9 Returned

They sat down on the dining table to have breakfast sharp at eight in the morning .The table was silent and the mood was awkward .Dr Yun took a bite and smiled ."it's really delicious ".Kim Shin took a deep breath "See I told you ,I am great at cooking "said he boasting .

"But ,still you shouldn't have made it ,your hand and leg has not recovered yet"

"Oh no no it's okk , it's my honour making food for such a beauty ".

She smiled and nodded ."He is behaving as if nothing had happened last night ,so he seriously tried to hypnotize me?" thought she .

"Hey ! why aren't you eating ?"asked he but she seemed to be in her own thoughts ,so he took hold of her nose and as soon as he did so ,she came out of her thoughts and shouted "yah ,what are you doing ?"

"You weren't listening and so I did my best to wake you up from sleeping " said he losing the grip of her nose. She smiled and nodded again.She moved her chopsticks to hold of a carrot but he intruded and said "Ahh you don't like that ..." .

Dr Yun raised her eyebrows and asked "how can you say ?"

He seemed stunned for a moment and then replied ,"I just thought so ..I mean I don't like that...how can anyone eat that ".

It looked a bit strange but she didn't ask anything .She checked the time on her phone and left saying that she needs to hurry for a surgery .All day long she kept on thinking about him as if she was his lover but no she was not.She thought of diverting her mind and so concentrated more of her patients but in the lunch time his thought again came into her mind .She dabbed her head on the table .Now there were no more surgery today ,how was she going to divert her mind . Meanwhile a doctor sitting on the side table came near her asked "what happened Dr Yun ,you look unwell today ?

She lit up her head and looked as if a ghost had come out of a body and said "ohh  nothing Dr Edward ,just a bit tired ,you tell what happened ".

"Actually ,I have a favour to ask you , don't know if you'll agree of not "

"Oh ,just tell me what ?".

She still looked like a ghost .

"Nothing just that I am somewhat busy tonight ,and I have a patient called Adson..so if you don't mind .."

"But how can a surgeon help you .."

"No it's just that ,the person is in depression ,you just need to talk to him for sometime ...you know I deal with mental patients ".

At first she thought of refusing but then thought of it to divert herself and said yes.

"Also don't meet him in the hospital …"

"But why ?"she asked .

"You should take in to a social place ,so that he could recover faster ".

Later she took the patient to a nearby cafe and passed some time their.

But while heading back home she observed a familiar car parked in the side road  but couldn't recognise it . After a second a man in black came out and headed towards her .

"Mam ,your car is ready "said that man in black .

She turned a back to see if he was talking to her only and then replied "M..m..my,car ?".

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"Yes ,our boss has ordered us to bring you as soon as possible in the evening"

"Your boss..?"

"Yes ,Mr Kim Shin "

"He ..but I already made it clear to him that to to interfere in my personal life "

"We don't know about that stuff mam ,but we just have to take you home in any case "

She sat angrily inside the car with two other men in black sitting on each side of her .At first it felt awkward but after giving the world's most abusive words to Kim Shin  ,she felt a little relieved .

She jumped out of the car as soon as she arrived and went straight into the house ,where Kim Shin had just come out of his shower wearing a white towel.

"Ohh ,you returned ?"