7 "You"

"So what is that you wish for , miss ?"asked Kim Shin.

" First ,I will still work in the hospital as per my schedule,

Second, you are not allowed to disturb me during my working hours until and unless there is something serious,

Third , I don't need a pay ,since I 'm provided by hospital,

If you can do that then I'm fine " said she .

Kim Shin took out his phone kept inside his pocket and called his secretary and said " You come over and help Dr Yun to pack her belongings , then send her to my house" and hanged up the call.

" Hey..hey …that's too much ..I didn't say that I'll live with you" said she.

" But that was not a condition "..

"But you never mentioned that I have to live in your house"

"Of course , otherwise how can you treat me ..I mean you are always busy at the hospital , and what if something happened to me when you are not nearby ..you know I can't risk my life ..I am such an important person ."

"But only till you're cured"

" Yah only till I am FULLY cured" said he while giving a sarcastic smile.

Half an hour later

Dr .Yun entered a huge mansion which she couldn't even imagine.

"Your room is just next to me ,ok" said  Kim Shin.

Dr Yun said nothing and went towards the room next to the living room.

" Dr Yun you really are desperate, " said Kim Shin.

" What? Is there anything more" asked she.

" No , just that it's my room , you sure can come in whenever you want " he said , smiling .

" No, I am fine in my own room ".

Dr Yun took a shower and went in her bed for a beauty sleep.

" A woman dressed in pearl white gown , smiling like a goddess , eyes with a slight blue hue running behind a man , consumed with all the happiness of the world , then in the next scene , a drop of tear falls from the edge of her blue eyes ,a knife in her hand and the next moment she stabbed the knife on her stomach" and she woke up from shivering .

" What a horrible dream " she said to herself .

She moved her hand in search of water but couldn't find it , then stood up to get it from kitchen .But while crossing the living room she noticed a  bright light coming from Kim Shin 's room ,she rubbed her eyes to confirm if is dreaming ,but it doesn't seemed to be one.

She took small  steps towards his room and instead of entering inside decided to peek .She saw Kim Shin standing with absolutely no injury , he was holding a ball of fire in his hand. But as she tried to peek forward , like in any other drama the vase kept at the side fell down making a loud noise ,and as soon as Kim Shin heard the noise,he turned towards her .His eyes were like burning fire ,he looked no longer like a man who would play around girls rather he looked more like a man full of anger with burning snow in his eyes.

" You "

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