6 Chapter 6

 A pair of small convoys were advancing on the broad official road. The convoy carried a large amount of materials, ranging from firewood, rice, oil, salt, to porcelain, and there were many kinds of ornaments. At a glance, they knew it was a caravan.

    Looking at it, a carriage at the end of the caravan looked particularly abrupt, because it was carrying a group of children who looked no more than five or six years old.

    Perhaps because of the child's nature, the children in the car chattered like birds waiting to be fed, looking back and forth at the surrounding scenery with their big round eyes from time to time. Among the noisy children, a well-proportioned boy with a fair face sat cross-legged with his eyes closed, sitting in the corner of a carriage as if sleeping.

    As the vehicle moved forward, a huge building slowly showed its outline from the fog. The building resembles a huge palace with golden roofs and red doors, antique in appearance, golden glazed tiles shining dazzlingly in the sun, and a sense of solemnity emerges spontaneously. Its area is so wide that there is no end in sight at a glance. On the five-foot-high entrance archway, there are three characters of the Duke's Mansion.

    "Huh, it's finally here." Qiu Bai opened his eyes and stood up and said.

    "Should I say that although the Dai family is not the Xingluo imperial family now, this standard of living is not much worse than that of the emperor." Qiu Bai couldn't help sighing as he looked at the huge city slowly emerging in the mist not far away. It is hard to imagine that this is a mansion owned by an individual.

    The Duke's Mansion is located in the north-central part of the Xingluo Empire. Qiu Bai's village is at a distance from the Duke's Mansion. The children in the village went to this magnificent mansion today. For no other reason, they came to participate in the Wuhun awakening ceremony in the Duke's Mansion.

    The Duke's Mansion has a huge area. In addition to its owner, Baihudai's family, the number of subordinates and servants in the Duke's Mansion is also huge. Ordinary villagers are also open, and it is an awakening ceremony for ordinary people. Why is it for ordinary people? The children of nobles in high positions are naturally unable to awaken their spirits with ordinary people. They have occasions for the awakening of nobles.

    The essence of the awakening ceremony for ordinary people is the opportunity for the Duke's Mansion to select outstanding soul master seedlings to join. The most noble profession in Douluo Continent is the soul master. As long as the child of an ordinary family can awaken his soul power, he can change his own destiny. The Duke's Mansion aims to absorb the children of ordinary people who have produced spirit power due to the mutation of the martial arts, and give them cultivation methods to help them absorb the spirit ring, so that they can become the fresh blood of the power of the Duke's Mansion.

    The group did not come to the main entrance of the mansion, but changed their direction to the back door on the north side and entered the mansion.

    Entering the Fuzhong, although it is only a relatively old place with the back door, it is enough to make the little insightful children in the village give out bursts of exclamation.

    Seeing this, the middle-aged man leading in front couldn't help but scold him with a straight face. "This is the Duke's Mansion, you little rascals, please be quiet!" Seeing the serious-looking men before them, all the children closed their mouths obediently.

    Under the leadership of the man, a group of people came to a building.

Before the small tenants. At this time, there were already several groups of children who had come to awaken Wuhun before the portal. Looking around the number of children in one week plus Qiu Bai and his group, there were probably more than 60 people, which was not a small number.

    After Qiu Bai and his party arrived, a man who seemed to be the White Tiger Duke's Mansion had a conversation with the leaders of each team. The conversation lasted for a short while, and the man unilaterally ended. He immediately set his gaze on the group of six-year-old children in front of him and looked around for a week. When he looked to the left and rear of the crowd, he was strangely stagnant, and then moved away naturally. The stay time was not more than one second, and almost no one noticed.

    Qiu Bai, who was at the end of the team, keenly caught the man's strange behavior. The man's brow wrinkled in an instant. It stands to reason that a six-year-old child shouldn't have seen it at such a distance. All of this is due to a technique.

    The exercise method is called the Zhongtian Soul Refining Technique, which comes from the fantasy plane and is aimed at the spiritual and soul cultivation. Under the influence of the world rules, the exercise method is divided into four realms: Lingtong, Linghai, Lingyuan, and Spiritual Realm. The spiritual power cultivated on the four levels corresponded to the level of the spiritual power system that only appeared ten thousand years later. Cultivating the soul is actually the cultivation of the spiritual power in the human body, and the body of the soul perception abilities used by people in other worlds is the spiritual perception.

    In this world, all abilities depend on skills similar to spirit abilities, whether it is spirit ring abilities or self-created spirit abilities, they can only be used after energy is used in a specific way. Spiritual power is a relatively tasteless power in Douluo Continent. Unless it is a spirit-attribute spirit master, only those who reach the titled Douluo will specifically perceive and use the spiritual ability. Without the related skills of mental power, low-level spirit masters are still unable to use their mental power.

    In the spirit master era, why was Tang San able to leapfrog or even beat his opponent? Apart from the spirit ring, the martial arts ability, the most important thing is the Tang Sect's unique knowledge he has studied. In the Tang Sect's unique learning, the purple magic pupil is a technique that uses the eyes as a cultivation medium to increase mental power. It can help users clearly capture opponents moving at high speeds, predict and control the battle situation, and cultivate to the later stage. Perform mental perception and mental attacks.

    Although the Zhongtian Soul Refining Technique is only a cultivation technique for spiritual power, its grade is extremely high, which also enabled Qiu Bai to acquire the ability of spiritual perception after practicing.

    Just now, Qiu Bai clearly felt that the man stopped for a moment in the left rear, and the source of his gaze was a short-haired boy with simple clothes. Through perception, Qiu Bai learned that the figure of this teenager is smaller than that of his peers, and his bones are not fully developed, which is caused by long-term malnutrition.

    Qiu Bai called up the system's detection function and probed the teenager.

  Name:  Huo (Dai) Yuhao

    Martial Spirit: Spirit Eye (Unawakened )

    Soul Ring: No

    Soul Bone: No

Detailed Explanation: The son of the current Duke of White Tiger Dai Hao, due to Dai Hao's perennial expedition and the deliberate concealment of the White Tiger's lady, I don't know Huo Yuhao The existence of this son.

    Now she lives with her mother and is in the darkest period of life.

    "Oh, after I originally planned to come here, I wanted to find an excuse to go around and see if I could find him. I really didn't expect to see me on this occasion."

    Qiu Bai couldn't help but mutter as he looked at the young Huo Gua not far away . Talk to yourself.

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