Douluo Dalu - The Story of Sheng Feilong
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Douluo Dalu - The Story of Sheng Feilong


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What is Douluo Dalu - The Story of Sheng Feilong

Read Douluo Dalu - The Story of Sheng Feilong fanfiction written by the author Yozuka on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Book&Literature fanfic stories, covering harem, weaktostrong. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[DROPPED] A Douluo Dalu Fanfiction in the timeline of DD3 (The Legend of the Dragon King). Follow Sheng Feilong, a young boy from the Sheng Clan, on his way to become a powerful Soul Master. Watch him grow up, train, make friends and enemies alike, in, arguably, one of the most interesting worlds of chinese webnovels. Will the outcast of a small Clan be able to break through humanity's limit and ascend to become a god? --- This is my first time trying to write something with more than like 1.000 words, so please bear with me! Release schedule: 1 chapter/day


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This is not a fanfiction! This is the Douluo Dalu 3.1. If the author is named Tang Jia San Shao I would believe it. At first I just thought this as an another DD fanfic with some cheats. But after just reading first few chapters, I just can't get enough of it. If you are looking for a self insert fan fic , go read others. This is about a oc main character with actual developments. If you are looking for a harem , just turn away. No ridiculous system , No ridiculous power up, No ridiculous god's gift. What this one has is an acual plot, character developments for both main and side characters. This Is Not " all men are bad guys and girls just fall in love with mc" type novel. What can you ask for more? Big respect for the author.


I love reading fanfics, but often find myself disappointed with them after the first few chapters when the 3 year old mc is already a god. But this is one of the rare books that does not do that. On the contrary, it is well-balanced, and well fleshed out. Although writing a fanfic means that the world background aspect is easier, the author does an incredible job of laying out the framework of this world's magic system. The writing quality is great, with no glaring grammar mistakes, and a smooth flow and balanced pace to the novel that means the characters progress in a reasonable manner while being sufficiently cool and op for readers to be plenty satisfied. The main character is level-headed and mature, incredibly smart and talented without having any sort of op cheat system - it's just his own hard work and talents, making it even more satisfying to read. To top it all off, there is a fair amount of humor incorporated in. Can't recommend this enough!


I like the story so far i hope for better chapters in the future. one of the soul fanfic i have read so far character progression is not rush nor is the characters instantly OP. I like stories where characters work hard to be OP not OP from the start.


Finally a good novel without a stupid system and knows how to do a real fanfiction where the growth is realistic and good characterdevelopment. The best thing is that he doesn't blindly follow the original book, but tries to do his own story, while borrowing the original book setting and doesn't get too far away to lose its original charm. Some things can still be improved, when it comes to writing, but the rest is really good, kepp up your good work!


The author has a good idea about the world and the limitations of getting power .... Idk why this is so low but some dumb system cheap ass fanfics are so high


Please continue on the great work. Still the best existing Douluo Dalu Fanfic up to date in my opinion. much better than those other Douluo Dalu fanfic. just sad that it's severely underrated than those fanfiction that just have a system which isn't even good and just makes it more confusing and those that follow the original story with minor alteration just to fit the OC and make him super OP and give him a harem which mostly consist of almost all the female cast of douluo dalu and many OC girls that has no relevance in the future chapters. In my opinion it's better to only have one girl with plenty of character development than many girls with no character development at all. If your going to make it a harem please consider character development is all i ask of you author yozuka. I also like the pacing of the story it's not rush like other fanfic but it's not slow either and finally i like the characters the most it's not illogical and unrealistics and the characters act their age especially feilong while he acts mature he is still portrayed to act childishly sometimes which is befitting of his age which is something i really like so keep up the good work. overall i recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Douluo Dalu series


That moment you try to find the author review and you can't find it, i didn't even start reading yet but you deserve the 5 stars just for that lol


Probably one of the best fanfic I have read. Honestly between all the uselessly op mc and harem(I don't hate harem but most of these stories just doesn't make sense) this one is literally a rare gem. The story and characters are well built and the pace is great. Hope it continues this way.




One of the better-written fanfictions out there. Not rushed and giving the MC too many super op abilities. A nice and smooth ride it feels. We get to the see the main character grow slowly over time.


This i absolutely the best fan-fiction story i've ever read, the mc and the other characters created are awsome and there are profound stories for everyone of them, no exception. This coupled with a really good story that doesn't impact too much the original DD3 and the autor good quality wrinting and open-mindness makes this story a must read for all DD fans ^ .^


Very hard to believe that this one is a fanfic! very well written. amazing story development. great character design and writing quality is really good. keep on the great work author.


This is the best soul land fan fiction that I have read, including other sources, it's well balanced characters and thought out plot make it a superb read!


A good novel. I was getting sick and tired of other fanfics that was too drunk in their own stupidity. I mean I've read almost all fanfics here and there were only a handful who were decent. Unlike in other fanfics where world building is nonexistent and the story has no real thought or whatever, this one has it. The characters are nicely fleshed out and does not resemble cardboard cut outs that just stand there to be used as props by the mc. Keep it up author! You're doing a great job and please for the love of god don't let the mc become someone who keeps on screaming their attack name 24/7.


I like how the author keeps the plot secret, other authors would have already revealed. I hope that Feilong can have a spiritual fusion ability with Yuanen Yehu


This is really the best DD fanfic ever. The story is well thought out and the author clearly knows how to write and think of his own original ideas. I'm tired of reading other fanfic wherein the MC is just overpowered right at the start so there's no character progression. I love that the story is really like DD and can even imagine that this fanfic is written by the original author tjss himself. Keep up the good work and no need to rush the chapters although I badly want more, just keep the same high quality.


The rating is not fake its hidden gem Very amazing story, i like how the author build the mc personality and how he limited the power so mc not become boring. Everything can change in the story with reader dont think where it will go. I hope author continue this story again


Very good novel. Me like. Yozuka dead now preparing a funeral on discord. RIP Yozuka RIP Yozuka RIP Yozuka RIP Yozuka RIP Yozuka RIP Yozuka


This is simply incredible. The plot, the quality of the writing, the absence of grammar errors, the stable releases, the character design and the way the author writes about Douluo Dalu's world, everything is fantastic. Trust me when I say I've read hundreds of fanfictions (more than 600 currently downloaded on my phone), and this is definitely on my top 3. You are a great author, keep up the good work man!


Finally a decent fabric without odd absurdities finally at last...... And also thanks for the regular updates and keep up the good work hope you finish it as I find most of the fanfics incomplete with irregular updates and ridiculous plots unlike yours


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