Double Agent Book

novel - LGBT+

Double Agent


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A nine member girl group that are famous around the world with a member who works as a double agent even before she became an artist, and by the passing time of her living with members she learns a lot of new things. She was trained since she was young then soon she learned to control her emotions and how to act. To become an agent she will need connections, and a perfect cover to public eye and so she entered the world of entertainment trained for almost six years while also doing her job as a double agent by the year 2015 she was given an assignment to protect the only daughter of a richest businessman in Japan who runaway from their home and went to Korea to become an artist. The runaway girl became part of a program wherein a new girl group will be born and so she joined the program and her mission began. But not everything will always go smoothly in her way because a certain emotion in her started to bloom without her realizing it. And this is how the story started.