62 War for Survival 8

In fact, it should take at least until the sixth realm of mental energy for a cultivator to bring people into their world of mental energy, but Zhang Yi who had a perfectly balanced world could do this a realm before.

But he had no intention of bringing Lusserina into this world before he was sure that she could be completely safe, moreover, he had plenty of time before he could rise to the divine plan, so he had time to raise his cultivation of mental energy much more.

What was more impressive was that he could reach the initial layer of the fifth realm in body refinement, he went through almost two realms above his qi cultivation, so he was quite sure he could go through the next tribulation even if he did not use any spears or barriers with only your body.

Of course, he would be hurt if he did this, but that gave him great security, but if nothing happened he would have to wait a few more months to be able to normally cultivate body refinement if he tried to cultivate now it would take 8 months to climb a layer. which was a waste of time.

So it was better than he expected his mental energy to reach the fifth realm as well which should take 8 months as well, now he was totally confident that he could beat someone from the realm core revolution without getting hurt even before going through the tribulation.

Now he would just have to wait for the time to pass and the war advance, it was better if he did not get involved with it, because if the war was to advance thousands of dark elves would die for it, Lusserina who could grow near Zhang Yi with energy of the spiritual stones she was ever closer to the realm of the creation of the nucleus.

Even so, she could not feel it when Zhang Yi stepped forward once in those months, but she could instinctively feel that he had grown stronger, but she could not know how someone so strong could improve so fast.

She could never imagine that it was because Zhang Yi had lesser cultivation than hers before, now this was no longer so true because her body refinement had reached the fifth realm and Lusserina had not yet come to realm core creation.

Even if it is only with the cultivation of Zhang Yi qi could make many advances before Lusserina reached the next realm, and thus two more months passed, Falael had already conquered 3 more cities for the dark elves.

So the elves managed to conquer 6 cities by now and after the dark elves received the swords and armor that Zhang Yi did, none of them had died in the front lines, so Falael began to find it strange why the elven king of the forest did not send the elves of the realm Xiantian.

This was not good news for either of the races' representatives, Falael wanted to conquer more cities, but if the forest elves did not send their troops stronger then Falael's plan of attack would be compromised.

He wanted to kill several elves of the Xiantian realm and some of the realm creation of the nucleus before mastering the tenth city, so he could launch a full war, but he did not expect the forest elf king to be so cautious and did not send his troops any more strong.

The elf king of the forest was also angry, he did not dare to send his strongest warriors, nor did he expect any of the dark elves to die in those two months, so he realized that Falael might be planning something attacking so slowly.

The elf king of the forest thought that even if they lost some cities, Falael would not be able to attack the better-protected cities without losing many men.

Zhang Yi felt that his moment had finally come as if he knew the full strengths of both sides knew what the two sides were planning, but Falael did not know that he now had the strength to win this war even without traps.

Zhang Yi also did not want a total war and thought that it was the time of his plan before one of the two sides made another move, he would take all the elves of the realm creation of the core and half of the Xiantian realm elves to attack the city where he was the tree and the treasure.

At the same time, the other half of the dark elves of the Xiantian realm along with all the other warriors and Falael would attack the last 4 cities at the same time, as the elf king of the forest will not know how the forces were divided he would have to divide his forces.

But for the elven king of the forest, the tree is more important than the city, so he would send most of the force to defend the tree, so Falael and the elves would retreat and the elves who attacked the city would try to buy time.

So the area near the town would be unprotected so that Zhang Yi goes through an underground tunnel after Zhang Yi takes the treasure the war ends because if necessary after going through the tribulation Zhang Yi will kill the elf leaders from the forest to end the war.

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Having decided that Zhang Yi went with Lusserina to the city of the dark elves, Zhang Yi was in a hurry then loaded Lusserina while using all his speed using the divine technique to reach the city in a week.

Seeing this Lusserina was sure now that Zhang Yi was someone of a very real realm since not even his father can cover that distance in a week and still carrying somebody when Zhang Yi arrived at the city he waited in the house of Lusserina and she went to call Falael.

Zhang Yi knew this might be disrespectful, but he suspected there might be a spy near Falael, and this news can not fail.

As Falael owed a great favor to Zhang Yi because of the weapons he agreed to go to Lusserina's house alone and in secret.

"Hello Falael, it's a pleasure to finally meet you."

"It's my pleasure, I'd like to apologize again for what my sister did for you, I'm glad you seem to be very close to Lusserina."

"All right then, let me get right to the point, I know you plan to ambush the higher realm warriors to try to win the war, but it seems the king does not want to do it his way, I also have a mission to do on the side of the forest elves so I want your help."

"What mission is that?"

"That you do not need to know, but if I get what I want I'll help you win this war after that."

Falael was silent for a while, he knew that Zhang Yi should be very strong, but he did not know how strong he was, but even if it was not for his strength Falael knew that Zhang Yi could create rank copper weapons or maybe a rank higher than that.

And only ten rank copper swords or ten copper rank armor could secure his victory in this war, so he decided it would be worth it if he did not have to sacrifice many men.

"Fine, if you tell me what I need to do I'll take it."

So Zhang Yi told his plan to Falael, but he did not say he needed to take the treasure and only said he needed to enter the city, Falael thought it was a viable plan and even if it did not work, he would not lose any of his soldiers and still king of the forest elves to send his warriors stronger for war.

"I think we can do this when you plan to do this?"

"As soon as possible, I think we can even start moving forward today so we can get there faster."

"Today is impossible, I need to organize all the soldiers before, but I think in a week is possible."

"It'll be in a week then."

As soon as they were separated Falael began to organize everything so that the plan was certain, although he said a week would be too busy to organize everything, he had a feeling that Zhang Yi spoke the truth and that as soon as this plan works out the war will end.

As even he can not feel the cultivation of Zhang Yi, Falael began to be afraid, he already knew that Zhang Yi should not be hiding his cultivation, which meant that Zhang Yi was stronger than him.

If it were someone stronger than he would be enough to end this war, and Zhang Yi could also make the weapons so he was very good for an ally and lousy for an enemy, you could see how the elf king of the forest was suffering.

As promised by Falael in a week all the dark elf warriors set out for the elf territory of the forest, but as Zhang Yi expected the march was very slow, after another 3 weeks they arrived at the place that Zhang Yi disguised himself to enter in the territory of the forest elves.

But now this city had been dominated by the dark elves, Zhang Yi could feel his slaughter instinct manifesting within him, many forest elves must have died in that place, thereafter all the way to the sixth city dominated by the dark elves in the war, Zhang Yi felt that many died in this war.

But thanks to this he could feel that the spiritual energy was much more abundant than before in the atmosphere, even so, Zhang Yi could not feel happy about it, so he was determined to take this natural treasure in every way to prevent this war meaninglessly.

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