to look toward my mom who just gave me a pitiful look and turned around as I wasn't even there. I looked toward my brother with some hope and all I saw was loathing and contempt in his eyes. He told me to leave and I just said to let me have some food and I will leave after that. They gave me some bread and water. I was hoping if my mother will cook for me. But all I got was disappointment. My mother's cooked food I loved the most. I never felt so alone on my whole life. It's just like standing around the beach at midnight without anyone else beside you. After I left the house I wandered around the same localities for around a week . And again came back to capital. All I did was steal food and necessity and lived in the same alley as always. At some point in my life I also wished to have fallen in love and have some friends to share my sorrow with. But a beggar can't afford that normal comfort. It's true that you feel the worth of something when you don't have it. I wished death more than anything. But being a coward I couldn't even suicide. I tried many times but at the last moment I stopped.

And at that fortunate day when I was searching for some food in the trash I heard some footsteps. I turned to look towards them and found 4 guys running towards the alley with gun in their hands I got afraid and hid behind the trash can. After some seconds few more guys came with pistols and guns in their hand .

The two groups started fighting over something and soon the fight escalated into shooting. When all this was happening I started slowly backing up and make a ran for the alley but just at the corner I felt something warm from my necks I touched my forehead and found blood in my hands.

I turned to look towards the person who shot me. I can see that he wasn't shooting me but a person just standing in front 10 metres ahead of me and he dodged the bullet and I was just behind him so the stray bullet hit me.

I started getting dizzy and soon I blacked out. That's all my pitiful life is about no friends no loved one noone to even bury me. I looked at my meaningless life and just sighed.

And even after death these memories still remains I thought I was gonna perish or my existence is going to be rewritten or something like that. But nothing just eternal silence and darkness is all around me. I didnt even know for how long I'm here.

As I was thinking something a bright light flashes through this darkness and I found myself sitting on a chair in a white room and some distance from me is sitting a person behind a white table in white clothes having a symbol of yin yang on the left side of his chest. He just stared at me and I also stared at him for full 5 minutes before he said something's I.

The man siad , " Hello Young Man, So as you've already guessed you're dead."

I already guessed who he is but still I asked , " Who are you mister and where am I."

He said, " I am what you call a GOD or an omnipotent being that is responsible for reincarnation. And you are here because you my child has done something which is really extraordinary. You have somehow manged to score 0 karma points which is harder than having highest karma value."

After that I asked again, " Well what is going to happen to me and what is that symbol you're wearing on the left side of your chest. It looks the same as Yin-Yang symbol from chinese culture."

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