1 Ddraig, the Great Welsh

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Themes: Dubcon, Mind Break, Brainwashing, Humiliation, Degradation


Issei Hyoudou was a pervert.

Ddraig the Great Welsh lounged back inside her current host's mindscape, her lips curling into a half-smirk at the thought and smoke wafting from her nose in small puffs. Issei Hyoudou was a pervert, but to the Red Dragon Empress, this was not exactly a bad thing. After all, there were many kinds of perverts in the world and the majority of existence could say to have a perversion of some sort that guided them.

Humanity didn't even have the idea of deviancy on lock down. Devils and Fallen Angels and a dozen other inhuman species were quite good at exercising their lust in exciting and perverted ways. But Issei was a pervert among perverts. In all her millennia of existence, Ddraig had never met anyone like her newest host. Case in point, her currently very female form.

The Red Dragon was currently forced into a half-dragon; half-human form as she lay sprawled out in Issei's mindscape. Her dragon snout continued to breathe out puffs of smoke, while her very human chest and abdomen heaved with each heavy breath. There was a sheen of sweat across every inch of her body and the dragon girl was quite satisfied with the rough brutal pounding that Issei had just given her, out in the real world.

Dragons were creatures of energy for the most part. This made them rather gender fluid at the end of the day, as there was no need for identifying as a male or female when one was simply a force of power, wrath, and destruction made manifest. Before her sealing, Ddraig had identified as neither gender, simply being the Red Dragon. It was others who gave her titles at the time such as Red Dragon Emperor of Domination.

An amusing and ironic title to say the least, given her current circumstances. Ddraig supposed that these days, if one were to ask, she would tell them she went by Red Dragon Empress of Submission. Heh, but then they might get ideas about what sort of liberties they could take with her voluptuous body and Ddraig would be forced to charbroil such miscreants. After all, she was only submissive to one man in the entire world. Issei Hyoudou. The same man who had forced her into this current form.

Normally, a sealed dragon such as herself would conform to the gender of the one currently bearing them. Over the centuries she had been forced to inhabit a Sacred Gear, Ddraig had flowed back and forth between male and female as her reincarnations demanded, always becoming the same gender as her wielder. So, in the end the Red Dragon was not entirely unused to being a woman.

However, she was certainly unprepared for just what Issei Hyoudou would be like and the position he would ultimately put her in. She was completely and utterly caught off guard by her new wielder, the day he finally woke her up from her slumber. Ddraig smiled, thinking back to that day.


Ddraig had woken up slowly at the time to what felt like a pounding against the Red Dragon's head. What it was instead, was a voice that resounded through the powerful being, slamming again and again into Ddraig's mind.

"I know I'm meant for more than this! I am not weak! I am not spineless! I am Issei Hyoudou and I WILL be KING!"

Each word was punctuated by a ringing sound. The barrier around Ddraig's prison, separating Sacred Gear from soul, was slowly being chipped away. Every new reincarnation, a metaphysical wall was put up between Ddraig and the dragon's wielder, until such time as the wielder was ready or desperate enough to break it down. That very thing was happening right here right now and the Red Dragon raised its head in preparation for this new discovery. Cracks were appearing in the barrier, the light of the bearer's soul shining through.

"I can feel it… something within me. My hidden strength. I knew it was real, I knew I was meant for something more."

Rarely did Ddraig have hosts so in tune with themselves that they could feel the Sacred Gear from behind the barrier. It was more likely that this voice, this new wielder, simply had an over inflated sense of pride or a massive ego, or was just delusional and unwilling to believe in their own mediocrity. Still, they'd been right in a way. They were host to the Boosting Gear, and very soon they would never be normal again.

"My power. I feel you within me. I'm going to draw you out now. Let's see exactly what Issei Hyoudou can do!"

Issei Hyoudou hm? An intriguing name. Though if this Issei thought it would be that easy, he was in for quite a nasty sur-holy shit were those hands? Ddraig's serpent-like eyes widened dramatically as the barrier shattered before the unrelenting pounding of what looked to be massive glowing fists. Then the fists opened up and reached and for the first time in a very long time, the Great Welsh felt small as it was gripped and lifted from its resting place.

Ddraig felt immediately that it was not being freed from the Sacred Gear. Only its mind and a small part of its power were being pulled forth and made manifest, while the rest remained inside of the Boosting Gear. But the simple fact that its host could do even this right after discovering the power that lay within him was just a little terrifying.

In a split second and a blinding flash of light, Ddraig was somewhere else. Wind brushed against the dragon's face and it opened its eyes to find itself in the real world. Blinking dumbly, Ddraig glanced around, not recognizing its surroundings at all. It looked to be a park perhaps? And in the distance, the dragon could see what it could only assume were tall buildings.

"Hey! You! Are you my inner power made manifest?"

The tiny voice came from below and the massive Red Dragon shifted as it glanced down at the small human man next to its claws. Issei Hyoudou, Ddraig's mind immediately supplied. This was the dragon's current wielder, the human male who had managed to somehow unlock the Boosting Gear and draw Ddraig straight out of it and into the real world through nothing but sheer force of will.

"Ugh, can you even hear me?! You're too big; I need you to be smaller!"

Ddraig was just about to open its mouth and respond when the world suddenly grew at an impressive rate. Or rather, the Red Dragon was forcibly shrunk down to the size of a small dog, suddenly finding itself feeling just as tiny as it had when those large hands had lifted it out of the Sacred Gear.

"Hah, you're adorable like this. Can you hear me better now? Oh man, can you even speak? I don't know how to talk dragon. Damn it, say something."


Ddraig spoke a single word, but then found itself at a loss for words. For the first time in a long time, the dragon just didn't know what to say.

"Hah, so you do speak! Unless that single 'I' was some kind of dragon call. Well if you're a dragon and can only talk dragon, maybe I can fix that. Let's try this."

And suddenly Ddraig was growing again. This time, the dragon only grew to just under the brown haired boy's height, and there was a bit more transformation involved as it became half-human, a pair of large bountiful breasts sprouting from its chest. The dragon girl yelped at the sudden changes to her body, looking down, blushing red, and covering herself up with scaly arms. Issei looked her up and down and grinned roguishly, whistling.

"Damn girl, you fine. My imagination is legit!"

Still flustered and flushed, Ddraig, now most definitely a she, glared at her current host.

"What have you done?! I am a DRAGON, not some trollop you can mess around with however you like!"

Issei snorted derisively at that.

"Dragon you may be, but you're MY dragon. Don't worry though, I promise to take care of you!"

Ddraig blinked, blushing for an entirely new reason as she suddenly felt a heat in her loins. Why the hell had Issei's declaration and claim to ownership over her make her feel aroused? The dragon girl blushed an even darker shade of red as her young host approached and circled her, nodding in appreciative and reaching out to pinch and tug here or there. Ddraig yelped and smacked his hands away as best she could, but despite being a dragon, the woman found herself far weaker than she should have been. Where before a swipe of her claws would have taken off the human's arm, now it was like she was playfully batting at him, barely nudging him away as he touched and groped her to his heart's content.

When Issei finally just stepped into her personal space, reaching up from behind her and grasping her large mammaries in his hands so he could squeeze and play with them, Ddraig found herself melting altogether.

"G-gah! W-what have you done to me b-brat? I am an ancient being of power; I should n-not be so easily r-reduced to THIS!"

Issei simply grinned in response as he continued to knead her chest, digging his large fingers into her sensitive flesh and paying special attention to her nipples as he nuzzled the back of her neck. Ddraig's back was that of a dragon's still, all rough edges, scales, and two small wings. It should have been uncomfortable for Issei in this position, but instinctively the Red Dragon knew that her current body could not hurt Issei. Despite being Half-Dragon, she was in effect, a cushiony soft form all around to the horny young male.

"I just thought it and it came true. Like I said, you're my dragon. My inner power. Aren't you?"

Those final two words, they carried far too much weight to them. What may have seemed like a simple question held actual power behind it as Ddraig found herself forced to answer, her voice even slurring slightly as she fell back against her mas- her HOST's chest.

"Y-yesh… o-oh Issei…"

Issei abruptly stopped his ministrations and Ddraig froze up, realizing how weak she was acting. Letting go of her tits, Issei allowed Ddraig to pull away and spin around to face him. The wide deviant smirk on the handsome young man's face told Ddraig that this was NOT out of the kindness of his own heart or because he didn't want to make her uncomfortable. His next words merely confirmed her suspicions.

"Mm, you're just too easy. But business has to come before fun! I want to know more about my inner power. You called yourself an ancient being. Does that mean you're sealed inside of me, like a manga? Who are you, and what's the nature of my power?"

Once again, Ddraig felt the tug. It wasn't as strong this time, yet the dragon girl found herself longing for her mast- for ISSEI's touch once again. So she answered him promptly, not even realizing she was hoping to get back to the fun once they finished the business.

"I am Ddraig, the Great Welsh. I am a powerful dragon who once roamed these lands, too long ago to remember. For my propensity for destruction, I was sealed inside of a device called a Sacred Gear. Sacred Gears reside within many humans, but my gear is special and unique. There are none others like you Master, for only one human at a time can wield my gear, the Boosting Gear."

Ddraig fell silent, and only realized a second later what she'd called Issei. Her red face went white as she paled, and then back to red as she blushed and rubbed her thighs together, something incredibly noticeable to her observant master, given her lack of anything resembling clothing, and the entire front of her curvy body being human in appearance. Her bare naked pussy lips drip as Issei looks her up and down, a hungry smile once again on his face. But despite clearly being a pervert, the young man keeps himself under control, much to Ddraig's dismay.

"That sounds fantastical, but also fantastic. And I've never been much of a skeptic. If you say it's true, I believe it. Especially since you seem to be unable to disobey me. And calling me Master? Mm, Ddraig, you certainly know how to get on my good side."

Blushing deeply, the dragon girl found herself ducking her head. Then, Issei's fingers came up under her chin, lifting her face to meet his and kissing her soundly on the mouth. Ddraig melted into that kiss, her pouty full lips parting so that his domineering tongue could push inside of her maw. Whimpering slightly, the Red Dragon pushed back a bit, pressing her lips to her master's insistently, needily. And then he pulled back and she was left to flail a bit as she almost fell forward but managed to right herself in time.

A put upon pout spread across Ddraig's face as Issei just grinned at her.

"That was for being a good girl. But if you want to earn more, you're going to have to tell me more. So I guess the most important question is, what can I do with your power?"

Ddraig thought about it. She truly did, considering and contemplating long and hard. Then she shrugged.

"Honestly? I'm not sure. I know what my power is normally capable of. I know what the Boosting Gear does and I know how to train you in wielding it Master. But… you're nothing like any wielder I've ever had. I have no clue what YOU can do with your power, because so far you've been doing the impossible left and right!"

The young man is clearly taken aback by that, his brow furrowing in confusion and the obvious question on his face. Before he can voice it, Ddraig answers unprompted, an instinctive desire to please Issei so that she could earn more rewards like the kiss suffusing her entire body by this point.

"Basically, you aren't supposed to just be able to break into your Sacred Gear and tug me out like you did. This, what we're doing right here and now? This is impossible and insane. Luckily, it only seems like you were able to draw a bit of my power out with me, because if you could manifest my full glory, you'd have brought the heaviest hitters that the major powers in this world have to offer down on both of our heads and I might have lost you before I even truly got to know you Master."

Ddraig blushed at that, glancing away as she realized what she was saying. Issei processed this slowly, as expected of a young man told that he was doing shit that even the all mighty dragon in his head didn't think should be possible.

"You mean like America? That kind of major power?"

Oh, that was just endearing. Ddraig found herself giggling at her Master's ignorance. Then she sobered up as she promptly realized what her powerful Master's ignorance truly meant in this case. For the first time in basically ever, Ddraig actually cared deeply about her current host, despite having just met him. Biting her lower lip, the dragon girl shook her head.

"No Master. Humanity is… humanity is the weakest of what this world has to offer. Humankind is fodder for things much larger than them, lurking in the shadows, taking what they want of your best and brightest. Humans are a resource to the true major powers."

A hand suddenly curled around one of her horns and Ddraig gasped cutely as her Master pulled her head back and looked down into her eyes. She was reminded quite forcefully in that moment that her host was a human as well, and he was anything but weak. Ddraig gulped as he smiled a predatory smile at her.

"Tell me all about it Ddraig. I'm very curious to know just who might be coming for me down the line."

His voice was like chocolate, a purr as he spoke. And Ddraig found herself doing as he said, telling Issei Hyoudou every last bit of information she had on the forces of this world that might very well try to use and abuse him because of her power… because of his power. When all was said and done and Ddraig had told him everything, Issei looked pensive for all of a moment before nodding to himself, his face becoming a mask of resolve. Then he pushed on her shoulders and Ddraig knelt at his unspoken command.

A few seconds later, Issei had drawn his half-chub from his pants and laid the big throbbing hard cock across Ddraig's up turned face. The dragon girl was left panting heavily as she breathed in his delicious musk. It was that of a dragon's and the Red Dragon Empress inhaled deeply before leaning back just enough to take the tip of Issei's cock between her lips so she could begin reverently sucking on it.

Ddraig lost herself in this act, even though she had absolutely no prior experience with something like this. She sucked on Issei's dick without an ounce of skill or know how, but she more than made up for that with the amount of enthusiasm she brought to the table. Moaning lewdly, Ddraig wrapped her long snake-like tongue around Issei's shaft and bobbed her head back and forth, her big bountiful chest jiggling as she did so, and Issei's length continuing to slide in and out of her mouth all the while.

"Ah, Ddraig… that's good. Right there, keep going."

Her Master's encouragement only made her more excited and a moment later Ddraig was fingering herself, her claws in this manifested form unable to harm her soft wet cunt, but more than able to push and spread her pussy lips wide so she could masturbate. At the same time, Ddraig was deep throating Issei's cock without even knowing what deep throating was, her form having neither gag reflex nor even lungs or a beating heart to cause issues. Ddraig's current body was essentially Issei's ideal shape for her made manifest by his thoughts. And his thoughts had been on how much he wanted to fuck a dragon girl, not on silly things like internal organs to make her insides 'realistic'.

As such, Ddraig was able to take every last inch of her delicious Master's cock into her face hole without any issue whatsoever. She gobbled him down and her tongue wound up and down the length of his shaft as she did so, until finally Issei let out a grunt and came straight down into her empty gullet, filling her with his seed. Ddraig swallowed every last drop of it, taking her Master's white hot cum within her and reveling in the delicious taste of his energy, despite having no actual taste buds.

Her sopping wet pussy was eager for his cock and when Issei didn't soften upon his first release, Ddraig eagerly pulled back so that his shaft would leave her mouth with a pop, laying back on the soft grass beneath her and spreading herself open right then and there in the empty park, offering her needy cunt to him as blatantly as she could without just finding the highest building and screaming her desire to be fucked from the rooftop.

Issei got the message and fell to his knees before her, a mixture of the same usual confidence and a rather endearing sort of disbelief that this was actually happening. Swallowing hard, the young man grabbed Ddraig's inner thigh, drawing a gasp of delight from the dragon girl, and then guided his cockhead to her waiting entrance, pushing in without pause.

A loud and altogether lewd moan left Ddraig's mouth as Issei penetrated the dragon girl for the first time. When he broke her hymen, a gasp of slight discomfort left the Red Dragon's lips, but she was too turned on to care and Issei was too far gone to notice the loss of her purity, even though it had been his subconscious that had given her a virginity to take when he'd transformed her in the first place. Soon enough, the two were fucking right there on the ground, out in public. If anyone passed by, they would probably be utterly disgusted by the sight, or turned on, or perhaps a combination of both.

And then they would of course be completely flabbergasted and confused when they realized that the young man wasn't plowing a lewd woman, but a literal steaming dragon girl as she loudly cried out, calling him master and begging for more.

"Yes! Yes! Please Issei, please Master! Fuck me, harder, faster! FUCK ME!"

And Issei obliged, taking his newfound pet and turning her into a mewling mess as she was brought to orgasm after orgasm by his glorious pistoning member. Ddraig was left lost in a sea of pleasure, totally and utterly at the mercy of the first host to ever truly tame the Red Dragon. He'd taken her and conquered her effortlessly with nothing but his will, his charisma, and his inner strength. The Red Dragon Empress of Submission was born in the moment that Issei thrust up into her desperate womb and filled it with his seed, finding his second release of the night after she'd already experienced more than ten herself.

They'd lain there together, half-passed out from exhaustion and bliss, but ultimately Issei had pulled her back into his mindscape and made his way home once they'd come back to their senses. Ddraig had been happy to go, happy to obey him in every way possible, eager to see what the future held with such a master to guide, eager to teach him how to use her power, now his power, to its fullest potential.


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