4 Sighed

Falling down of snows, heard through the window, as wind passed, coldness come into your soul. That's what im fucking feeling right now. Bish, i know it doesnt make sense. But fuck!

Here i though, i can finally live my life good, using the advantages of my strenght.

Lots of problem come's through my mind, like how air passed by me. Firstly, i still dont know how to make money, second, to have a stable life in the future, i got to study.

Now now now, if really im in a Marvel World. Will i'll be the one of the humans that will die? That mad titan, what if the population is odd? , will he make the other half of a person dust?

This is not the time to think about that really. Just laughing off in my mind.

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I dived my body into the bed, swinging my arms up and down as i feel the softness of the sheets.

Life just literally mean hard.

Whatever, let the day passed by first.


Currently - Present

Huge clap of crowds, could be heard, as the rare haired colored boy stood at the very front, with his mic in his mouth. After he finished his presentation, he bowed himself from the huge crowd in front of him.

Welp. that was me, and yes, 1 month passed by, and my life currently is pretty easy. Before the school term began, i manage to get a scholarship at one of the private school here though getting it was very hard, since there's no Registered Father in my birth certificate, and all of my data. And for my first month here, pretty easy as i managed to study beyond our lessons. So im basically good at every subject here, straight A+ student, mostly P.E .

And my power's also, progressed too, since i prefer quality over quantity, i first trained and trained all the skills i newly learned, and once i fully got the hang of it, i will move on to the next one.

But then, i still have yet to figure out the money, though the scholarship here, also give's you a budget. It aint enough, since there's still the school stuff you need to pay for.

And damn, this school is hella expensive. Anyway, back to the story, as i walked out from the stage, i put down the mic, and walk towards the water machine. I drank shit loads of it, as the presentation we got are too much. I checked the next presentator, presenting his dumb shit, as i got out, everything got noisy again. Pretty good but also bad, being a flower boy.

Being handsome here is bad but also good, for the good one, sometimes, you get advantages for the other stuff, like you can always be reserved your favorite spot in canteen, and always first at the line. And like previously, as long as im the one standing there, they will shut there mouths off.

The bad one, there's always those girls stalking you, my locker full of love letters, and when im walking, the boy's eyes making a hole through my back. Imagine that, everyday.

I exited the school grounds, going to the library. I ain't got any ideas about the money yet, so maybe more knowledge will do.

I walked through the door, greeting the lustful eyes of the others. Fuck, that's disgusting, theyre not even beautiful. I go to my usual section of books, most likely to be astronomy, history, math, science stuff. I got each one of them, as i sat to one of the chairs at the corner.

I started reading, ignoring the hiding girls staring at me, usually preparing to leave a letter in my table. Hours later,i already got my eyes tired, as i blink a few times relaxing it. I scan through my surrounding, might found some interesting stuff you know.

And Boom! , i was right my friends, at the corner of my eyes, several boys wearing a sport uniform, comes walking finding a seat, as they speak to each other.


"Bro! Your the strongest of our team, surely you made your father proud if you join there, its one of the most important contest we are having this year. It only happens 1 time every 3 years, and the winner will get a lot of benefits!"

"Tsk..Tsk.... your wrong, i will not join there, i will win there"

"Yeah, you should go to that tournament, your strong enough to win, but they say its kinda hard, first round is hundreds of obstacles, while second are written test about fighting, and lastly is the actual fighting. They said Captain America will visit there! Fuck! they said he once did that last 1941."


AS i carefully put my ear through their directions, i carefully listened as they talked about a contest. My ears perked up by the word Fighting. Being the smart ass i am, i already understood what's going on.

I grab my own textbooks, and my bag. Proceeding to my Homeroom teacher's office, who, uhmm, adore's me so much. I ran up to the hallways, eyeing the door's i passed behind. At the last door, was finally his office.

I knocked 3 times, and our homeroom teacher - named Yakuto Watanabe, simply said ' Come in '

I did what he said, and slowly and carefully opened the door. The teacher revealed a suprised look at me, as i come in, closing the door.

"Oh, what a new face we have here, the flower boy Zacharias, come seat, what do you need?" Yakuto said, slightly getting the pronunciation of Zacharias wrong, as he offered me a seat in front of his desk, as he stopped working, and listening for what i have to say.

"Mr. Yakuto, i would like to know what contest are coming this year." I said quickly not wasting anytime.

"Ohhhh.... you finally want to join? last month, all offers we offered you got decline, and what thing did interest you?" Yakuto said, as he put up his smiling face on.

"Earlier, some student's mention something about fighting. I kinda got my ear perk up at that word, and also i need to make money myself for living." I said honestly, not lying what i did earlier.

"hmmh.. Considering your P.E has a perfect grade on them, you could join it. Ah, i mean the Tournament, that it's name. But the thing is actually, it was supposed to at New York, but considering what happened to the place, the date will be extended, might be even years. Basically, you just have to survived there. But Mr. Black, we warn you that joining will automatically make you safety not assured. Its one of the biggest contest we're gonna have this year, the benefits of the prize money, plus being trained by some professional fighter are great. Sign here, if you want to join." Yakuto explained about the Tournament, and handed me a paper attached to a clipboard.

There are 2 names written at it, meaning only 2 yet are joining, plus 1 for me, makes 3.

Days passed, as i stopped studying and training my powers, since i only trained physical. But then, this is useless, how strong am i now? about Black Widow's fighting skill.

I could just knock them out by hitting there nape like what Killua did in his anime.


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