"So , you're saying that you seriously went to a physcatrist ,after seeing him disappear in front of you" laughed Soo Ahh 's friend,Suzy at her.

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"So what would I have done ?...I tried so hard not to think of him but he kept coming in my head. And so I went to the physcatrist."replied Soo Ahh.

"So what did the doctor said ?"asked Suzy.

" Same as you said that I might be suffering from work stress"said Soo Ahh.

"You ,tell me in detail what exactly happened "asked Suzy.

"So listen "


On the night of new year ,I was working in the hospital and came across a patient who had an injury on his head ,he introduced himself as Kim Shin ,so as a doctor I first stitched his wound and then suggested him bedrest for at least 24 hours ,but suddenly a nurse called for me and and the moment I looked back to see him ,she wasn't there ,that thought he might have gone.

Then the second time I saw him was in the lift of the hospital ,where he picked a phone call ,he seemed shocked by something and suddenly disappeared in front of my own eyes, at first I thought that I might be anemic and even eat double the meal I usually eat ,but this didn't stop.

The third time I saw him was at the bus stand ,but this time I shouted his name to confirm and even moved my hand towards him to touch ,but suddenly he said don't and as usual HE AGAIN DISAPPEARED.

" So that is what really happened, so...what do you say ?" Said Soo Ahh sipping her 3rd bottle of beer.

"I think you seriously are stressed ,you should take a break from work ...hey aren't you drinking too much ?"said Suzy .

"It's fine let's go home" soo Ahh recommend.

They both got out of the bar and parted their ways to their home ,but while walking down the streets ,she comes across two guys who grabbed her hand and tried to put her inside the car beside him.

" Hey ..what are you trying to do …some one help" she shouted as loud as she could and as soon as she asked for help Kim Shin came in front of him and punched on of the two guys .

"Don't dare to touch her , otherwise you would be responsible for your condition " said he with fire in his eyes as if hey going to murder both of them with is two eyes.

"You might protect her now but what will you do in future ,when you can't even you her " said one of the guys and went away.

The Doctor being drunk couldn't understand the situation and moved forward to grab his hand and as soon as he says don't she faints.

The next  morning when she wakes up ,she thought that it might be a dream and went to take a bath but when she came back rapped in the towel she finds him sitting on his bed and staring on her bra and underwear, she suddenly shouts in shock .He first moved his eyes up to look at her but after seeing the situation uncertain turns over to the wall ,says "Are .. are you alright ? has your  hangover down now Ms.?"

" wh...Who are u ? How can u disappear ? Are you a ghost..Or an alien ..Or supper human ...? Or..."

And suddenly her towel just slips 

"ohh...Stop ..A ..a ..At least put some clothes on ."said Kim Shin still facing to the wall.

"oh !!..... I'll just come in 2 mins....And yah  DON'T DISAPPEAR!!"

The next minute she comes back and finds that no one was there in the room . Suddenly the man appeared in front of her eyes.

"Omoo...you scared me ..where have you gone ?are you a demon or a vempire or alien ..like most of the TV dramas talk about." she said excitedly.

"shut it " said he .

let me see is  she really the one I m looking for ?he thought stairing her up to down .

"see, if you really like me then say it at once , don't beat around the bush ... I'll really not mind if my boyfriend is a vampire or an alien ." Soo Ahh said in attitude.

 "come with me " he said .

" b..but...wh...where ?Are we going on a date ..I can't go like this " she exclaimed .

The man holds her hand and the second Soo Ahh finds herself standing about 3000feet above the sea level .She holds the man's hand tightly and tries to look down . Suddenly the man disappeared and the invisible platform vanishes and Soo Ahh starts falling from the height of 3000 feet ...

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