Don't worry, I'm the Protagonist!
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Don't worry, I'm the Protagonist!


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What is Don't worry, I'm the Protagonist!

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A hero with a mask that's a poorly drawn smiley face, a black body tight suit and dual wields daggers even though he can easily erase anything with his hands? Not the hero you expected, huh? "Hey the daggers are for style points, eh?" Join Apollo in his bizarre comedic adventures! As he rambles and breaks reality itself! "Don't ignore me! this is my synopsis! Ugh. I'm Apollo and welcome to my world." --------------------------------- Author Notes: This is an entry for the WFP, I appreciate the votes! Thank you! Disclaimer : The cover is only temporary until I finish editing the new one. I do not own it.

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Hey there! Shameless Author here! :) I'd like to thank those who are enjoying the novel so far, I have a lot in plan for this novel and I'd like to see you guys in my journey in reaching the end of the journey. Thanks for the support and comments! It really makes my day seeing you guys enjoying it. I plan to add characters based on the readers preferences too in the near future, just comment and I might drop you guys in on the novel! This is my way of showing my gratitude towards my readers! Thank you once again. Cheers.


The novel is quite fun to read, I'm not a that nice writer to review it clearly but I must say this novel is very interesting and authors hard work has really made this even better. If I say about Apollo I liked it a lot, he's kind is the person you would love to read about or want to know more about. The novel is still in its early stages but still, it can hook any reader right away. I, as a picky reader, was very well impressed with the writing style, story plot and descriptions and would recommend to everyone happily. All the best for your future updates author, I hope you do your best :)


This book is dangerous... as in I almost laughed out loud when I'm supposed to be studying. Only read the prologue so far but this is good shit.


Quality: The writing quality is insane. Seriously, the author's style is very well thought out. There will be parts where he purposely confuses you just so the main character can clarify it. Very good quality for a satire novel. Stability: Really can't put a finger on this, Author updates every 2 days or sometimes earlier. I'd give it a 5 star in hopes of the author posting it everyday cause, damn. This got me hooked. Development: Since the story is in its early phase while I write this review, currently the story is showing good development with a proper antagonist and a lax main character which is the entire focus of each chapter. Character Design: Apollo is a well written main character who pokes fun at the clichés of novels that readers usually read. Since the novel is still early I have no more other outputs for the other named characters. (Eros and Lyra) World Background: The author doesn't really write that much about the background and it usually focuses on the main character and the scene that's happening. the main character itself talks about the scene they are in with the Author putting in hints.


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