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Do you feel it?


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"Does it matter what people think of me or not? Do all people wears masks to hide the face beneath? Well I'm no different anyways. Shigo occasionally thinks about these kind of thoughts, not really knowing the meaning of it. Shigo dark haired, quite tall, well-built high school student. Follow the story if this boy in search of his emotion and his real face, maybe he had it all along? But one day, something changed it wasn't just another day for him, because he met a girl, someone who intrigued Shigo.. Note: I'm quite new to this, but I've always wanted to try and write, yet I feel I won't get any better if I only think about it, so I've decided to try and write a story here adding a chapter every couple of days (at least try) I'm doing this for feedback what I could be doing better and to try and be better overall. Feel free to critise and leave feedback! Hope you enjoy! :)


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