59 War for Survival 5

Zhang Yi came home and just went to sleep Lusserina did not find anything strange and went to sleep also in her room the other day in the morning Zhang Yi was awake and Lusserina came to him close greets him with a kiss, then Zhang Yi said to Lusserina sit down that had something important to say.

"Do you remember when you told me that the oracle once called you and the princess of the forest elves together to find her when the oracle was about to die?"

"Of course I remember, what about that?"

"Yesterday when I went out at night, it was not just for a walk, I had noticed that some elves were approaching from here and I went to see what it was, these strange elves were approaching the village were elves of the flower and had invaded the territory of the elves dark without anyone knowing."

"So I killed these elves and questioned one and discovered that somehow they found out that I had made a lot of armaments and sold them to the city and these weapons would help the dark elves in the war."

So Lusserina who listened to everything, although it was shocked that some forest elves had easily passed into this territory and also discovered such important information so quickly that it should be a secret, she thought it was normal for the forest elves to try to kill Zhang Yi.

"But that's not the most important, when you spoke with the Oracle and the Oracle said about me she told you not to tell your father, did not she?"

"Yes, she said I would have to keep this secret until I met you."

"The oracle must have had a conversation similar to the princess, except that the princess trusted the king very much and told what the oracle had told him."

"So the king was afraid of the betrayal of his daughter and locked her in a dungeon that is guarded and did not just kill her because the queen asked for much for this, but since then the king pays much attention to anything different."

"And just like you the king thinks I am the elf that can destroy him and thus commanded that people of his confidence kill me."

Thus Lusserina realized that this was indeed a very important situation if she suspected that Zhang Yi could be the man of prophecy it is normal for the king who has much more experience than she to think about it too.

When she thought about it she became angry with the people of the city who were careless and let the enemies know about Zhang Yi and also became angry with the princess of the forest elves who was stupid and because of this could put Zhang Yi in danger.

"Now we will have to be more careful when we execute the plan to get the third treasure near the city of the forest elves because the king will probably be paying attention to me."

"This is true, but you do not have to worry about it Zhang Yi, do not take unnecessary risk, in the last case you destroy all that elf town of the forest and get that treasure, after all this is their fault and their king, so you do not have to be sorry anymore."

Zhang Yi agreed with Lusserina, his purpose was to save the elves, but he did not have to forgive all the elves who thought of killing him if the king wanted to get in his way Zhang Yi did not mind destroying a city or two.

After a few weeks, Zhang Yi was almost finished making all the armaments for the dark elves and they received the news that with the new swords and armor the dark elves could conquer the first city.

Zhang Yi was not at all surprised by this, at this stage of the war most of the elves were from the Houtian realm on both sides, with the swords and armor of Zhang Yi these Houtian realm warriors had the strength of a warrior of the Xiantian realm, with almost 5,000 new warriors of the Xiantian realm were impossible for them not to conquer a city.

That was very important because after Zhang Yi handed out another 5,000 swords and 5,000 armors would give to arm all the warriors of the Xiantian realm and much more of the Houtian realm and thus the side of the forest elves would lose their advantage of having more warriors of the Xiantian realm.

Even if tens of thousands of Houtian realm warriors were sent to this war they would only be sent to death because they would not be able to cross the armor that Zhang Yi did, and a realm creation warrior of the nucleus could with a sword of Zhang Yi kill hundreds of opponents.

So what Lusserina said was true, when Zhang Yi entered this war the war would end because even if he was thrown among the 100,000 Houtian realm warriors he would be the one who would come alive after killing everyone because of his body refinement.

And Zhang Yi was thinking of killing some realm warriors creating the elf nucleus of the floret to equal the difference, even the side of the forest elves should have at most 100 warriors of the realm core creation.

And 5 had already died in his hand, Zhang Yi also did not think he would stop there, the king should try to send more people to attack him, Zhang Yi was not afraid of it, he just hoped that none of the realm Nuclear Revolution would come, because although he had confidence in surviving he had no confidence in killing the opponent.

So after a few more days Zhang Yi finally finished making the rest of the 10 thousand swords and 10 thousand armor, the trusted men of the city leader were already prepared to get all the armaments, this time they brought many more men and even carts to carry everything.

After Zhang Yi received the money he had finished his duties, now he had to cultivate for a few more days and increase his strength, then wait for the war to intensify, after that he would try to take the third natural treasure and solve the problem of this world.

Zhang Yi was also a little worried about this princess of the forest elves because if the king decided to arrest her is because she should have thought to help Zhang Yi when he appeared, and as the king was afraid he decided to arrest the princess.

So he decided that he would release the princess after killing the king who irritated him greatly and let her command the elves of the forest after he left the world with Lusserina, in a few years when he returned Zhang Yi was sure that this would be a different world.

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So Zhang Yi concentrated on cultivating, a few days later he reached the advanced layer of mental energy, now the city in his mental energy world was much more complete, he could already see that it would be even larger than the city of dark elves.

Zhang Yi thought it would be very cool if he could enter into this world and bring Lusserina also to come as it is in the future, the fifth and sixth realm of mental energy which would be the equivalent of the realm of core creation and the realm of the core revolution would be the time when spiritual energy would begin to form in the world of your mental energy.

And also cities would be formed and would form a country, after all this happened it would be possible to bring people into the world of mental energy of Zhang Yi, he had to go through this before going to the divine plan, so he could take Lusserina with he himself did not achieve the necessary cultivation.

Of course, their masters never expected the legendary speed of Zhang Yi's growth and even that their mental energy would be so strong in such a short time, so it was all through the efforts of Zhang Yi himself.

Zhang Yi also reached the peak layer of the realm room in body refinement, in another 4 months he could reach the fifth realm in body refinement and thus easily pass through the next two tribulations, it was very difficult to happen something as soon as qi cultivation was left behind.

It means that the fact that Zhang Yi has to go through the celestial tribulations and therefore having to stop cultivating sometimes makes him stronger and stronger, of course, this is only possible with the monstrous talent of Zhang Yi, if it were another grower would have died before reaching this realm.

After getting much stronger Zhang Yi was ready to attack the main city of the forest elves and grab the third treasure, but he had to wait for the war of the dark elves and the forest elves to intensify so he could execute his plan.

So he would have to wait so he would enjoy cultivating and also try to see if he could learn another of his divine techniques that could help in a possible battle against someone else's realm core revolution.

Zhang already knew of a technique that would be perfect for this, it was the Divine technique - invested by the dragon: a stroke in which you can give 3 times your strength in an attack, works best with a spear.

With this attack in conjunction with the feather rain technique he was sure he could kill an opponent of the realm core revolution, this was the strongest technique he had today, he had techniques that would surely be much more useful in the future when his qi was more powerful, but now it depended on other cultivations as well.

Lusserina, of course, wanted this final war to be as late as possible, even if she did not know that Zhang Yi was getting much stronger now, she was still unsure of what would happen once the final battle took place.

After all, although Zhang Yi had already decided to take her when he left this world, he forgot to tell Lusserina that.

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