1 Chapter 1 : I am Different Than Others!

The sunlight passes through the small holes from the wall, few maids stands there with their body stiffened.

"Don't mess with me, you commoner! How dare a low life like you order me!"

Some maids closed their eyes, can't hold any longer. They don't want to see this gruesome scene.

Some opened their eyes wide open as this happened almost every day, they got used to it.

The commoner who just got a loud yell, both of his hands were cuffed to the wall, and his body is like the word 'Y'.

He does his best to withstand any kind of pain, inflicted on his body.

Screams in agony reverberated to the outside, some maids covered their ears, and could only pray, that this would end immediately, the rest that already used to this. Stroke their hair softly to those who cowered in fear, and saying the same words over and over again

"It will be fine, as long as we didn't make him angry, our safety rests assured. It will be fine."

Eight maids stand outside the room, they all waiting for their master, and speak of the devil. Here it comes, the bastard who is our protagonist.

He opened the door with a satisfied expression, like a person who just does his hobby.

"Ah that felt great, I can't believe commoners would be that fun." He said with a big smile. If a person with great justice heard that, his face would receive a punch and some hospital care.

He went back to his room to fill the paperwork but the one who does it, isn't him, it was five slaves he bought. Three werebeasts and two elves, all gender are female.

He tastes all of them already and got bored quickly, he decides to sleep as the day became bored.

The next day, when he strolling the streets, he met this really weak creature, they are called commoners, but this one is different than the others, it is weak and rumors has it that this guy couldn't even activate magic yet, but this guy wanted to be the king of this land.

How laughable!

'Today is boring, so let's have fun for a little, just a little won't hurt.' He thought to himself as ideas appearing inside his head, about the 'fun' thing he wanted to do. Few minutes of thinking, he got it!

Accusing him of something he didn't do and he got a death sentence is not a bad idea, that would be 'fun'.

He approached him and act like they were best buddies, his hand over the guy's shoulder, then he offered him a job that even a nine-year-old could do it, it was a delivery services

This guy has a lot of debt, so he would need a job like this, and also, this job is like five birds in one stone but for him, our protagonist. This was just like playing with a toy.

Well, that's brief, what actually happened is that the guy rejects his offer, looks like that guy has a keen nose to smell the fishes. So, he keeps pushing on, which is make it fishier but it has a point. It goes like this.

"Bro, I know you heard bad rumors about me, but rumors just rumors. Look, I'm kind enough to give you this job," He said with persuasion.

"Look, listen. I want to change. I had enough with the bad rumors that always entered my ears, and you're the first step."

The guy stops and turned around.

"Is that true?" He said with a serious face, and a gaze that enough to pierce one's soul. Our protagonist with huge pride he has.

Despised that look and wanted to teach him a lesson.

'How dare a commoner like him looking at me with those eyes!'

He about to chant magic to him, but if he does it. It backfires, causes a knight with a white uniform to coincidentally passes them. This must be the reason why he boldly said that.

This white uniform knight is someone that can't be taken down by money, his justice sense is great and troublesome to him in every way possible.

He holds his anger and forced a smile.

"Rayza please put the difficulty test down. I'm not used to it yet." He knew that this is a test from this guy, whose name is Rayza.

It looks like he already knew that Zoartha protects his pride like it was the greatest treasure, so Rayza just tease him a little, though. At first, he is not sure if he going to do it, but behind Zoartha, a middle-aged man with a white uniform of a knight passes them. He knew this man well and trusts him deeply, so he said it.

Who thought a commoner like him able to pull it off.

If our protagonist eats the bait, which is Rayza's word and gazes, no doubt that this Rayza will reject him.

Rayza slightly nods and smiled.

"Okay, Zoartha, nice to be working with you!" He gives a bow and walked away without asking much further.

The sun is down as he walked away, Zoartha doesn't need to explain what's the job as he gave a scroll, which is the detail of the job.

His face is twitching and he spit out his saliva to his right, he is annoyed that a commoner like him make fun of him. He was thinking about doing some revenge but that thought suddenly gone like ashes wiped out by the breeze of wind.

He's not in the mood to do something bad, so he walked back to his home with both hands on his pocket, kicking anything on its way, small pebbles, a rock, anything.


Six hours went by, and Rayza stands in front of an abandoned church, where the item is going to be on his hand and delivered it to the customer.

There are no people around him, only debris of a destroyed building, these buildings are the history from the previous war. The king decides to let it be, as a reminder of what war has done to his kingdom.

He waits for about thirty minutes, expecting a person to come at him and gave him the item, but things did not go the way he thought...

'When I think about it, I wonder why he chose me.'

Just standing around makes him bored so he sat on the small stairs that lead to the church and looked up.

The stars, galaxy, and nebulas are clearly seen in this world, not like ours. Covered by light pollution, and some who live in the big city, will never saw things like this.

"Beautiful," he said with amazement, then. A person appeared on his left. He quickly turned his head as he heard the footsteps.

"Are you the guy?" She asked, her face is covered by the robe she wore. A brown robe completely covered her body, top to toe.

The moon is there, behind him. He could clearly see this person. He raises his guard and prepares to fight if necessary.

He can't activate magic but he learned martial arts from an uncle that was on his journey to see the world.

Rayza nods, and stand. He then approaches her but before he was able to take a step.

"Don't move." She said assertively, he surprised but able to calm his mind immediately, she follows what she said.

The girl grab something inside her robe and threw it to him. He panicked when something came to him, he jumped to get it but instead, it hit his head.

Lose balance, Rayza hit the ground, and the item follows, but it floats instead hit the ground.

He rubs his forehead to ease the pain and the item slowly dropped in front of him. Rayza confused about what just happened, he averts his gaze from the item to the person in front of him.

Her hand is clearly seen, pale as a doll. It controls the item, and when it reaches the ground, her hand back to the robe.

"I don't know what is your reason for accepting this job, but you shouldn't underestimate it."

Of course, Rayza knew this all along, it clearly said on the scroll. Who knew that person, Zoartha really wanted to change. Meanwhile, on the other side, Zoartha who fill the paperwork. Sneezed.

"Achoo!" He rubs his nose with his hand and continued, all his slaves sleep soundly when he came back and he is not in the mood to torture all of them, so he let them be and continued their job.

Rayza get up and grabbed the item on the ground. The person just worried him and it amazed him, and at the same time. Make him very happy. They both are strangers and this person worried him already,

"She must be a kind person."

"Eh?" She asked with a weird tone, heard his word. Rayza confused too, why she suddenly said a weird that felt like she could hear his mind.

"Did I just said it out loud?"

She nods, and he panicked.

"Uhm, no. I don't mean it in a bad way. It just a person like you is really rare in this world." He scratched his hair. She giggled heard his panic words.

"It's okay, people say that a lot to me"

Rayza turned his head from the ground to her face, she could only saw her thin lips, smiling, and it is the brightest smile he has ever seen. Just then.

He saw the ground glowing, through the cracks. She stands below it, he ran to her and quickly shoved her away.


He flew to the air for a few meters before stops in mid-air, the person who just got her ass saved, immediately activate wind magic to slowly put him down.

After that, she performs healing magic at him, and she surprised after saw his body. His consciousness is gone but his body doesn't show any kind of injury, his light armor broke badly, but his body is fine!

"What's going on?" She said and noticed something glowed behind his red vest. She checked it out and finds out what the cause.

The item reacts to his body, and let out a glow, she surprised cause she indeed knew what kind of item this is.

"Impossible, this can't be."