37 Chapter 35 Hou Yi & ChangE

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Time remaining 1 year and 6 months left until the tournament

With time quickly moving by we reached the training ground of Hou Yi and Chang'E.

Hou Yi "Again."


Two see-through arrows sped through the air at two swinging targets.


One hit the bullseye while the other was off by two marks. Seeing he missed one Hou Yi gritted his teeth.

Hou Yi "Dammit again."

Chang'E " Haah Hou Yi you've been at for hours now. How about we take a break?."

Chang'E asks with a gentle tone. As she been sitting watching her husband repeatedly fail over and over again.

Hou Yi "I can't stop now I'm so close to hitting them."

Chang'E looked around the area there were dozen of targets some with arrows and a whole lot without. But what was most eye-catching was the area Hou Yi was standing in.

The floor was nothing but logs that Hou Yi had to jump around on. Dozens of bags and logs were swinging back and forth, hindering a person's movements. That's right Hou Yi wasn't just standing still the whole time he was constantly jumping and dodging.

Chang'E "Well it's already quite impressive how far you've come. You've probably surpassed your old self already."

Hou Yi "It's not enough. I've seen his training, mines like child's play compared to his."

Chang'E "haah only a year and you've already abandoned

poor me."

Chang'E said well pretending to cry. Hou Yi seeing her immediately went to defend himself.

Hou Yi "Never I just don't wish to disappoint him."

Chang'E giggled "I know but will a damaged body help you in this endeavor?."

Hou Yi hearing his beloved Hou Yi thought for a moment and nodded.

A few minutes later the couple was relaxing around a fire that had a pot cooking something.

Chang' E "So".

Hou Yi "Hm".

Chang'E "Haah were you going to tell me what you saw during his training?. You seemed pretty excited or would shock be more applicable?."

Hou Yi "cough cough. Ehem it was more of a surprise. I wouldn't necessarily say I was shocked or excited I-."

Chang'E *Dead-pan stare*.

Hou Yi "Ehem where shall I begin-----"

Hou Yi ended up talking the day away while Chang'E quietly listening to her husband char away to the point he switched topics.

With the day ending, we move to the next day

*Fwoosh* *Fwoosh*

*Dink x2*

Hou Yi "I did it, I finally did it"

Clap Clap Clap

Hou Yi "Thank you Chang'E."

Chang'E "Hmm I did nothing." she said with a sly smile

Hou Yi shakes his head "No I realized why you were so adamant about me taking a break. I was so focused on perfection that I didn't realize my body was unable to keep up. So once again thank you, my love."

Chang'E "Well since you brought it up remember perfection isn't always the best course of action. Sometimes failure is good."

Hou Yi "But if I don't reach perfection how would I ever get stronger?."

??? "Because perfection isn't strength."

The voice reverberated through the forest catching everyone's attention.

The lovers were both surprised to hear the voice all of a sudden. Hou Yi was quick to kneel.

Hou Yi "Lord Madara I did not expect you to appear."

Madara "Sigh Hou Yi I believe I have told you before there's no reason to be so formal with me."

Hou Yi "Yes please forgive but I'm still used to talking like this."

Chang'E "Do forgive him, Madara Hou Yi is still used to his former clan's strict rules."

Madara "It's not like I was angry. Hah never mind."

Seeing the situation Hou Yi decided to change the topic.

Hou Yi "So Madara what did you mean that perfection isn't strength?."

Madara "Hmm because it isn't strength it's a weakness."

Hou Yi "And why is that?."

Madara "Might as well tell the rest this. Ehem! Sasaki, Arata, Yōumêi, Jāingù, Zhuqing listen well."

Hearing Madara's voice everyone stopped what they were doing to listen.

Madara "Perfection is not strength it is complacent which only the weak use NEVER be complacent because once you do you will forever be weak. So don't ever settle for perfection because I have no care for those who believe themselves to be perfect.

Hearing Madara speech Hou Yi squeezed his fist in determination.

Hou Yi 'How could I have been so foolish as to strive for perfection no more I will overcome all who call themselves perfect'.

Finding his new path Hou Yi's eyes glowed even brighter. He was not the only one who became determined to keep moving forward.

Madara "Always strive to be better than your former self. And remember being imperfect is what makes you extraordinary!".

Hou Yi kneeled even deeper than before that even Chang'E couldn't help but kneel.

Hou Yi "Your words I will forever keep carved into my soul for as long as I live I will work to keep moving forward. Thank you for opening my mind Lord Madara!!."

Chang'E "Thank you for accepting our imperfections, Lord Madara."

Madara "Haah I will hold you to your words do not disappoint Hou Yi Uchiha."

Hou Yi smiled "Yes my Lord."

Madara nodded and turned to retire to his place.

Hou Yi "Lord Madara please wait."

Being stopped, Madara turned back around.

Madara "Hmm what is it, Hou Yi."

Hou Yi "I wish to make a request that could earn us enemies."

Madara a little surprised "Speak."

Hou Yi "When I get the chance I wish to payback the humiliation my clan caused to Chang'E as a man and her husband what they did was unacceptable."

Chang'E "Hou Yi."

Hou Yi "I'm sorry my love but I must do this or will haunt me forever on my journey."

Madara laughed loudly "HAHAHA that's right a man should never allow such humiliation on one's lover."

Hou Yi "Yo mea---

Madara "Hou Yi Uchiha as your clan leader I grant you full permission to take yours and Chang'E honor back. You have full access to everything the Uchiha have to offer through it may not be much the warriors are yours to command and future resources you need will be yours to wield. So train and get stronger and start joining Sasaki's and Arata's, classes remember a strong body is useless without a strong mind that is all you are dismissed."


Madara left without stopping this time.

Madara "I know you won't because am looking forward to the day we start the dance of war Hahaha!.


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