1 The Terrifying Doomsday, God-class Check-in System Binding!

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New York.


In a rented apartment.

The scene inside the apartment was extremely messy, as if a group of people had violently flipped over it. Glass shards, broken bricks, and wooden fragments were scattered all over the floor.

However, the most shocking thing was the blood that dyed the ground red, as well as the human corpses.

The thing was that these human corpses were strange. Some of them were lying on the ground with their limbs mutilated, while others had their brains smashed all over the floor. However, they were still using their limbs to crawl forward with their bones exposed, letting out terrifying growls.

"I really never dreamed that such a thing would happen in New York."

Stark was looking out of the window at the scene outside.

His eyes were wide open as he mumbled in disbelief.

This morning, he was woken up by a warning from the sky.

The helicopter sent by the Manhattan military was using its loudest volume to send a warning to the entire city.

"Emergency alert! Emergency alert!"

"Currently, there are several suspected zombie incidents in the downtown area of Manhattan."

"All citizens, lock the doors and windows immediately and wait for the government's rescue. Do not leave your homes!"

"I repeat! Do not leave your homes!"


The helicopter's warning kept ringing in the sky above the city.

Stark was stunned.

Having just woken up, he did not even have the time to put on his clothes before he ran to the television.

He turned it on, and the content was almost exactly the same as the one the helicopter.

It was all "Zombies have invaded Manhattan. All citizens, please wait for government assistance. Do not leave your homes!"

The morning wind was cold.

However, Stark's heart was much colder.

That was because he had also seen those doomsday movies.

But he had never imagined that New York would actually see the end of the world one day!

The helicopter and the television had phrased it lightly by advising people to remain indoors.

But then, the helicopter left and disappeared.

The television, which had been broadcasting on a loop, also shut down because of the damage to the surrounding power system.

Not long after, when the entire power system collapsed, the whole of Manhattan was plunged into chaos!

A machine-like cold voice sounded above the city.

"From today onwards, Earth officially enters the apocalyptic era.

"All lowly beings will either struggle to survive in this apocalypse.

"Or be destroyed in despair."

No matter who the voice above his head belonged to, be it God or Satan, it was telling the truth.

And the reality proved it.

By the end of the day, whether it was the government's senior leadership or those armed soldiers with special skills, everyone had a problem protecting themselves.

Who had the time to care about ordinary citizens like them?

So, no support.

No Hope.

The whole of New York City was shrouded in darkness and the screams of zombies.

When Stark heard the warning, he immediately closed the doors and windows. Using his strong physique, he took out a hammer and inlaid the wooden planks on all the doors and windows!


Through the cracks in the window, he saw a large number of adults running crazily through the apartment corridor.

Their women and children were left far behind by them. They ran in despair. Finally, due to their lack of fitness, the families were pounced on by the zombies one by one. The monsters brutally bit their necks and tore off their limbs. Blood sprayed out and flowed all over the floor!

Before they died, they stared at their men. He had said that he loved them every day and wanted to protect them for the rest of their lives.

The kids and women could not understand why their men had abandoned them so mercilessly at this moment, not even turning back.

They had no choice. This was the end of the world, the moment that tested humanity the most.

Abandonment, betrayal!

When the end of the world came, everyone's most primitive nature was exposed.

But there were also those sincere and loving men.

These people used their bodies to protect their wives and children. In the end, they could only die at the hands of zombies.

Stark saw all of this through the window crack.

He saw everything, death, blood, corpses, and food!

It was enough to become his eternal nightmare!

Especially those who couldn't bear it mentally, after seeing this scene, they immediately chose to stay in the bedroom, put their pistols in their mouths, and then kill themselves with one shot!

In the afternoon, Stark had already heard countless gunshots.

At first, Stark was still in good spirits, but late at night, the zombie activity became even crazier.

Stark himself couldn't hold on for much longer.

He ran to the bedroom, entered the password, opened the safe drawer, and pulled out a gun.

Stark, who was twenty years old, had once killed someone because he had insulted his mother. He had murdered him in a moment of impulse.

He had been on the run ever since and had recently settled down in Manhattan.

Although he did not blame himself for the murder, he believed that his hands were stained with sin.

At the moment, he was holding a Glock.

All he had to do was pull the trigger in his mouth.

His hands were shaking.

What should he do?

Should he pull the trigger and end this nightmare?

Or should he save the bullets and kill the horde of zombies outside the door?

At this moment, Stark was really panicking. A layer of sweat flowed out uncontrollably.

Under this kind of emotion, he could not think properly.

And right then!

He heard a "Boom"; the wooden board was shattering into pieces.

The wooden planks he installed on the wooden door had already been unable to withstand the zombies' tremendous strength. Just now, it had lost its final resistance and completely cracked!


He cursed. In a flash, Stark subconsciously pulled the trigger on the zombie covered in blood and flesh.


A clear fire sounded.

The bullet penetrated the zombie's head and burst into a ball of fire, directly blowing the zombie's head into pieces.

"Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!"

Facing the sudden arrival of everything, Stark raised his pistol and panted heavily.

From the moment the zombie broke through the door to the moment he opened fire, everything had happened without any preparation or thought.

However, this shot was the precursor of everything!

In his mind, in the next second, a voice that made him extremely happy rang out.

'Ding! Congratulations to the host for passing the test of humanity and killing a low-level zombie. You have successfully unlocked the system.'

'God-class check-in system has been bound!'

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