2 School Was Amazing

School was the only way Aurora and I were able to get away from our lonely home.It was fun though a lovely atmosphere that wasn't always filled with cold air and kids and adults you could talk to, school was really a nice place to be it wasn't all about education it was about the society in the school and Peutonia high school was one of the best schools out there if not the best.

Aurora was a real school lover not because she wanted to learn that bad but because she was always lonely at home and school was the best way to get away from that loneliness.I didn't blame her I also felt the same but as an older brother I tried not to show it that much.

We would always walk to school together and Aurora would ask me lots of questions on the way

"Hey Mike I heard your classmates talking about you yesterday" She said.

"What were they saying?" I asked trying to hide my curiosity to know.

"They were a group of girls they were talking about how intelligent and smart you were, but....."

"But what?" I asked

"They said they hated you because you were too quiet that maybe you can't even stand up for yourself" She answered

I loved the idea of girls talking about me but not entirely in this manner the last words she said sort of made me feel bad about my self.

"You know you shouldn't be listening to conversations like that" I said

"Huh but I thought you wanted to know what they said?"

Aurora was surprised by sudden change in altitude and tried to cheer me up.

"Don't feel bad,at least one of them said lots of positive things about you"

"I'm not interested Aurora" I said, but it was all pretence I really wanted to know what the girl said about me.

"She said lots of nice things about you"Aurora continued

"Like she really likes your quietness and that makes you stand out among the other boys and, that doubled with your intelligence makes you a nice person"

"Can you walk faster Aurora" That was still me, pretending.

"She even said that she likes you"

We were getting close to school now and Aurora was about to end her discussion with me but I had to know the name of that girl.

"And what's her name" I asked, still looking uninterested.

"Her name is..."

"Oh good you forgot it" I said, feeling disappointed ☹️

" Chloe yes her name was Chloe"

Aurora was able to remember the name which was nice because to me Chloe was the most beautiful girl in my class and she saying she liked me meant a lot to me.As soon as Aurora called the name " Chloe" she appeared from nowhere in front of the school gate maybe she had been standing there, but I didn't notice her until Aurora called her name.she had her hair tied back like a pony tail and was wearing a beautiful black gown which had long sleeves, her eyes were brown, but they were the most beautiful I had ever seen.The funny part of things was that I completely froze when I saw her, that my sister had to pull into the school slowly.

"Hi Chloe" I waved,as she pulled me past her.

"Hi Mike" She said.

"What was that?" Aurora asked.

"Nothing" I said, trying to keep my cool.

" Don't tell me you have a crush on her"

" Fine I won't tell you then"

" You really do have a crush on her" She said teasingly.

" No I don't" I denied it.

I quickly left her and rushed of to class.

" Don't forget to ask her out when you get the chance!" She shouted, which was a little bit too loud for only me to hear but thank goodness none of my classmates were in close range.From that day things sort of changed between me and Chloe.

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