Do You Want To Play A Game? Book

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Do You Want To Play A Game?


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Heyyyy why you reading this synopsis, you want to find out what the book is about? Ok since you went through the effort of clicking this I'll give you a clue. OPEN UP THE D*MN BOOK AND READ IT!!! HA HA HA #YouHaveBeenTrolled On a serious note, this is a story dedicated to all players who enjoy Toram Online or any other similar MMORPG's. Hopefully this series will [ENTICE] get you interested in the game so that you can join the community and also be part of these stories! We hope to see you inside the book!! In more ways than one!!! DISCLAIMER NOTICE:All character(s) and situation(s) portrayed within the story are 100% fictional. Any similarities shown to a character or situation is non-coincidental with the agreement of the said player. There will be many instances where similarities portrayed within the story may resemble characters or situations, this is purely coincidental. Please do not take this as my story as this is a work of fiction. Some character(s) and situation(s) will have an essence of truth relative to my experiences but altered to suit the target demographic. This should not be used as a valid form of proof. If you do wish to be part of the story, please inform me (author) directly. All character(s) mentioned will be done in a first come, first serve basis unless otherwise stated. Excluding any special cases, they will be handled with extra attention.

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