1 Douluo: Legend of the Ancestral Dragon Chapter 1: The awakened dragon

Dou Luoxing.

   This is a vibrant planet, with countless humans and soul beasts.

   In the heart of Douluo Star, there is an extremely wide magma space.

   The magma was rolling and exuding extremely high temperature. At this temperature, I am afraid that the Title Douluo on the ground would not be able to sustain a breathing time and it would turn into ashes.

   Inside the rolling red magma, an extremely huge golden body appeared from time to time.

   On the golden body, the diameter of each scale is extremely shocking.

   At this moment, the red magma rolled violently, and a huge dragon head suddenly appeared in the magma sea.

  The dragon head is as big as a house, and the dragon's whiskers hundreds of meters long are like small dragons swimming in the magma.

The golden body stretched out, and the giant under the magma was a golden dragon that stretched forever.

   At the moment when the dragon rolled over, the entire Douluo star began to vibrate.

   Countless volcanoes ejected hot magma, covering the sky and the earth.

   The sea roared, forming a tsunami hundreds of meters high and swallowing it towards the only two continents on the planet.

   The continent shakes, and it seems that it will disintegrate at any time.

   At this moment, all the creatures on Douluo star trembled in their souls, crawling on the ground.

   Whether it is an ordinary person, or the Extreme Douluo at the top of the pyramid, the soul beast of hundreds of thousands of years, and all kinds of fierce beasts, they all can't help but tremble with fear, feeling as if the end is coming.

   "Angel God, please show your miracles and save your devout believers."

   In the Hall of the Elders in Wuhun City, an old and pious voice came out.

   "Great Lord Poseidon, please come to the world and save your billions of people."

   On Poseidon Island, a plump beautiful woman in palace costume knelt before the altar and prayed devoutly.

   In the God Realm, countless deities with terrifying power immediately felt the senses.

   In the God Realm Committee, the clones of the five giants of the Divine Sense Projection gathered together, their expressions awe-inspiring the movements that occurred in the Douluo Continent.

   Evil God King said: "Sura, you, kindness, and life immediately go to Douluo Star, how much can you save."

   "Leave it to us." God Shura is about to go down to the earth to save the world with the kind **** king and the goddess of life. However, in the next instant, all the disasters on Douluo star vanished in an instant.

   The sprayed magma disappeared without a trace, the roaring sea was extremely quiet, and the cracked abyss and collapsed houses on the continent were all restored.

   All lives remain the same as they were at the moment before the disaster.

Everything just now was like a passing moment, and it seemed that it had never happened before.

   No, all this is not an illusion, all the beings on Douluo still remember that kind of soul trembling.

   The five giants of the God Realm are also extremely convinced that everything just now absolutely happened.

   It's just that they don't understand why that kind of world-destroying disaster suddenly disappears out of thin air.

   Shura Divine Dao: "Just now the entire Douluo star was close to disintegration, but it was repaired in an instant. What is the cause of this?"

   The five giants were shocked like never before, and this power made them feel terrified.

   The evil **** king said solemnly: "There are too many unknown mysteries in the universe, Shura, this time, please visit the lower realm to find out about the Douluo star incident."



   In the magma space of the earth's core, the ten-foot-long golden dragon quickly shrank, and finally turned into a six or seven-year-old boy, suspended in the air on the magma sea.

The earth elements around    surged, and a stone platform with a diameter of five meters rose from the magma, and the surface was as smooth as a mirror.

   The boy fell gently, and fell barefoot on the stone platform smooth as a jade.

   His entire skin is like white jade glowing with golden light, and his long black hair is draped over his smooth back. His eyebrows are like swords, and his eyes are as deep as a starry sky. Golden lightning flashes from time to time.

  Although he is only six or seven years old, his appearance is like a natural fit, impeccably perfect.


   The little boy exhaled, and the space in front of him instantly shattered and shattered in the terrible air current, revealing a dark patch.

   "This planet is still so fragile." The boy murmured, and with a wave of his small hand, the space recovered as before.

   Feeling a few tyrannical thoughts sweep across the ground, the corners of the boy's mouth slightly raised.

"After endless sleep, some nice little guys finally appeared."

   There was a hint of joy in his deep eyes, "Finally, human beings were born. It is fun to have a human world. Um... how many years have I been sleeping?"

The boy closed his eyes in thought, and opened his eyes after a moment, "I have spent more than 500 million years in this deep sleep, rounding up, let's just count as 500 million years. Five hundred million years, once you close your eyes, you just open your eyes. "

   He sighed, his thoughts wandered countless years ago.

  His name is Ao Tian, ​​he comes from the earth, and his soul is reborn on this planet, becoming a young dragon.

  After cultivating endless years, he became the most powerful existence on this planet, ruling many primitive creatures.

   But he has a human soul, but he is always alone, endless emptiness and loneliness torment him, so he has to choose to sleep.

   Five hundred million years later, humans were born on the planet, and Ao Tiantian's lonely heart began to slowly agitate.

   "Then enjoy it..."

   Mysterious fluctuations rippled on the surface of Ao's celestial body, and a piece of clothing similar to the style of Douluo mainland appeared on him.

   He stepped out and disappeared out of thin air.

   On the surface, there was no fluctuation in the space, and Ao Tian's figure appeared.

   Ao Tian appeared in Wuhun City, because he found that there were more "strong men" in this city than in other places.

  The so-called strong man, in his opinion, is just a slightly stronger ant.

   "Weak, too weak..." Ao Tian kept shaking his head.

   He looked up at the sky and murmured, "When is there another world above? Um... those divine thoughts come from there."

   Sensing the intensity of the divine mind that was swept away, Ao Tian curled his lips, a little disdainful, and most of his interest disappeared at once.

   "Weak, still too weak."

   Wuhun City is the seat of the Pope Hall of the Wuhun Temple. Although it is not as big as the capitals of the Heaven Dou Empire and the Star Luo Empire, the various facilities and strengths are not much better than the capitals of the two empires

At this moment, the enthusiastic shouts rang from the holy mountain in the center of Wuhun City, spreading across the whole Wuhun City in an instant.

   "Long live the Pope, long live long live..."


  All the people in Wuhun City were all excited, facing the direction of the holy mountain, blushing and shouting with thick necks.

   Ao Tian looked up, all the buildings and all the obstacles on the way were empty in his eyes, and his eyes fell on the holy mountain.

   There is a magnificent hall with a large group of people standing in front of the hall.

Headed by    was a man in a golden robe, who looked more than 30 years old, was tall and handsome, and his eyes showed a sense of domineering arrogance. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com

   The man spoke, and the majestic voice spread throughout the Wuhun City:

"What happened just now is that the angel **** of our Wuhun Temple faith is showing miracles. Don't be afraid, the angel **** is the most powerful. His divine light shines on the world, so that the world can eliminate disasters and solve all kinds of diseases... "

   The people in the city became more excited, but Ao Tian couldn't understand this kind of chirping language.

   His spirit fell on the pope, breaking through the opponent's mental defense without any hindrance.

  Search for souls!

   The Pope is still eloquently brainwashing ordinary people and even soul masters below, completely unaware that his soul has been invaded, and all his own secrets have been exposed under Ao Tian's eyelids.

  Douluo continent? Wuhun Hall? Chihiro Ji?

   Ao Tian instantly understood the identity of the pope, and his memories of hundreds of millions of years were opened. He had read the novel on Douluo Continent in his previous life.

   There was a trace of fluctuation in his star-like eyes, and he actually came to the book world.

   One book, one world, there really are too many unknown secrets in this world, even with Ao Tian's current strength, he still can't understand it.

   His spirit is strong, and the information he got from Chihiro Ji's soul is instantly digested by him.

   "Chihiro Ji want to forcibly occupy Bibi Dong tonight?"

   Ao Tian's eyes fell on a beautiful girl standing behind Chihiro Ji.

   The girl's face is almost perfect, her eyes are bright, she looks radiant, and she is a little cute and lovely.

   This is Bibi Dong when he was young, radiant.

   Ao Tian's eyes lit up with stars.

  Bibi Dong of Douluo Continent was a regret in his mind when he was reading. Now, he appeared before Bibi Dong suffered tragedy by chance. He thought, he knew what to do.

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