1 Chapter 1

"You have glioblastoma" the doctor said to me and I didn't know how to react it. He told me about the fact that I was dizzy was because of this and I will die in 3 months. "We have to do the biopsy so you can recover and live a year" said the doctor. I was all blank out and asked him " Do you do this on weekends? How much time will it take?"

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" We are not on Weekends and it will take a week" and by saying so he just glared at me.

"I can't do that. I already took the annual leave from the office and now I can't take any more."

With a sigh the doctor said "Then we can't do it" and without hesitation I said "That's right" with a little bit of smile that didn't last long.

I, Ellie Baker have glioblastoma that just my doctor, Mr. Jack Jenson told me. I guess I don't wanna to any biopsy I gotta think about it. I don't know how to tell everyone and whom should I tell first. Should I live in pain or in happiness right now by thinking so I was walking in the lobby of the hospital and lost in my thoughts. Just then I bumped in a young man and he lifted me with his hand. As I looked at him, he said "I know I'm handsome but right now I am busy" and then he went.

I was shocked by listening that because that thought that came in my mind was 'What a handsome man' but let just leave it can also be coincidence..