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DLT is a popular web novel written by the author ExChaser, covering FANTASY, ISEKAI, ROMANCE, MAGIC, GAME-ELEMENTS, ACTION-ADVENTURE, OVERPOWERD MC, FUN, DEMON LORD, NPC, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 69.3K readers with an average rating of 3.87/5 and 11 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 1 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


[DELETED] I wanted to remake the story from scratch. The novel will be under the same name again! Transfer Into NPC World

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Hai! The Author Of The Novel Here! I'm hoping that you enjoy reading my novel! I also suggest you read from chapter 20 as the previous chapter is not that great. I'm sorry for all the mistakes/story not good enough as I still strive to be a better writer.


Hmmmm, first of nice storyline, it is another gamin world and a future tale. The MC feels intrigued by the search of the blue flower and continues playing the game, but also because he fell in love with a NPC. Would like yo see how the novel progresses. Also author should work on the grammatical errors and update from time to time. You sure would get more reads and comments on your book that way. Good luck.


The writing is a little bit messy, but the story has a lot potential. It is interesting how this novel challenges the boundaries of what means to be in love, as the MC, Arias already liked that NPC even before she became sentient. A little tip that just might help. Try to write smaller and more concise paragraphs. This will help the reader not to get lost as he or she reads your texts.


Nice synopsis, enjoying the story so far......... For those who love a gaming world novel, well this is it. Hop on and come have a good read. Good one author.


So far so good, I really like the story! I notice there been some kind of grammar error but I think it's fine as long the Author keep improving!... Good Luck With The Novels


Cool story and a nice plot, I can give you that. My only issue are the grammatical errors found on almost every page, I highly suggest Grammarly to correct most of that or maybe a rewrite. Anyways, I was intrigued by the storyline, where MC decided that he wants to be among the NPC so he would be reunited with his lover, only to be utterly crushed, hehe. Just fix the grammar and it's a 5 for me.


This novel has a very interesting setting and is a unique spin on the gamin novels. The first person point of view is also good as we get to feel with the MC more. Looking forward to reading more.


Although I'm not much into gaming, but this novel intrigued me. I like it. Talking about the main character, so far, he seems so interesting. Hoping to see this story develop more. Thumbs up to the Author. Keep going....


I could see that the author finally update this novel after leaving it for a few months.. The story is quite nice and I just hope that the author continue to update it daily 😊


I liked the story. People who are interested in the theme of another world should enjoy it but what probably make this novel not popular was the author rarely update it. Also, the way of the author write this novel was not that good. Sometimes it can be quite hard to immerse myself to the story as the author could not write the situation as it should. I not mean to hurt the author but this is my honest review.




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