1 Humble Beginnings: Part 1

It was early in the day.

Ruby was just coming back from a day of training with Uncle Qrow and was looking forward to a good shower and nap. Meaning Uncle Qrow was carrying the poor girl. Which he didn't mind one bit; he barely felt her weight on his back anyway.

"Is she asleep?" a disembodied voice spoke from his blindspot behind him.

"Hm?" Turning slightly while walking qrow looked down and saw who the voice belonged to,

"Oh it was you Doug. Where've you been? Out hunting again?"

The boy just looked at his sister on his uncles back and took ahold of his free hand and walked with them to the house that just came into view from the treeline. Qrow didn't take offense however, it was normal for the boy to even speak at all. That didn't stop his emotions to get through though. He knew his nephew loved his family very much.

"Lets get you both home, eh? Tell your dad to not be so overbearing too alright? He's a bit protective of especially you, so don't be to hard on him when he floods you with questions."

Doug nodded his head this time showing he fully understood what his uncle meant. Because he didn't speak much his dad was prone to think he was hitting his rebellious phase. It had its perks and downsides at times, but he had to make sure to keep it balanced or he could risk being grounded. Which meant not being able to leave the house for a while; and he couldn't deal with that at all.

"Doug? Where are you? Doug?!"

A voice could be heard shouting out Qrows' now possibly in trouble nephew.

"Looks like Taiyang is looking for you. Go get em kiddo." Qrow released Dougs hand, ruffled his unkempt dreaded black hair and nodded his head signaling Doug to go on ahead of them.

"Hm," he replied and took off like a bullet.

"Doug? Doug! D-argh!? Oh Jeez! Why couldn't my son not try and give me a heart attack? Ya know it wouldn't hurt to make a little noise when you're coming from wherever you go off to right?" the blonde male clenched his hand over his now fast beating chest.

In response Doug slightly tilted his head at his father and blinked at him.

'He's gonna give me a heart attack one day before Yang can at this rate. Speaking of which, I wonder how she is this semester. Maybe I should message her asking how her classes are going? Until then though...'

"Doug I think it's time to give you a weapon that's special to you. Now...before you tell me what you want I think you should think long ab-"




".....I see you've thought about it?"


"And what color do you want your armor to be?"

The boy looked down in thought and brainstormed before raising his two toned eyes. One black, and the other green.

"Black. All black."

Late That Night:

'I need to go meet Neo tonight or else the deal with Roman might go sour. Wonder if this is even worth it though.'

"Ruby I need to leave soon. Aren't you finished yet?"Doug called to his elder sister, seemingly impatient pulling out a small bottle of eyedrops and dripping them into the corners of his sclera.

"Don't be such a hurry hog. I really like this magazine. If you need to go, then go. I'll be here," She replied at the same time lifting headphones onto her ears.

'If I did you'd complain to dad and I'd be stuck inside for a month.' Doug checked his watch for the umpteenth time. 'Only half an hour to get home and back out here to ransack this place. But at this pace I'll have to do it with Rubes still here,' he thought as he paced the aisles.

'Let's just hope he isn't early like he always is. Maybe this time the car needed a spare tire, or the Bi-copter ran outta fuel. Yeah, things like that happened all the time. No need to fret.' he thought as he walked to the back of the shop scoping out all the cameras.

"Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a dust shop open this late?"

He looked towards the counter and saw the top of a bowler hat and armed thugs surrounding the counter.

'Ok time to fret. Definitely time to fret now. How do I play this off? Take Rubes and run? No way. She'll fight everyone and scold me for even thinking such a thing,' Doug's mind began to run into hyperdrive thinking of ways to best get the results he needed and wanted.

"First things first I need to get out of here and get changed," he muttered to himself as he slipped out the back door and out of any prying cameras field of view. He ran down into an alleyway where a waterproof backpack and briefcase he had prepared beforehand was behind a dumpster.

Stripping off his hoodie and baggy jeans he hurriedly put on a different set of clothes. Black slacks, red buttoned down shirt and a green bartender's vest. As for his shoes, he wore a red pair of PF Flyers. On his hands were brown leather gloves that had holes where the knuckles would be. Lastly he donned a Smile Version 2 mask. Resin based but reinforced with kevlar to make it bulletproof.

Just then he heard a few glass windows shatter. As if on time a message reached his Scroll.

[You'd better get here early or else we're docking your cut] it read.

"<inhale>.....*sigh*. This better be worth the hassle or so help me..." he closed the backpack and ran back to the Dust shop, briefcase in hand.

As he turned the corner he saw Rubes kicking some serious butt. But as she looked to him she got distracted and asked out of the blue:"Eh, who are you?" Just then a guy came and ran into her back like a steam train knocking her for a loop.

The guy got up and glared at me. "And who are you supposed to be."

I took out my Scroll and typed [A friend. Now where did Roman go? Huntsman are coming]. he read it and thumbed over his shoulder to a rundown building.

[Thanks. Oh and don't hit girls so hard...its bad manners] as soon as he raised his head to question me about it I leveled the barrel of a .40 Smith and Wesson to his face and pulled the trigger. The force of the gun pushed his head back so hard i heard his neck snap. I stood over him and did a double tap to his already bloody dome. Just to be sure of course. Being in this sort of business, if one isn't careful, enemies can come back to haunt you if you don't make sure they stay down.

After making sure he was dead I took off to link up with my benefactor. Crossing the road and climbing up to the fifth story of the adjacent buildings I saw Roman; but he wasn't alone. To his left was a petite young lady with an umbrella, three toned hair (one side brown, one side pink with white in the pink), and two colored eyes like me. Except hers were brown and pink.

'Ya know...seeing those hips perk out always puts me in a trance.'

Maybe it was due to her putting me in a spell, or the unspeakable trance i was in, but I didn't even notice her walk up and stand toe-to-toe with me. Only when her hand caressed my chest did it break me out of the spell and bring me back to reality. Looking down into her eyes I could feel her take something out of my hands and vest simultaneously. Still, I could care less, all I wanted was to grab a hold of her and make her mine. But as my left hand began to reach up, she backed away and held me at gunpoint.

'Guess that's what i get for thinking with my--'


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