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Dominant Maniac


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11 years ago, a mysterious illegal organization fused an ovum of a 7 year old girl and a sperm of a 14 year old boy using a new technology and a baby boy was successfull born in laboratory. When this news was leaked to the world, it made many people dissatisfied and protested against the organization. Years after there was no news about the girl and the newborn child. Even the articles about them was vanished into thin air. ... When Shen YanXiao woke up, she found herself in an hospital bed. She had no idea who she was or where she came from. All she had was a inhumanely beautiful face with mismatching eyes, one red and one aqua, and a document in her phone telling her that she had a 11 year old child. Oh, and a smart watch which seems to defy all logic. [ Inhumanely beautiful and bloodthirsty FL with a ridiculously genius brain, rich ML with DID, mother protecting little genius son, a twin brother with sister complex] DID- dissociative identity disorder/ multiple personality disorder. P.S: FL is mixed blooded and becomes an internationally known singer/rapper whose gender and face was unknown.


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