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Read DOMINUS ETERNAL novel written by the author radashta on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, action, adventure, comedy, cultivation. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


The Universe needs an Eternal Ruler to continue its everlasting existence. Still, unfortunately, no one has ever reached the end of the ‘Eternal Temple of the Universe’ that appears every grand cycle, countless mighty existences perished there with no stories to tell. Finally, the will of the universe decided to forcefully evolve every single living being and give everyone a chance to reach the temple one last time. Either someone would succeed, or all living beings would die along with the universe. There was a man born on Earth so evil that will of chaos had no other choice but to contradict his nature by giving him the most astonishing Innate supreme divine ability that could ever exist ‘Prophet of all’ entrapping him and changing his life forever. Dominus, who was schemed against covertly and sneakily, was forced to comprehend the true meaning of life, so instead of committing evil like he was supposed too, he created an unprecedented and never imagined world for humanity that exceeded imagination, but the actions taken by the Will of the Universe completely toppled all of Dominus’s plans and forced him into desperate straits forcing him to make a choice. Save this version of humanity that he worked so hard to guide or leave them and rise to the top alone. Follow Dominus Morgol on his epic journey filled with chaos, order, and madness, along with an unprecedented burden that no one would shoulder but him. ................ Authors note: if you guys want a fantastic story, deep characters, with great action, world-building, comedy, and beautiful romance, unpredictable twists and outcomes, the unique main character, and plenty more, start reading. The novel will get better and better, believe me. Don’t let the cover deter you. It will be changed.


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I have been conceptualizing this story for quite a while now, and I finally decided it was time to share it with everyone. I will certainly bring this story to the end. the only thing that can be a problem for me is my English because it’s my third language, but over time I will improve it and make everything work as it should. This story will hook many people. The world-building, characters, plot, etc. will be great, but most importantly the main character that’s who I am counting on, and he won't disappoint. Upload schedule // minimum 10-14 // every week\\ daily uploads guaranteed.


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What an amazing novel! couldn't help myself and wrote a review. the plot is super, character development amazing, world-building super, writing quality needs a little improvement, but on later chapters, I saw it so I am satisfied. the story has such great potential to be longlasting and hook up the readers. absolutely a must-read. what a unique story I will be looking out for this one I hope the author continues the writing. and it's an original story to boot nice!


I'm not a big fun of Fantasy, however I liked this one and I'll continue reading the upcoming chapters. The only issue is grammar. Author need to work on punctuation. The start of each sentence, places, names must to be capitalised. Author should edit the book and other than that, I totally recommend this book to the readers who love a good fantasy involving cultivation.


Other than grammar/ punctuation errors, the book seems to have a interesting plot ! I’ll definitely save this for future reading, so keep up the good work author !


The author recommended his book, and I was like, why not….. it’s not gonna be bad I thought! I was wrong!! it is freaking amazing one has to read closely for details because I saw lotta foreshadowing. chapters are long but don’t fear reading, at first you dislike long chapters, but then you are angry why it’s so little. had the same experience with other novels on wuxia world two chapters or one chapter a day with 1500 words painful to read no satisfaction later on here you got everything you need. The main character talks as if his a devil, but is a saint, other characters are also interesting! Action! Plot!the anticipation! Interactions and also the subtle comedy here and there truly deliver. you know when you read that story is serious, but the jokes are delivered frequently and make you laugh! You can feel the love and respect between characters! No romance yet I saw it in the tags, but I wonder hows that gonna work out since the main character is not simple


It's a great book, has potential. But I'll still right that I haven't read books related to cultivation so I don't have much to compare this with. The only issue is grammar. You need to work on punctuation. The start of each sentence has to be capitalised. First letter of a noun has to be capitalised as well. So you should edit the book whenever you get time as you'll have to change a lot. Other than that, Keep writing! Hope you see this book towards the end.


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So far I have read only one chapter and rushed to review the book as it amazed me. This book is really unique and the plot was amazing. I would just say that please improvise the character design a little bit. Overall this book was really good and I love it.


Its a well written story, the characters are well rounded. Author please make your words around 1-1.5k per chapter other than that everything is fantastic!


After reading the chapters I felt the story has a good plot and a great capacity to develop into a masterpiece!! I don't know why the views are less but everyone please do give this a read! It's classy!


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