After saying that he lit up an incense and said :

" I will give you time for an incense stick, in which you can understand and discuss with each other. After the incense stick burns out, the test will begin and you all will fight me. If five of you can take and sustain my attacks for an incense stick of time, even if only one person persists, you all can be considered pass."

At this time Dai Mubai came forward and said, " Teacher Zhao, I don't think this is appropriate."

"What? Is there any problem? Now that the Dean is not here now, my words are the last and I have the final say." Zhao Wuji glared at Dai Mubai and said.

"No I didn't mean that, I was saying maybe you should increase the amount of time to two incense sticks." Dai Mubai walked forward and said to Zhao Wuji in low voice, glancing toward Tang Ming and remembered the punch he took. That punch has the power of atleast spirit emperor level.

If only the other four were going to fight, maybe one incense stick of time can last, but if Tang Ming is added it becomes a complete different situation.

"..." Zhao Wuji looked at Dai Mubai and a question marked popped up in his head.

" You think, I, Zhao Wuji have become old and needed two incense sticks of time to defeat five childrens."

Zhao Wuji voice didn't waver in the slightest and said to Dai Mubai. He again closed his eyes and sat at the stool.

" Eh.. Boss Dai this teacher, is he that amazing?" Xiao Wu frowned and asked, " How come the five of us who are 25th-level Spirit Grandmaster can't hold an incense stick of time against him?"

Dai Mubai coughed and said, " Teacher Zhao martial is called Vigorous Vajra Bear. It is an extremely powerful beast spirit with incomparable defensive abilities and have almost no flaws. It is almost difficult for a spirit master of the same level to fight and cause effective damage to him. And the only weakness that it has is a little speed but that is relatively speaking."

" The powerful offensive ability and unparalleled defensive ability have made many spirit master of the same level helpless against him. Even if he just stands and let you attack, you all may not be able to shake him even in the slightest. That's why he is also famous and known as Motionless Bright King."

After speaking Dai Mubai looked at the five of them.

"He's so powerful, what is his spirit power level?" Xiao Wu asked, " Is it also a Spirit Emperor?"

Before Dai Mubai can say anything, Ning Rongrong interrupted and said, " It is definitely above Spirit Emperor, I have also heard about the title of Motionless Bright King from my father, they say that ten years ago, Motionless Bright King Zhao Wuji had a feud with Spirit Hall. At that time Spirit Hall sent over sixteen Bishops, and every single one of them is above Spirit Emperor level to besiege him but he easily fended them all off. And the matter was left unsettled."

After listening to what Ning Rongrong said, everyone was stunned except Tang Ming.

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Tang Ming has a very good impression of Zhao Wuji from his previous life. It can be said that he even considered Zhao Wuji as one of the person with the best character. If he can help he will definitely help Zhao Wuji to reach Title Douluo level and if possible even higher. He has the same plans for Flender as well.

Dai Mubai nodded and said, " You're right. Teacher Zhao Wuji is at 76th-level Spirit Sage! Moreover all his spirit rings are a offensive and defensive one. You can imagine how terrifying his strength is. Don't talk about the four of you, even you add me, it may not be possible to last a minute against him."

" Four? We are five!" Xiao Wu asked in confusion and then with slight mischief she again asked, " Are you implying that brother Ming is not considered human?"

"...." Tang Ming.

"No, don't talk nonsense, I haven't said that." Dai Mubai hurriedly said and glared at Xiao Wu.

This girl seems to be deliberately trying to find trouble with him.

" I mean, with Tang Ming, lasting an incense stick of time will be a lot easier."

"Dai Mubai, is Tang Ming so powerful?" Ning Rongrong looked at Tang Ming. " This is actual combat test. It's not a comparison of spirit power and spirit ring. According to what you said, you need to have a deep understanding of your own martial spirits and it's application."

Zhu Zhuqing also looked at Tang Ming with some curiosity in her eyes, and was slightly surprised and puzzled by Dai Mubai's words.

"I think so too." Tang San smiled and said, " Well, big brother Mubai has already told us a lot of useful information. Let's get to know each other and introduce ourselves first."

" My name is Tang San, spirit Blue Silver Grass, 30th- level Control System Spirit Elder."

After that Xiao Wu introduced herself, " Xiao Wu, spirit Soft-Bone Rabbit, 30th-level Assault System Spirit Elder."

"Zhu Zhuqing, spirit Hell Civet, 27th-level Agility Attack System Spirit Grandmaster."

" Ning Rongrong, spirit Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, 26th-level Auxiliary System Spirit Grandmaster."

When the four of them finished speaking, all of them gazed at Ning Rongrong in unison.

"Are you a member of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda sect?" Tang San asked Ning Rongrong and looked at her in surprise.

Ning Rongrong glanced at Tang San and the others and said with a chuckle, " I ran out from the sect secretly! Don't look at me like that. I'm also a normal person. My support ability can provide you all with a 30% increase in strength and speed. You all can probably last an incense stick of time without any problem. But I have no offensive and defensive ability."

After speaking Ning Rongrong looked at them.

An increase of 30% can prove critical and fatal, in the battle of spirit masters. Maybe you can also leapfrog and challenge higher level spirit master.

And as expected after Ning Rongrong finished speaking, Tang San and the others are amazed.

At this moment, Tang Ming was having a completely different thought, after hearing about the benefits of having an auxiliary martial spirit, he thought of his Monkey Wine Gourd.

He was in dillemma if he should add ring to it or not, as he can only add spirit rings of only ten thousand year. But after thinking for a while he decided to add spirit rings, after all he can increase the age of spirit ring later. The help that the Monkey Wine Gourd can provide at this stage is also very crucial. He decided that the next time he goes to hunt for his third spirit ring, he will also add two or more spirit ring to Monkey Wine Gourd.

"Hehe, then we have a better chance at lasting an incense stick of time against teacher Zhao!" Xiao Wu said happily.

Tang San also nodded with a slight smile on his face, which showed he too is obviously happy having an outstanding auxiliary spirit master as a partner.

And Zhu Zhuqing, too looked delighted and and the look in her eyes become a little less colder toward Ning Rongrong.

She suddenly looked at Tang Ming who didn't said anything from the beginning till now, while having a serious thoughtful look in his face. She can't help but be mesmerized looking at Tang Ming's exceedingly handsome face, she has not seen anyone as handsome as him, but she quickly pulled herself together and again returned to her ice cold look.

But if you notice you can see a slight blush on her cold face. Nobody noticed anything except Tang Ming, who obviously was stunned looking at Zhu Zhuqing face.

This was the first time, he found a different look on her cold face. The slight blush on her cold face made his heart skip a beat. That cold look with a slight blush can make anyone's heart beat faster. He can't help but stare at her.

As everyone was finished, introducing themselves, they noticed Tang Ming's lost look.

Xiao Wu ran in front of Tang Ming and waved her hand in front of his eyes, " Brother Ming, are you there. What are you looking with so much attention?"

Xiao Wu stood in the same angle as Tang Ming and followed his gaze. She saw Zhu Zhuqing.

She can't help but gasp, which also pulled everyone attention as well as Tang Ming out of his trance and who quickly looked at Xiao Wu, who was looking at him with surprised gaze.

She can't help gasping, because this is the first time, she has seen, Ming'ge looking at another girl with such a look. There were a lot of girl in Nuoding City who proposed and asked out to Ming'ge but he refused every single one and didn't gave them a single look.

Before Xiao Wu can say anything, Tang Ming coughed and said, " Looks like it's my turn to introduce my self."

"I'm Tang Ming, spirit Primordial Chaos Spear, 30th-level Attack and Agility System Spirit Elder and also the elder brother of Tang San."

All of them looked surprised after hearing the last line. They couldn't help but look at Tang Ming and then at Tang San then once again at Tang Ming.

They never thought that Tang San and Tang Ming were brothers by looking at both of them but it makes sense, afterall they both have the same surname.

Both of them looked too different from each other.

But after a few moments they organized themselves and started planning on how to attack and last for a single incense stick of time.

Tang San took the lead and said, " As we have all different types of system of spirit master,which can barely be considered as a team, I recommend a head on fight. Brother Ming as a strong attack system spirit master, you should be the first to take the lead and attack teacher Zhao, Xiao Wu and Zhu Zhuqing you both attack from the sides and wait for the perfect moment to land a hit. Ning Rongrong as an auxiliary spirit master you should be in the back and provide all buffs as soon as the fight starts and as a control spirit master I'll be in the middle of the formation overlooking and providing aid to all of you. In this way we'll be able to look out for each other and maybe can last an incense stick."

" Now, are you all clear about your role? Is there any problem" Tang San explained and asked all of them.

"No problem!" All of them answered in unison.

At the same time, on the other side Zhao Wuji squinted his eyes slightly and was also looking at Tang Ming and thought in his heart.

'When the kid Mubai suggested to increase the incense stick, he was looking at that pretty boy. Looks like I need to be a little careful of him.'

At this time, Tang Ming was also thinking.

'In the original novel, in this battle against Zhao Wuji, Zhu Zhuqing, Xiao Wu and Tang San were all injured in varying degree. Xiao Wu and Zhu Zhuqing passed out and became unconscious which took a full day to recover.'

Zhu Zhuqing was the one that was the most injured as Tang San saved Xiao Wu. This time he will try so that nobody is injured too much. To gain experience, one need to fight and get injured but there should be cure and help at the same time.

The incense was all burned out at this time.

Dai Mubai stepped back quietly, he has a feeling that this battle is going to be very interesting and an amazing one.

"Well childrens, get ready to experience the combat, that you will remember your whole life." Zhao Wuji said loudly while grinning madly.

Zhao Wuji once again stood up, both of his hands grasping each other in a lock, loosening his wrists and tilting his neck a little sideward to both the sides, which created sound of bone creaking, the intangible pressure once again descended.

Zhao Wuji once again took out a stick of incense, ignited it and throwed it at a rock, sticking it in between.

Without waiting, Ning Rongrong summoned her spirit, while two yellow coloured rings also appeared at her feet, floating around. She used her first spirit ring.

" Seven Treasure words, first spoken : Strength"

As she said that the first light yellow coloured ring rose up and shined brightly. Four streams of bright light suddenly shot out, separately advancing and enveloping the bodies of the four.

Immediately a warm energy filled them all, the three people suddenly felt like their whole bodies are brimming with strength, except Tang Ming as the increase brought was negligible for his already monstrous strength.

His raw physical strength is already more than 55,000 kgs. So the increase brought was quite insignificant.

"Oh, among this year students, one of them is from Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda clan. That old ghost Flender must be excited this time." Zhao Wuji said with a slight surprise in his voice and then laughed out loud.

" Seven Treasure words, second spoken : Speed." Again the second spirit ring rose up and shined, shooting out four stream of bright light at the four people.

Tang San and the others felt the change in their body and was quite pleased by its effect. The lightness of the body made Tang San feel like he had lost some of his weight. In his heart he secretly admired the wonder of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda martial spirit.

This time Tang Ming also felt that his body become a little light. He was pleased at this, as very few buffs worked on his already strong body.

Now all of them has increased their Strength and Speed by 30%, which made them feel quite incredible.

"Get ready!"

Right at this time, Zhao Wuji said and moved, he crouched his legs and pounded both of his fist on the ground.

" Not good. " Tang San cried out, the moment Zhao Wuji struck the ground he knew what he was going to do.

Grandmaster once told him and brother Ming, that if they encounter a Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda as opponents, you should always, at any cost first defeat them. And Zhao Wuji is definitely going for Ning Rongrong first.

Tang San immediately leaped up, one blue and black long vine abruptly flew out and twisted around Ning Rongrong's waist and pulled her up.

Xiao Wu and Zhu Zhuqing also responded quickly, Xiao Wu jumped ahead while Zhu Zhuqing leaped to the side, simultaneously sweeping past the quake.

At the same time, Tang Ming too crouched and leaped toward Zhao Wuji, clenching his fist backward and punched at Zhao Wuji.

Zhao Wuji didn't expect to be counter-attacked and hurriedly crossed both of his arms, blocking the punch.


A bang came as Tang Ming's fist connected. And Zhao Wuji was sent a few metre backward skidding.

He looked at Tang Ming in surprise. He didn't think that this boy would have so much strength. He looked at both of his arms which was slightly numb from the punch. Before he can react to what to do :

"Xiao Wu, above." At this time Tang San shouted, lifting bith his hand and putting it together in front of his chest.

Xiao Wu did not even look and jumped at Tang San's hand with both feet stepping in Tang San's palm.

Tang San pushed the arm and with the help of pushing strength, Xiao Wu shot out like an arrow toward Zhao Wuji.

Tang San knew that attacking was the best strategy now, if they let Zhao Wuji display his spirit ring and complete power they would definitely lose.

It was better to attack constantly without giving Zhao Wuji the chance to retaliate instead of defending passively.

With two muffled sound, Xiao Wu's both feet accurately stepped on Zhao Wuji's shoulders but Zhao Wuji didn't even budge a bit. He grinned madly.

"Your attack was good little girl, but it seems to lack required strength."


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