1 The Summoning Brochure 

In Blue Star, in the French Empire, in Tesla Town.

An apocalyptic disaster affecting the whole world is also unfolding in this remote town.

"Help! Somebody help me! "

"oh my god! This is how to return a responsibility! Don't bite me! "

"Don't ... you don't come here! !"

Lin Ze sat on the edge of the bed, listening to the noise outside, just like dull, motionless, only the cold sweat on his head shows how scared and flustered he is at the moment.

As an overseas student who came across the sea to study in the French Empire, Lin Ze never expected his life to go to death under such circumstances.

Just a few days ago, without warning or prediction, a natural disaster called the end came.

In a few days, disasters continued all over the world. Tsunami, tornado, and hurricane, the planet that nurtured billions of human beings, suddenly changed from loving elders to furious demons.

In the face of nature, human beings have become extremely vulnerable. There is no other way but to pray and cry.

But when everyone thought this was a global natural disaster, something even more terrible happened.

The real end of time has come.

The blue star's sky broke several cracks in space, and countless monsters came to the planet.

The ferocious zerg, violent zombies, bloodthirsty demons ....

All kinds of monsters appeared in Blue Star, making this peaceful planet a bloody slaughterhouse, while human beings became the targets of these monsters' wanton slaughter.

One day, the world changed completely.

Humans have fallen from the top of the food chain on this planet, becoming a race that can only struggle to survive.

Lin Ze is just an ordinary college student. His hometown is far across the ocean from another continent. He also has friends and young girls he adores.

So, in the face of this sudden one day, Lin Ze also felt panic, he trembled to close all doors and windows, as far as possible to get some sense of security.

"What should I do?"

"How can mankind resist?"

"How do you survive next?"

Lin Ze clasped his knees tightly and his mind was in chaos.

And in his confusion and panic moment, suddenly in his mind [om], then, a crisp voice:

"The doomsday is coming. a suitable host has been found. are you willing to bound to the Summoning Brochure of the Classic of Mountains and Rivers?"

"What is the situation?"

Originally in a state of chaos, Lin Ze was awakened by the sound in his mind.

Summoning Brochure of the Classic of Mountains and Rivers?

What is this?

Lin Ze is no stranger to the Classic of Mountains and Rivers. In his hometown of Ancient Tang Dynasty, the Classic of Mountains and Rivers is a very famous ancient book.

It records all kinds of animals, plants, mountains and rivers, myths, and so on, which can be described as all-encompassing.

One of Lin Ze's favorite books, when he was a child, was the Classic of Mountains and Rivers, in which he would find illustrations and monsters and he would read it over and over again.

However, the Classic of Mountains and Rivers is always a book. how can it make a sound in its own mind?

Accompanied by the doubts in Lin Ze's mind, the previous voice rang out again: "Is the Classic of Mountains and Rivers Brochure in line with the requirements?"

Cold, no feelings of a mechanical voice rang out from Lin Ze's mind again, he didn't react.

If it is usual, Lin Ze may suspect that he has mental problems and hallucinations, but at the moment there are all kinds of monsters in the world, and the world cannot be defined from common sense.

Therefore, Lin Ze did not doubt the authenticity of the voice in his mind anymore. The sudden appearance of the mountain and sea sutra Sommoning Brochure may become the key to his survival.

He immediately said, "I agree to bind! Agree to bind! "

The words sound just fell and the voice in my mind rang again.

"Host binding is successful. Congratulations on obtaining Sommoning Brochure of the Classic of Mountains and Rivers. After meeting the conditions, you can call the fierce beasts in the Classic of Mountains and Rivers to fight for you!"

Lin Ze was in a trance, then there appeared a line of suspended golden ancient prose.

Summoning Brochure, the Classic of Mountains and Rivers:

Status: Not Open

Fierce beast: 0

Weapon: 0

Unlocking Achievements: None

Number of extractions: 1

Looking at the difference between the front and the game interface, Lin Ze was surprised.

As a college student, Lin Ze's concept that he has adhered to for so many years has been completely overturned in recent days.

Fierce beasts? Weapons? The number of extractions is shown as 1?

Does it mean that you can have a chance to draw a lucky draw, and the target of drawing is all kinds of fierce beasts in the mountain and sea scriptures?

If you can extract super fierce beasts like [Candle dragon], then Lin Ze will not have to be afraid of any more monsters in the end.

According to the Classic of Mountains and Rivers, Candle dragon is the God of Zhong Shan, named Yin Candle, which is regarded as day, night in the dark, winter in the wind, and summer in the wind. Don't drink, don't eat, don't stop, breathe for the wind. It is thousands of miles in length and is on a mountain without opening.

Just imagine, such fierce beasts at the level of dragon ancestors simply exist at the level of Creator.

If you can call Candle dragon which at the high level of fierce beasts in the Classic of Mountains and Rivers, you can eliminate tens of thousands of monsters zombies, completely effortless.

This Summoning Brochure may really become the key to survival!

Lin Ze looked at the manual interface in front of him, and his heart gradually grew up with courage and more expectations for the future.

"Choose a lucky draw!"

Lin Ze followed the voice in his mind and said the lottery.

Then, the scene before Lin Ze suddenly began to change, and a colorful book appeared in front of him.

Countless rare animals, mountains and rivers, ancient myths, have become a reality, in front of his eyes set off a storm.

These pictures are not known to be true or illusion, just like countless needles stuck into Lin Ze's mind. Just when Lin Ze's endurance was reaching its limit, all the pictures disappeared, the pages of the Shanhaijing stopped turning and then stayed on one page.

There is a lofty mountain above, and at the top of the mountain, a fox with nine tails is sucking and spitting at the moon in the night sky.

Nine-tailed fox!

It is recorded in the mountain and sea scriptures that there are animals in Qingqiu mountain. They are like foxes with nine tails. Their sounds are like babies. They can eat people and those preys are obsessed with Nine-tailed foxes.

This is the kind of nine-tailed fox.

Moreover, the image of the nine-tailed fox has been widely used in many myths and legends of later generations, representing goblins with high power.

Lin Ze's heart some expectations, such a fierce beast, should be able to let him some self-preservation ability.

[Congratulations to the host, the second-level fierce beast in the mountain and sea sutra, the nine-tailed fox. ]

Sure enough, the mechanical voice rang out in Lin Ze's mind again. The fierce beast in the picture was exactly the same as he guessed. It was the nine-tailed fox that often appeared in various legends!

Lin Ze was ecstatic in his heart, but before he could scream, he felt dizzy and fell into a coma.

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