58 War for Survival 4

After solving everything Lusserina was in a hurry to return to the village and also to near Zhang Yi, after that trip she promised in her heart that she would never again disagree with him for anything, after all, Zhang Yi must have been disappointed that Lusserina did not trust him.

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Along with Lusserina were some of Falael's trusted men who would go to the village to pick up the first armaments so that the dark elves are better prepared for a more difficult war.

Almost two months had passed since Zhang Yi began to make the 10,000 swords and 10,000 armor, a good part of it had already been ready, how to do that was a very easy process for Zhang Yi he also cultivated at that time making armaments.

After all the cultivation for Zhang Yi was now only a matter of time and accumulation of spiritual energy, his mental energy mainly, after creating the atmosphere of his spiritual world he had only to absorb mental energy and thus create the rest of the buildings and complete the city.

For him to create the buildings and houses was the easiest part of his cultivation of mental energy, because he started this process in his first realm, that is to say, that he has done it for 4 years, in a short time he could complete this city if he had enough mental energy.

Body refinement is a much simpler process than this, what prevents cultivators is a pain, but as Zhang Yi feels no pain and still has a talent for it is only a matter of time as well.

The first time Lusserina saw him do this, her heart ached, but as time passed she realized he did not feel pain and got used to it, she was surprised only because she had never heard of body refinement.

This was expected for Zhang Yi after all the elves are so talented with the elements and after the Xiantian realm the laws that it was impossible for them to follow the painful, difficult and expensive path that is usually the body refinement.

Even humans who are not as talented as the elves avoid training with body refinement, but having a body with the hardness of armor and passing more easily through the heavenly tribulations is something they will never experience as well.

Zhang Yi was sure that many elves ended up dying from the realm of mortal tribulation, after all, he saw in a note from his masters that the more talented the more difficult person is the tribulation.

While Zhang Yi was preparing to start making more armaments Lusserina arrived, Zhang Yi had to admit that she had missed Lusserina's as soon as she arrived at his workshop gave him a hug.

"I wanted to apologize for staying that way, I know what you did was right and I should not have doubted you or my feelings."

"It's okay, I expected you to stay that way, and I did not expect anything different after all, it's your family, I hope nothing like that happens again."

"Do not go, I talked to my father and he apologized for what he and my aunt did, he said he did not expect you to be doing so much for the dark elves selling the armaments for such a small price."

"I'm happy, I do not want to fight with your family, I miss you."

When she heard this Lusserina was so happy that she even cried a little, she did not expect that Zhang Yi who was usually so hard could say something so emotional, so she was happy to have made that trip.

So Zhang Yi found Falael's trustworthy men and handed out 5,000 swords and 5,000 armors and received 100,000 gold coins, even if they had come 10 elves they could not easily carry all these swords and armor not even in wagons, Zhang Yi did not get mattered.

When a warrior arrived at the Xiantian realm he could fly for a while, but it was rare for warriors to do this unless it was an emergency because it consumed a lot of spiritual energy, but one of the warriors who had come with Lusserina also mastered the laws of the element wind what they did faster than the others.

This warrior was ordered to go back to the city first and ask for more people and more resources so they can move all these swords and armor.

Zhang Yi did not care much about this and continued with his work and also cultivated after a few weeks all the armaments had arrived in the city and Zhang Yi warned that soon the other part would be ready for the transport.

After a few more weeks Zhang Yi had almost finished making all the armaments and was also close to a breakthrough in cultivation but at night after dining with Lusserina he can feel with his powerful detection that 5 elves of the realm core creation had entered the territory of allied villages.

Zhang Yi disguised with a smile and told Lusserina that he would have to take a turn as soon as he left the house Zhang Yi activated his movement technique and was as fast as he could towards these 5 elves.

When he narrowed the distance he could focus more on his mental energy and discovered that these were forest elves, so Zhang Yi was surprised how they were able to go through the defense of the dark elves, these elves were issuing a lot of murderous intent.

Zhang Yi took his spear in his hands and hid his presence as he continued to move toward these elves, he could realize that they were heading towards the village in which he was now left to know if they were going after him or Lusserina.

After a while Zhang Yi took advantage of the cover of the night to move close to these elves unnoticed, he focused his attacks on one of them first, Zhang Yi activated all his strength using the essence of the flame of the Phoenix and using the rain technique of feathers and also using his mental energy, this attack turned into four with the divine technique and struck two in the chest, one in the head and one in the neck of the elf.

When the elf realized that he had been ambushed managed to defend a chest attack, this attack was made purposely discovered by Zhang Yi so all 3 other blows fell on the elf, with the sharpness of the spear all attacks easily crossed the elf's defense, so the head of this elf was all shattered and he died instantly.

When the other four elves realized that they were being attacked Zhang Yi once again used the feather rain technique and attacked with four attacks plus one of the enemy elves, this elf had more time to defend himself and was able to defend two of the blows, but ended up being killed by the other two blows that crossed his defense.

So in just under 10 seconds two of the elves had been killed, Zhang Yi attacked again, only this time attacked two elves of a fez with the feather rain technique, they were able to defend one of the blows each and two blows hurt them lightly, the third elf that was not attacked struck a powerful blow with the laws of the water element.

This blow struck Zhang Yi but was absorbed by the celestial armor, while that elf was surprised by his blow not to have nor hurt the opponent Zhang Yi attacked again with the feather rain technique, this time only one of the elves can hardly defend a blow and was attacked with the other, while the other elf received the two blows and died.

The elf even seeing that his blow did not work was angered by being ignored and by one of his companions being killed in front of him, but before he could attack Zhang Yi attacked again with the feathered rain technique, one of the elves was very wounded and ended up being killed with more these two blows, the other elf that had been ignored can defend the two blows with difficulty.

But now only he was alive of the five elves who had come for this mission, Zhang Yi did once again the feather rain attack and the elf defended only one blow, the other three blows cut both legs and one of his arms, the Elf realized that he would be captured and tried to kill himself.

But Zhang Yi was faster and paralyzed his opponent with his mental energy, Zhang Yi could not do this earlier because his cultivation of mental energy was still less than that of the opponent, but after hurting a lot and the elf losing much qi was possible, so Zhang Yi destroyed the opponent's Dantian taking care that the elf did not die.

Having lost his cultivation the elf became desperate, but even so, he was determined not to say anything even if he was tortured, but Zhang Yi never thought to ask anything to the elf and using a mental energy technique he learned from his master did a search directly into the opponent's soul.

The elf without its cultivation cannot resist and so Zhang Yi learned everything the opponent elf knew after he killed the elf and destroyed the bodies of the 5 elves, he did not want it before Lusserina knew it, but from what he discovered it seems this would no longer be possible.

Even though it was better than fewer people knew this if possible if they knew that Zhang Yi could easily kill 5 elves with the realm's breeding of the core without even being injured Zhang Yi could end up being attacked by many more opponents next time.

Even though the forest elves now know that their elves' attack failed and that they were killed, they would not know how they killed the elves, so Zhang Yi was counting on it.

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