6 I have conditions

As soon as Kim Shin opened his eyes he found himself lying on the bed with plaster on his hand and leg.

"Oh God ,again injured ,this girl is going to murder me soon, there would be a day when the love story will revolve around the girl protagonist only because all the male protagonist would be like me only" he said to himself .

Meanwhile a nurse reported Dr Yun that her patient as gained conscious and after 2 minuted 30 seconds she found herself in Kim Shin 's room. She don't know ,what made her so anxious ? why she was so worried that he left the previous patient with a word and ran towards Kim Shin?She was confused to hell while he was lying in the bed doing nothing .

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" So you came running to see me , I might have looked heroic while saving you " said he after seeing her in his room just after 2 min of his gaining consciousness.

"Oh come on ,I was just standing in the corridor while I heard about you " lied Dr Yun.

" So you came running from the corridor ,ooohh I see" said he as if knowing the secret.

" How's your injury "she said changing the topic" it might have been a pain again lying in the hospital bed right" she said .

" I don't consider it that bad after all I have a beautiful doctor treating me " flirted he .

" Oh really then this beautiful doctor has something to ask you ?"

" The answer would be on your in your hand jmiss "he replied .

She asked the nurse to leave .

" Oh is it something personal ,it's fine ,nurse you should go, we need some private time" he Said blushing to the nurse while she was leaving.

" Of Course it is something personal mr."she said sarcastically.

" So what is it ? Don't feel shy ,you can tell or ask me anything miss?" said he.

" Looks like you are very desperate to answer..so tell me how did you save me , I remember I saw you standing on the top stair ,so how and when did you come down to save me."asked she .

" I was down there only , maybe you saw someone else" replied he.

But I don't think so thought she.

" So now are your ready to be my personal doctor ?..I mean while saving you only I got my hand and leg fractured.. don't you think you repay me."said he changing the topic.

" Fine ,I will be but .."

"Really all your buts are accepted here…" he said excitedly.

"I have some conditions."

This is the only way I can find who this man is thought she.

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