Don't come close to my mom!Don't come close to my mom!

Don't come close to my mom!

by life_is_notpotato

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*WARNING: Will give you diabetes! Or cause you heartache!* Iris has now get a chance to correct her past mistakes. Will she succeed? What will happen in this lifetime? An otherworldly handsome man came closer to Iris and tried to hug her. "Don't come close to my mom!"shouted a small adorable boy He stood in front of her and try to block the handsome man. Unfortunately, he was too weak in front of that man's might. He held the little boy in his arms and tightly hugged Iris. "Do you remember me?"asked the otherworldly handsome man Iris just smiled. 'I wish I could have recognised you way earlier'thought Iris How will it unfold? Stay tuned! btw, I just photo edited the cover, credits to the original creater.

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