63 War for Survival 9

Zhang Yi did not even tell Lusserina, but his plan would have worked well when the dark elves began fighting the forest elves, Zhang Yi knew that the elf king of the forest would send many people to the city where the great tree.

But the king of the elves could not completely ignore the four cities attacked by the dark elves, because the king could not be sure if this attack would stop after dominating the 10 cities or would try to dominate some more.

In addition, the king would have to remove the common elves from the city of the great tree so that they would not accidentally die, so even if the king leaves some elves to bring care of the tree, Zhang Yi could just kill those elves quickly and get the treasure if was discovered.

Because even if that happened the forest elves could not stop fighting the dark elves to go back and protect the tree, and even if they returned they would only be slaughtered by Zhang Yi and the dark elves, so the city would be taken.

So Zhang Yi's plan worked out when Falael agreed to the plan, so they rested for one night. Falael divided his force in two, he sent 30 dark elves from the core creation realm that were led by Nuala and 1,000 more realm Xiantian with them.

All the other dark elves would go with Falael and go together to attack the four cities, Falael decided that instead of dividing his army in 4 he could only attack each city with all the force, so if the king did not respond they would dominate much more of them than the 4 cities.

Zhang Yi was pleased with this, he was with the more than a thousand dark elves, Lusserina was with them, but Zhang Yi made her promise that he would just be watching and would not fight Zhang Yi also gave his sword restored to her and also made an armor.

So Lusserina had a sword and armor rank coper even Nuala had a little envy of the gifts of Zhang Yi, Zhang Yi knew that Lusserina could get involved with the fight, but with this sword and armor, she could defend herself from up to two opponents of the realm core creation for a while.

If it came to that point Zhang Yi was sure that someone would help her, and in the latter case he could give up the treasure to help her after they went to the city where the big tree stood Zhang Yi used his mental energy to choose the paths in which they would not be discovered.

When there was no easy way Zhang Yi chose the path that had fewer opponents and attacked, none of these cities on the way to the city of the great tree had a realm creation warrior core or thousand soldiers of the Xiantian realm, so their victory was in question minutes.

Nuala and the soldiers were impressed by Zhang Yi's abilities, mainly because whenever he struck the spear 4 enemies would die, and Zhang Yi always chose the strongest to kill.

After another two weeks they arrived at the city of the divine tree, Zhang Yi realized that he had much fewer warriors than the last time, but all were of the realm Xiantian at least, had 22 kernel creation realm and 600 realm Xiantian warriors, so they could even win now.

But everyone knew that within a few minutes that this city was attacked, more reinforcements would arrive, some of the warriors must have gone to the border where Falael is attacking, so Zhang Yi met with Nuala and told her the number of the enemies, the secret was to kill all the warriors of the realm creation of the nucleus, then they would kill the warriors of the Xiantian realm.

After all the armor that Zhang Yi did for the soldiers could easily defend themselves against dozens of blows from warriors of the same level, and they would be in numerical advantage, so when the reinforcements arrive they could defend themselves for longer.

Zhang Yi knew that they could not send 30 more realm creation kernel warriors, but they would send thousands of Xiantian realm warriors, so they would have to eliminate all 22 realm creation kernel warriors to get more time.

Nuala and everyone agreed with this, but Zhang Yi knew they would have no advantage over the weapons and armor of the enemies because even if they did not have many forest elves they should have at least core rank weapons for the realm's creation warriors core.

But Zhang Yi was confident that they could do this because he was present, Zhang Yi could in a few minutes kill 15 elves from the realm core creation, now that he had 30 realm warriors setting up the nucleus on his side, kill 22 enemies with this force should not be difficult.

Thus Zhang Yi was first alone to ambush, then he the other dark elves would enter the fight, Zhang Yi cleverly hid his presence when entering the city and took his spear in the hands, Zhang Yi used the invested dragon technique to have three times more strength in their next attacks.

Zhang Yi also used the essence of the flame of the Phoenix and approached the enemies, without hesitation he used the feather rain technique and quickly killed 4 realm creation warriors of the core when the enemies realized Zhang Yi he had already approached 8 more elves of the forest.

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So Zhang Yi used the divine sacred domain technique in the area where the 8 enemies were, so he activated the technique Zhang Yi can realize that it was much stronger than what he used before, not only had his aura of slaughter, element earth and mental energy as well as the other 7 elements he had greater dominance.

In addition, mental and qi energy consumption was much lower, so he was impressed by how strong was this divine technique, but in fact, this was not even a formidable technique for other growers, but Zhang Yi was much stronger.

He had learned 8 elements, the aura of slaughter and mental energy, few could do this even after thousands of years of training when he used this technique the 8 forest elves felt they had fallen into hell.

Different from before they could not even scream to express their fear, as the divine technique was more efficient the aura of the slaughter merged perfectly with the mental energy and the element of lightning, fire, and metal invaded the minds of the enemies.

So they were weak by more than 60 percent, and that because they were two realms stronger than Zhang Yi, if they were weaker they could have died immediately, to Zhang Yi their domain was very beneficial, the elements wood, water, and land increased their defense and resilience.

So Zhang Yi increased his dominance to cover 4 more enemy elves, then he used the feather rain technique three times to kill his 12 enemies with one blow each, the dark elves that slay that attack only 6 enemies now killed them easily with 8 elves dark ones attacking each one.

Meanwhile, they looked at the domain of Zhang Yi who had no more enemies alive and thought why they had worked so hard in this war so far if all of them who were here were now attacking the king of the forest elves they would win.

But no one had the courage to suggest this to Zhang Yi, Nuala was shaking as she tried to avoid looking at Zhang Yi, she thought how lucky she was not to die in seconds when she thought of attacking him.

After all the elves of the forest of the realm creation of the nucleus had died they began to attack the warriors of the enemy Xiantian realm, Zhang Yi kept his domain and just entered the middle of the enemies, Zhang Yi needed to just swing his spear to kill several enemies by blow

Thus the dark elves tied the enemies also with the highest morale, in a few minutes all the enemies had been killed, as they were fast it would take a long time for the reinforcements of the forest elves to arrive, so everyone stayed around the place where the big tree waiting for the real fight to begin.

Zhang Yi knew that his time was precious and quickly moved away from the rest of the group, in a few moments he found the place where he planned to dig the tunnel, so he used his spear and quickly dug a hole, then he used his mental energy to put an illusion that the land had not been dug.

So he used his spear and began to form a tunnel toward the natural treasure, as he thought to come to that place his mental energy had become more restricted if he tried to get here hidden the enemy would discover it now.

But this showed that this place was isolated, that is to say, that it was the perfect place to go through his celestial tribulation, he walked quickly to the place where the treasure was, Zhang Yi had noticed before, but this third treasure was a natural treasure of the element wood.

This was the last of the 5 main elements that Zhang Yi had less affinity, if he took that treasure he would look good on all 5 elements when he arrived at the place where the treasure was Zhang Yi finally saw what it was.

It was a seed, besides having a very strong wood element, it seemed to have a sacred aura too, Zhang Yi did not know what this seed was, but he realized that incredible as it may seem he did not have a conscience yet, even having absorbed so much spiritual energy and almost destroyed the elves had not even grown.

But that was better for Zhang Yi, that way there would be no danger for him to absorb this treasure, so he approached and still careful he used his mental energy to pick up and absorb the seed.

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