Douce Harmonie {GXG} Book

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Douce Harmonie {GXG}


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I am not too much 'messages' nor 'call' » "So there, no, you have to send me messages," she said seriously. "Alright," I said lowering my head, she put her fingers on my chin and lifted my head, "I will miss you", the situation is quite funny, we have only known each other for a few hours and I know she was going to miss me too. I put my hand on her cheek and leaned down, our lips touching a little, "Can I?" " She didn't answer, she kissed me, I felt butterflies in my stomach and wanted to have her closer to me. My hands on her hips pulled her closer to me, I felt like it wasn't enough, but we had to stop, her mom was waiting for her, so I broke the kiss. "Now you have to send me messages" I nodded, she gave me a breathtaking smile.


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