Don't You Worry My Lõvë : I've Got You[BL]
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Don't You Worry My Lõvë : I've Got You[BL]


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What is Don't You Worry My Lõvë : I've Got You[BL]

Read Don't You Worry My Lõvë : I've Got You[BL] novel written by the author Willy_33 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is LGBT+ stories, covering romance, action, r18, modern. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you read - " The enemy of my enemy is my friend. " ..... ..... —Bullshit ; ) Well My story starts with such a mysterious yet simple proverb. Ariel Ryang, The sole heir to the 'Ryang Conglomerate' had been raised in a family where they give more importance to love than money, manners than arrogance, compassion than viciousness but this does not mean they will leave anyone who tried to harm their family. A family which got powerful and more ruthless with each passing generation making them the Echleon in the societies. What will happen when suddenly one night they got a call from police station informing that the parents of 6 year old boy were found death in an accident Will you believe that reason found behind was as unreasonable as writing an essay in school. ...... Bo Zihan, A happy-go-lucky guy who only knows how to help others in whatever way he can. But wait a second : Are we missing something? Always Remember it is not necessary that everything we see is always 'The Truth'. ...... They met when they were in Business School, both determined to achieve their goal. Will these gentlemen by any chance can develop other feelings other than being committed to professionalism? .... [Peek-a-boo] I know it's you, Zihan...I can never make a mistake in identifying you", he confidently said to the man standing ahead. The man who was standing at a distance turned around, "What are you saying Mister? " I can understand that you have misunderstood me for someone else but this does not mean you can forcibly kidnap someone in the middle of the night. His usual groggy voice was faltering when he angrily stomp forward towards Ariel, making it sound like a angry yet soft voice.... like someone has fit a mike near it's Adam apple which was broken causing of two voices switching between. This made him grew suspicious. The man who was standing near him started sweating and nervously took a step back and turn around for an immediate escape but it quite seems like someone was al-ready to catch the falling prey. With one swift movement he was able to grab his hand and pulled him into himself with so much force that Zihan didn't got the chance to noticed what is happening and before he could do something he was already trapped between the strong arms of certain someone and then he heard him. A voice that he had been dying to be hear in these past 6 years. "I'm crazy enough for you, but don't tempt me further Zi-han, his voice was so deep that Bo Zihan couldn't take it. All the memories came flooding back in his mind. The way his name was reverberating in his ears sending chills throughout his body was a predominant indication. He can sense the pain and suffering from his voice but... "Not now....not yet Zihan this is not the time, " He kept reminding himself about his real motto to keep himself sane because if he didn't escape now there is no tomorrow... In hell he would let him go... He immediately started struggling like fish, anyhow to get out of his grip. But he didn't let him. Inhaling his scent he tighten his hold 10 times harder with both the hands wrap around him as if he was scared to loose this grip even an inch making him hissed in pain. Hearing his hissing voice bring him back to his real self, returning to his usual cold self. He continued ,"To make me lock you up and keep you only and only for me." Don't make me do it, Zi-han...... .... Hello Guys, First of all there is a major warning that this is a BL story those who doesn't like to read such stories they can skip to another story but I really want to you give a chance to this story and even if you don't like then you can leave it. Thank you guys... love ya.


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