61 War for Survival 7

When the enemies discovered the presence of Zhang Yi the four warriors of the realm creation of the nucleus were dead, with his Divine technique - invested the dragon each of his blows was 3 times stronger, with the enemy without defense was death for sure.

So the forest elves were furious, but Zhang Yi did not care, as this would be a difficult fight even with his maximum strength he had to use his technique that spent a lot of spiritual energy more was the most useful for such situations.

It was his field of aura, his intention of the slaughter that had taken millions of lives along with its earth element and its mental energy made the force of all its enemies weaken while increasing gravity for the enemies.

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Zhang Yi had never used this technique in humans, only in wild beasts so he did not know how effective it could be, the elves froze in fear and began to scream as if their minds had been pierced with thousands of needles.

This was caused by the fusion of mental energy with the intent of the heavy slaughter, Zhang Yi wasted no time and again used his Divine technique - invested by the dragon and then the Divine technique - feather rain killing four more enemies.

After Zhang Yi felt he could fight the remaining 8 and stopped using the Divine technique - invested by the dragon that used a lot of spiritual energy, so he attacked again with the rain of feathers and 2 more elves who receive two blows each died.

When the elves regained their senses they discovered that 6 more comrades had been killed and started to be scared, after all, they knew that not even a realm warrior's core warriors could do this so easily, this means that Zhang Yi should be stronger than that.

But they did not understand why such a strong opponent had not yet attacked the king and was wasting time, so they were eventually sent to death, even if Zhang Yi removed his disguise they would not believe their enemy had a cultivation that had not even reached the realm Xiantian.

Zhang Yi was such a talent that he should not exist and so was exiled to the land, this would be the most accurate assessment of Zhang Yi, but to his enemies he was death.

Zhang Yi took advantage of his enemies who were scared and used once again the feather rain technique to kill two enemies, usually, these two could defend themselves, but they were within the aura field of Zhang Yi and were greatly affected by this.

When there were only four left he had to withdraw his aura field because his spiritual energy that was much smaller than his mental energy was ending, but his enemies thought that Zhang Yi was just playing with them.

Since they believed that Zhang Yi had a much greater realm than they could not possibly believe that the enemy's spiritual energy was ending, so the four looked at each other and began to escape to four different corners.

Seeing this, Zhang Yi smiled, which made things much easier for him, first, he ran after what was going toward the allied villages, in a few moments with his technique of movement he came close to the enemy and used the feather rain technique to kill him.

After he did this when he reached his enemies in the four directions, it was impossible for them to flee because of his large area of ​​mental energy detection, it was as if Zhang Yi was following behind them with radar.

After hearing that his first mate was quickly killed the others did not hesitate to burn their cultivation to be able to achieve a higher speed, so he saw this Zhang Yi went more slowly behind them.

Seeing that they could flee so they continued to burn their cultivation when Zhang Yi reached the last cultivation of that was already in the Xiantian realm again, so Zhang Yi did not even need to use any techniques to kill him.

This time he did not have to question anyone, so he could just get over it quickly, after the fight he thought would be difficult ended easily he began to wonder why this happened.

His aura field worked better than he expected against humans, even if his cultivation were much larger than his when he saw how effective he was he thought he could train a divine technique he'd ignored so far.

It was the Divine technique - sacred domain: You can use whatever elements or laws you understand to create a domain where you get stronger and faster and your enemy gets weaker and slower, can be used on opponents with up to two realms greater than the user of the technique.

Although having a very beautiful name if used with his intention of slaughter would become another domain of hell, but as it was a divine technique should be much more effective than this technique he used.

He needed a little more than a month to master the initial rank of this technique and another 3 months to advance his cultivation, as he saw that the dark elves were taking their time to increase the intensity of the war, Zhang Yi thought he would have time more than enough to increase its cultivation.

Moreover, the elven king would have to wait at least two months to make sure he lost all his men, and Zhang Yi thought the king would not dare send anyone else behind him if Falael knew that the elf king of the forest had lost 20 of the realm elves core creation he would probably choose to attack now.

But Zhang Yi was in no hurry to finish this mission, he knew that with his strength he could take that third treasure at any moment, but the longer he spent the stronger he became and the easier the mission became.

After returning home Zhang Yi took Lusserina in his arms and took her up to the bedroom and slept hugged to his when Lusserina woke the other day she was scared because she realized that Zhang Yi had done something for her but when she saw that he slept quietly beside her, she relaxed.

Lusserina was afraid that Zhang Yi would go away or end up dead while she slept, but it turned out that it had not been anything serious, of course, if she knew that he fought alone against 15 elves of the realm core creation she would realize the danger he went through.

After more than a month Zhang Yi managed to reach the initial layer of the divine sacred domain technique, meanwhile the dark elves had already conquered two cities and were in the midst of conquering the third since this war began the elven king had not yet confirmation of what happened to the 15 elves he sent to kill Zhang Yi.

Even so, he was struck by the fact that the dark elves were close to dominating the third city, the elf king of the forest was willing to abandon up to 10 cities if he were the winner of the war in the end, but the king was worried about Zhang Yi and by the reports of the war so far is his side that has more deaths.

If so, the dark elves will still have many strengths after dominating the 10 cities and the king's plan would not work, the king did not know that Falael was aware of the king's plans and was also preparing a trap.

After more than a month the king finally discovered that his men had been killed in this mission, the king was shocked and was scared that this happened for the 15 elves of the real creation of the nucleus to have died without nobody to know none of this and none of the To get away, he did not know what had happened.

The king thought that this would only be possible if his men were surrounded by three enemies each or if Falael himself was in this fight, but it is impossible that Falael sent so many people or was personally to protect a blacksmith.

But no matter what happened, the king dared not send anyone else behind Zhang Yi, and the king would have to take as long as possible to allow this war to intensify only after many of the dark elves' side died that he could have the realm Xiantian warriors.

So everything turned out the best way possible for Zhang Yi, both sides wanted the war to delay, Falael wanted to conquer as many cities as possible before the war intensified, and the elf king of the forest wanted more dark elves to die to have more advantage in the future.

The one who earned most from this was Zhang Yi who could increase his strength and after Falael conquered more cities would be the perfect time to attack the city that had the giant tree and the third treasure under it, so Zhang Yi could sneak down the tree and absorb the third treasure.

After that he could go through the celestial tribulation and advance to the Xiantian realm, then he would fight as many elves as necessary, at least he knew that the dark elves had the advantage in this fight and would be on their side.

After all, if the giant tree were destroyed the morals of the forest elves would fall to the lowest possible point, so Zhang Yi could catch Lusserina and leave that world at any time too, so he could fulfill both voice desires at once.

After another month of cultivation Zhang Yi finally advanced another layer in his cultivation of mental energy, he reached the supreme layer of the four realm of mental energy, now he was to two layers of reaching the fifth realm of mental energy and begin to have the possibility of bringing people into their world of mental energy.

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