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"Sir, yes. Participating at 11/4/14 , 13: 00."

"Good. Just make sure your in control of him"

"Yes Sir."



Another day, another school. Hell, i want to graduate already. This is like, your level 100 going back to level 1.

2 years later on, yep. The tournament, yeah, i know, so long. But then, its ehem... International Competition. Not boasting, but i bet im strong as the trainor when i win. Just need some money.

I actually thought of ways earning money, one is, what Spiderman do, like help out people,except that im gonna exchange for money. But, here, its illegal. LeGiT.

Yesterday, my friends (readers basically) , I unlocked my Sharingan. i dont know if im going to fast with my training, but it should slow down later on, since the jutsu's ive been learning up until now are just some basics.

I have been keeping updated with the Avengers. Gotta say, they look more stronger than in the movies. But here we are, the gate of our school.

3rd POV

At the corner of the school gate, near the garden, a girl was standing in front of a tree, as several boys tries to bother him.

"Tsk.. Campus Queen you say? bitch!, you cant even handle this?" A deliquent-obviously boy, slapped the face of the girl, leaving a red mark, on her pale face.

"You know, why dont we play a game, everyday, come to our apartment. Then do somethings... you know?" The other boy smirked, while putting his hands beside's the girls head.

1st POV

Lot of student's stopped at that place, as they view the scene happening in front of them. Hey, im a "normal" teen too, so i stopped also.

They were 3 bad looking guys, my senior i supposed, cornering the girl. Soon, gossips filled the spot of the viewing place, with each other not even helping the girl.

(Other People)

"Shit, i really want to help her, just that i can't beat Shira, he's fucking rich man, i just hold him and i will be getting out of this school"

"Served her right, becoming the best isn't that good now."

"Should i report this to her adviser?"

"Wait, there's Zacha-"

- Back to MC POV

There were a lot of gossips im hearing, some hate's for the girl, some pity for the boy's. But the last guy i heard, i didnt hear it again, as the people were moving, as the deliquent got more aggresive, with the silent poker faced girl.

Seconds later, they all looked at me, 'what? did i do somethin'' was literally written on my face, they all started doing some "face signs" to me, which i clearly don't understand.

The crowded place before , become separated, as the guys in the right and left move back, with an aisle in the middle. Which in middle, was me. Fuck. I knew it, so last week i registered my name, those fucking girl from a fan club named - Zachy-Senpai - shit, that's disgusting, just spread around the whole school about my registry.

And now, they're expecting me to help her. Who i dont even know.

The incoming teachers, got curious to the crowd, and also stopped, but as they saw, the so-called rich boy, Shira, they just sweatdropped ignoring him bullying the girl. What an ass.

Since all the student's and also several teacher's were staring me now, clearly asking for help, because i know the principal can cover me at least this much. I decided to make some fun time for myself.

I walked towards the boy, with him noticing me, putting the "DIE Face from Bakugo".

He ordered his guys to pin the girl, not letting her out of the tree, as he walk also towards to me.

"Hey! Aren't you the little puny shit that signed up huh?" He said, as he showed his yellow teeth to me - ew - and his saliva going around everywhere. He stop in front of me, and clearly, everyone see that im fucking taller than him at a lot of inches. Seeing the embarrassment he did, he grab my small nametag in the side of my uniform.

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"Za- Zach- Zacharias? Oh! English? Tsk.. Tsk,.... What a disgrace... sending a white american boy from our school to the tournament? Definitely a fucked up school" He said, slightly not almost saying my english name out. Well, i guess i could agree to what he says. For the student's only, the staff is good.

Fuck, he's spilling his saliva in my uniform.

I eyed him, with my icy blue eyes, looking down, to look at his normal dark brown eyes. He slightly got intimidated, but not enough to drop his ego. He finally taked off his hands of my nametag as he moved a little back away from me.

"Move" I simply said, having enough of this in the morning. 1 minute more, and the bell will finally ring.

"WHaT THe FUck Did Ya Just SAy?" He said, clearly putting his head under my looking down head, as he tried to scared me, shit, one of his saliva got in my face.

"Move.. b i s h" I again said, as he's the only one who heard my cursing.

"Fuck you then!" He finally got out of his shell, as he was about to punch me. About a few inches from my face, i grabbed his moving hands out of my face, and also grabbing his other available hand, putting his body on my shoulders, as i dropped him behind me, and all of that happened within some seconds. A loud 'thud' sound was made, and all the other students stared me at awe. The girl that was being "bullied", a white haired girl like me, just stood there, not even flinching a bit, or moving a bit of muscle in her face.

I turned around me, seeing the unconscious boy laying there, breathing at least. Other student got a joy in there face, probably happy because this guy finally got wrecked.

This guy's companions, soon run away, leaving the poker faced girl behind.

The other's slowly started leaving, and i carried the guy named Shira, getting him into the infirmary. The girl finally walked, getting closer to me, but did not say anything.

Soon, the other late comers, saw us walking beside each other, gossiping again, and also asking their friends what happened why am i carrying Shira.


( Other People / Gossips )

"UOhhhh shit. Did she or he finally asked each other..? Wahhh, here am i at my senior year, not even getting close to the School Perfect"

"Wow, that's a perfect couple right there! , the perfect god and the perfect goddess standing in front of our eyes"

"Freaking hell, i didnt even get to have a chance to asked the School Perfect's out"

-Back To MC POV

Gossips made my ears perked up as i heard several of thing's i dint know.

School's Perfect? Goddess? Who the fuck name's their child like that?

I was soon cut out of my thoughts, as the girl beside me started speaking.

" Blythe Akira Brimmer, 1st year like you, hand me Shira" The girl turned to me, speaking with his light soft voice, with her poker face never got removed. Seems like she's from another country too.

" Zacharias, anyway, im the one who beat him up,who are you even anyway? oh im sorry"

I just accidently blurt out my inner thought's, as she still look straight with her dead eyes.

" Im Blythe Akira as i said, if you really want to do that, then go" She replied, as she fasten her walk, with only a few second before the bell rings. I ran to the infirmary, and hand Shira in, while i got out and proceed to my class.

_Time Skip_

*Ringing Bell*

Ahh, what a good sound to hear, day's finally over. But im kinda curious about the girl though. When i came back to the infirmary at lunch, several hundred of dollars was lying in the bedtable next to the bed i let Shira sleep.

Im a shitty boy, so i just grabbed the money without hesitating. And she also left out a note, written that its for me. I got pretty curious about the girl after that. Well then, i should still ask, my curiousity has finally overflow, and i wouldnt want to just stare at her every day like a freak figuring out what she does.

Before all the students got out, i grab a boy with a blonde ash hair, almost looking white, and he looked at me with his eyebrows high up.

"Uhmm.. Yes?" He flashed up his bright smile, standing in front of me, while he fixed his books in his underarms.

"I want to know something"

Well... if your asking why i asked him, he's the 2nd best student here. He's good at sports more than his academic though, but nonetheless, he's still good at everything, including his family assets and looks. Well, luckily, he's the bright boy in our classroom. He's pretty genius, also super extroverted, and somesay - kind - . Welps, im sure he know's this..

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