60 War for Survival 6

Zhang Yi really did it without intention to hurt Lusserina, after training more than 300 years alone although not remembering all this, doing things all alone without having to worry about anyone became part of the personality of Zhang Yi.

Moreover, as he had said he would return for her after completing his mission, Zhang Yi thought he had made it clear what he felt for Lusserina, he planned to take her with him since that time.


In the capital of the forest elf kingdoms, Forest Elven King Gantar Virmaer was with an angry expression as he looked at one of his trusty men, a few months ago he asked his right arm to send 5 of the most competent elves into infiltration that they had on a mission.

This mission was to kill a blacksmith who was creating many swords and armor for the dark elves, he did not know exactly how many armaments he was, but he knew they should be more than a thousand.

The king himself thought it absurd that only a blacksmith could make more than a thousand core rank armaments in less than five months, but the king knew that if he was the man of prophecy that the oracle told his daughter it should be very possible.

So he sent 5 elves from the core creation realm to this mission, he never expected that this elite team had been discovered and killed by the dark elves, just as Zhang Yi thought the king never thought it was Zhang Yi who did it alone.

Because in the king's view if Zhang Yi had such strength he could invade the elven kingdom of the forest and kill him easily, even the Oracle did not say how Zhang Yi could save the elves.

"Your Majesty, I am sure we will succeed next time, they must have left people near that blacksmith because he is close to the daughter of the town leader, otherwise we would know of the struggle between so many powerful people."

"But now that we know that we will send more people and we will be sure to complete this mission."

"Very well, even I did not expect the city leader to leave so many people of this force in times of war taking care of a blacksmith, that blacksmith must really be the person I'm thinking."

"Your Majesty really has incredible vision and realized this quickly, how many people are we going to send this time?"

"Send 15 elves, if this is so much of elves even if the leader of the city has left many on guard should be enough, I want to make sure to see that blacksmith dead."

"I think your Majesty is correct, that blacksmith may be the only person who threatens the domination of the forest elves over this whole world, so if that blacksmith dies his majesty reigned forever."

With the king's anger, 15 forest elves of the realm core creation were sent, with this force they could have even chance to attack the town leader, let alone a normal blacksmith, of course, Zhang Yi was not a normal blacksmith.

As the king delayed sending more elves into the attack, Zhang Yi's strength continued to increase, each time Zhang Yi's body refinement increased the strength of his celestial armor technique also increased.

So Zhang Yi continued to cultivate while waiting for the situation in the war to develop into a major conflict after just over 1 month Zhang Yi can master the initial rank of the first level of technique so he could use it whenever he needed to.

A few days later he also learned from some men sent by the town leader that all the swords and armor Zhang Yi had been wearing, but many dark elves were still waiting to go to war.

With the little more than 5,000 elves who already had their swords and armor another of the forest elven towns was almost dominated, another report that made him more relieved is that the elves on the side of the forest were ten times the both of dark dead elves.

All this happened thanks to the swords and armor that Zhang Yi provided, the city leader was very pleased with that, after all everyone knew that many elves had to be killed in this war for others to live, but there was no rule that said these elves did not they could be forest elves instead of dark elves.

This was only unexpected for the elf king of the forest, but the king had sent his 15 elves to kill Zhang Yi until the elves completed their missions he could not send the forest elves that were in the Xiantian realm, because that would take the war to another level.

In fact, this was the strategy of the dark elves, the warriors of the Houtian realm were not showing all their strength in their attacks, because if they attacked with all that had the forest elves die much faster than that, they were holding onto that they could dominate other cities before the war intensified.

Falael knew Gantar very well, the elf king of the forest was very proud, so he must be thinking that when the realm Xiantian elves entered the war they would recover all the cities and so he was not trying very hard to protect the cities.

But that was no longer the truth, the elves on the battlefield would now be enough to attack the Xiantian realm warriors of the forest elves, which Falael is thinking about is in the future when the elves of core creation enter the war.

Falael had already done the tests and discovered that 4 Xiantian realm elves with the swords and armor that Zhang Yi did could fight a realm elf of core creation, so 6 should be more than enough to kill the enemies.

The difficult thing is to be able to do in a way that the elves of the realm of the creation of the nucleus can be surrounded and killed in the war without a chance to flee, if they are behind the walls of the cities of the forest elves it would take many more elves of the realm Xiantian to kill them.

Falael's plan is to end this war at once, but Falael did not know that his adversary had been much more weakened and would be even more so soon after all the 15 elves sent by the king were approaching the allied villages.

They were being much more careful on their way not to be discovered, otherwise, even if they were not killed and could flee their main mission would fail, when they fought against the enemies they already expected in the allied villages they needed to end the fight quickly and kill the blacksmith and then run away.

Zhang Yi was hugged with Lusserina in the room he did while growing, so he could help Lusserina gather spiritual energy as well while doing so they relaxed together, so he would kill three birds with a stone.

While relaxing the forest elves finally entered his field of detection, Zhang Yi began to pay attention to it, he was a bit shocked by the large numbers of elves that the king ordered to kill him.

He saw 15 elves, it was impossible for the king to send anyone below the realm creation of the nucleus after what happened the last time, but from what he knew the elves of the forest should have a little more than 100 elves of the realm of the creation of the nucleus, so these 15 should be a large part of the enemy forces.

Zhang Yi can see when led Lusserina into the city of the dark elves that they had close to 50 elves of the realm of the creation of the core, this was half of those enemies but with the swords and armor he created, Zhang Yi knew that even some elves of the Xiantian realm should be enough to kill a warrior of the realm core creation.

That is to say that even if the dark elves attacked the forest elves even now that Zhang Yi did not help they would defeat their enemies, so Zhang Yi could not understand what was going on in the king's mind to do so.

What Zhang Yi did not understand was that the elf king of the forest never planned to send his men to death, in the king's view these 15 realm creation warriors were more than enough to kill the 'guards of Zhang Yi' who never existed and then kill the blacksmith and still return without any loss.

The king did not know that the difficult part would be to kill the blacksmith since it was Zhang Yi who killed his men before, so Zhang Yi who had already told Lusserina about the last attack knew that if he told her, Lusserina would want to follow him.

So he took advantage of Lusserina's totally low guard and used his mental energy to make her faint, then he moved quickly towards the enemies, when he got closer he was sure that the realm of them was the creation of the nucleus, he too he was sure they were forest elves.

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Zhang Yi who came close enough to see them with their eyes while hiding their presence realized that these 15 elves were walking very slowly while using some technique to diminish their presence, Zhang Yi could laugh if he did not know that the situation was so dangerous.

As his strength had increased the last time his blows would be stronger, so he took the spear in his hands and began to prepare to activate all his powers, he was still hidden even if he was closer to the enemies.

Thus Zhang Yi prepared and first used the Divine technique - invested by the dragon so that his next blow was three times stronger, then he chose the four enemies that seemed to be the strongest and used the Divine technique - feather rain attacking the four at the same time with a blow each.

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