Don't You Give Up On A Miracle
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Don't You Give Up On A Miracle


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What is Don't You Give Up On A Miracle

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"You will get what ever makes you happy, for you are mine, my love. My love for you will never waver." †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 'Wait a moment, what am I doing here?' Le Quing thought to herself. In front of her was the most beautiful, good looking man she ever saw on Earth. His jet black hair and slightly pale skin color to his extremely sexy lips, this was the man anyone would want. He had no shirt on, showing off all trace's of muscles on his upper body. There was not a trace of fat on his body. The bed sheets covered the rest of his body, luckily enough for Le Quing. 'This man is simply too stunning to even look at.' Le Quing thought. While she was thinking this, Yang Chang was observing her. With soft brown hair to go with her perfectly toned skin, she was every man's dream. She had perfect plush lips with bite marks on them. There was bruising on her bottom lip, bit that only made Yang Chang want to kiss her more. 'What a cutie she is.' "Wait a minute, what happened last night, Yang Chang?" Le Quing inquired. " No, we didn't.... We did, didn't we?" "Yep, we sure did. I wouldn't mind if we did it again. After all, you aren't that bad." Yang Chang replied with a smirk plastered on his picture perfect face. 'What a hypocrite of a man!! I can't believe that he has such a dirty mind!! Bi*ch!!' Le Quing screamed in her mind. "I hate you. You know what? Your the complete worse." Le Quing said as she got out of bed. "Cover your self with something!! Don't you know how sexy you look right now?" Yang Chang suddenly said. A slight gasp gave way as he herd what he said. "To late. You already saw it all." Le Quing retorted. With that, Yang Chang stood up and walked over to Le Quing. "You like what you see. Don't worry, I'm best in the shower. A little exercising won't hurt, am I right?" Yang Chang replied. "You have such a dirty mind." Le Quing retorted. As she said that, she was wrapped with a hug. She suddenly felt something on her stomach, and when she looked up, she was met with a pair of soft, thin, sexy lips. She knew what was sticking into her flat stomach. A slight blush covered her face. She was walked onto the shower with Yang Chang still glued to her. 'How despicable.'

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How do you guys like this book? This is the first one that I have written so far. There are about 2 chapters posted a day, depending on how much time I have.


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