1 a normal life

today day was off so, I spent my day roaming street to street and enjoying the view. I like to spent my day like this. I try my level best to stay away from my house as much as possible. I not really like that place. but the reason I live there ,is my father. he is the man who I loved the most in this world. I am primary teacher by profession. I work from 8 to 2. and have entire day myself. now days my parents are looking for perfect match for me . I hate when they introduce me to a man. because getting married was Last thought in my mind. I understand that they simply wanted me to settle down. but I was happy with my life it was going on so far. but they were not ready to give up so easily. I get irritated by this and I put condition that they have to find a suitable person for me within one month. I just did this to get ride off this marriage word.

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