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Dont look at meeeeeee


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THIS HAS BEEN REPOSTED IN THE CORRECT SECTION. Alan Oblivion meets the Goddess responsible for his death. He is giving a once in a lifetime opportunity to reincarnate in whatever world he chooses. Will he get rid of the shadows hunting his past and become the next big hero? Alan: "Nahhh I will do what I want" Arthur's Note: Read the tags if you don't like or are uncomfortable with things like harem, rape, evil mc then I guess you came to the wrong place. It's okay just slowly walk out and pretend you never saw this. Btw new arthur here with my second attempt at a fanfiction sooo yeah its probably gonna be straight trash. Like garbage dumpster trash so you've been warned. And if you haven't noticed its the world of dxd. I personally have a strong hatred for issei? (That's how you spell his name right? lol) But yeah I hate him for no particular reason so don't ask. If you like it or hate it drop a review good or bad I don't really care. Unless it's something about the tags. Then I'll say really? Remember new arthur don't expect gold expect cheese. (Not the good kind) *Also im doing the whole thing on my phone.* Without further ado?( Hope I spelled that right) Enjoy!! Wait!!! I also have never written a smut or lemon (Watever you call it) In my life so again its gonna be one hell of a bumpy ride. I apologize to those expecting something better or more but it is what it is. I'll just use this as a practice for the future(Hopefully) Ohhhh yeah and I don't own DxD pr any of the characters that originally appeared. I only own my Oc Alan and any others I might add. (Not many though cuz I want Alan to interact with dxd cast not someone who was never apart of the show yo begin with) Okay now enjoy. Seriously.


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