57 War for Survival 3

After a while, Lusserina returned home and Zhang Yi was busy making more armaments to help the dark elves, after finishing his work for the day Zhang Yi was to meet with Lusserina.

"I'm sorry I did this to your aunt, but I had to do it if I wanted to be respected by the city in the future."

"I understand, I just found it a bit difficult to see my aunt in that state."

"I do not want this to happen again, actually part of it was my fault for waiting for the goodwill of the city, from now on if you do not mind I want you to be the person who negotiates with the city."

"I think that would be the best too, my father must have done it on purpose, I knew that my aunt could never be sent for serious negotiation."

"Thank you for being understanding, I will only sell swords and armor to the city because it is easier to do and our time is precious, I will sell 10,000 swords and 10,000 armors, I want 10 gold coins for each sword and armor."

"Besides, I want you to get your father and the strongest in town to swear by your inner demons that they will never use those swords to attack the village."

"Alright, I'll tell you all their terms."

"Tell them also that the next time you send someone as your aunt, that person will be killed."

So Zhang Yi returned to his room, he understood that even if Lusserina liked him he had no way of approving all the things he did, so he wanted to give her some time alone, they would have plenty of time for her to decide if she wanted to stay with him even or not.

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As Zhang Yi thought Lusserina was not feeling very well with all that happened, even if she was young by the standards of the elves, Lusserina was already 50 years old, after spending so much time so it is difficult for her to accept that her family would be a possible enemy of the man she loves.

Yet in her heart, she knew that if she were to choose she would choose Zhang Yi than her family, besides love only the fact that she had to fulfill the prophecy that the Oracle did, only from Zhang Yi's side would she guarantee that the elves would prosper.

So she went to the city to negotiate with the elves about the purchase of weapons while Zhang Yi continued to make swords and armor, in a few weeks she can arrive in the city when the guard saw that it was she was let go, the city was under surveillance in times of war.

The person Lusserina decided to negotiate was her father herself after all this was an important negotiation for the elves, Lusserina always had a good relationship with her father, but she knew her father preferred her brothers instead of her, so they were not so like this.

The name of his father who was the leader of the city was Falael Vamyar, he was the most respected man by all the dark elves, but even so, he had begun this war thinking of decreasing the numbers of his people.

When she arrived at the building of the city where her father was, the guards stopped at the entrance, "I'm sorry Miss Lusserina, your father does not want to see anyone today, he has to prepare for war."

"Tell him that this is an important issue that can influence the outcome of this war."

The guards looked at each other, they knew Lusserina and knew that she was not a person who lied, so they decided to report the situation to the leader of the city.

After a while the guard came back and said that Lusserina could come in, Lusserina came in and went to her father, it was a complicated situation what Lusserina was going through with her family, but she knew Zhang Yi was in a hurry, and if this negotiation did not make certain what would happen was that Zhang Yi would not worry about the dark elves.

But this is the worst result for the dark elves, many would die in this war for the mistakes made by their family if it were so to speak, she did not want that to happen.

When she entered the room, Falael was busy analyzing some documents and maps, it seemed that he had not noticed that Lusserina had entered, but as a daughter, she knew her father was angry.

"I'm very disappointed with you, Lusserina, did you know that your aunt has not woken up yet? Many of her wounds have healed, but the mental damage she suffered would not be easily recovered."

"I do not feel guilty about this, we are in wartime and many dark elves are dying, so Zhang Yi hoped you were in such a hurry as him, but who would imagine that you would do the foolish to send your aunt to negotiate, you knew what would happen."

So the room was silent for a while, Falael was a bit surprised because his daughter had never spoken like this to him, what she said was the truth, he knew he was sending the dark elves to death and never thought to do anything about so he did not care much about this negotiation.

But it seemed that he greatly underestimated Zhang Yi, he thought he would be someone from the Xiantian realm who knew at most create some good things and was trying to get some money from the war.

So Falael sent his sister that he thought he had enough strength to protect himself and would use to irritate the blacksmith a little, so he could see the limits of Zhang Yi with this negotiation, but he did not expect Zhang Yi to be so brave and strong as well.

"I thought with you there nothing serious would happen, I never thought my sister would suffer so much in that place."

"If you knew the absurd things that Aunty said to Zhang Yi who is trying so hard to help the elves you would not be so surprised she ended up like this, even though I thought she deserved to get some."

"I know you, dad, you underestimated Zhang Yi very much and thought he was weak and was depending on me, that's why your aunt ended up like this, it was your fault."

"I do not want to talk about it anymore, tell me what you came here to do."

"I came to try for the last time to do the negotiation that could help the dark elves in the war, I hope you take me seriously this time."

"I thought it was the blacksmith who would trade again."

"He was afraid of having to kill someone if you sent someone else as my aunt, so he thought you would take me more seriously."

"Very well, tell me about what he wants to offer."

"There will be 10,000 swords and 10,000 armor, all from the core rank."

When Falael heard Lusserina he was in shock for a moment, he thought he had heard it wrong for a moment, but knew that it was impossible for people of his realm of cultivation, a core rank sword, that is the equipment that even some of the Realm warriors The core creation of your city has to use.

Few people in the town have rank armor covers, most are core at most, Falael was sure that even the forest elves had only 100 core rank weapons at most, so 20,000 armaments of that rank could give a great advantage to the dark elves.

Earlier when Falael heard that Zhang Yi wanted to sell some armaments to the dark elves, he thought it would be at most 100 and not all of the core ranks, so he finally realized that he almost missed a big chance for the dark elves, and so Zhang Yi he had been so annoyed to be ignored.

Now the only thing that Falael thought about was the conditions that Zhang Yi would have to sell that amount of armaments, could be a lot of money or even the position of leader of the city, Falael would be willing to make many concessions to ensure that more dark elves lived.

"What is the price?"

"10 gold coins for each armament, which would give 200,000 gold coins in total, and also that you and all the city's strongest elves promised not to attack the villages allied by their inner demons."

Falael was surprised again by this low price, so he understood why Lusserina said that Zhang Yi was already doing much for the dark elves, even if Zhang Yi sold an armament for a thousand gold coins he would already find it cheap, that means that he is practically giving it all.

But Falael did not know that this was just a little of the favors that Zhang Yi was doing for the elves in general on both sides after all Zhang Yi would not have to help the voice or the elves.

Only Lusserina knew what Zhang Yi did and why she loved him even more, this little trip to the city served for her to confirm her feelings after Falael was in shock for a while he recovered.

"You can tell Zhang Yi that I accept this agreement and thank him for what he has done for all the dark elves, and I apologize for what I did for him."

"You can let me say that, after a while, if the situation in the war does not change, he intends to engage in this war for a while, so I hope you can help him with that."

"Surely we'll help with whatever he needs, I'm sure that with his strength his help would be very welcome."

"If what he is thinking of doing right then this war can end when he gets involved, so try to do his best to help him."

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