56 War for Survival 2

"I think it's best not to tell this to your father, for now, he might end up getting more angry at the forest elves and then a war between the races would be impossible to avoid, let's see how the war develops in the beginning."

"If it gets difficult we create a plan to attack the city the tree is in, but if we do that we will have to gather all the strength of the city because I saw that there were a thousand forest elves all with at least the Xiantian realm of strength, had even 10 with the strength of realm core creation."

So Lusserina calmed down and realized that the idea of ​​telling this to her father was not good, she did not mind having a total war with the forest elves, but she knew that if that happened the dark elves would be exterminated for being well smaller in number.

So Zhang Yi continued cultivating and also returned to the village he was before with Lusserina to make more weapons and armor, his idea was to give many weapons and armor to the city and so they would have a more general force to attack the forest elves.

He knew that the city did not mind attacking a small village like he was and so he could entrust his weapons and armor to them, of course, he would not give it for free, he would make some conditions and sell more expensive than he sold to the village.

As he made weapons of this level easily, he could make up to 100 weapons and armor a day if he tried, yet he would have to make at least 10,000 so it would take some time for that.

Lusserina was happy just to be close to Zhang Yi, so waiting more than 3 months for her was nothing, despite being the daughter of the town leader she was a woman and had several brothers near his father, so in times of war, no one cared where she was.

Zhang Yi hoped that after finishing doing all this he could also increase a layer in his cultivation because the time he had before the Tribulation was near, and Zhang Yi wanted to prepare for the next tribulation as well.

So Zhang Yi got busy again for a while, after a few weeks, the war officially began, as the forest elves just wanted to defend their cities the work of attacking was for the dark elves.

As the two sides wanted a long war in the beginning only Houmen realm warriors participated, it was difficult to see realm Xiantian warriors in these fights, the hunters of all the villages of the elves were recruited for this war.

But the city had no right to compel anyone to participate, so no one in the Allied villages decided to take part in this war, the town did not like it very much, usually, the smaller villages sent at least 3 hunters to these wars.

But as Lusserina ordered no one to bother the small allied villages no one complained, Zhang Yi told everyone that if they went to this war they would be killed because of the weapons and armor that can make them targets, so they gave up fighting.

In compensation after a month, Zhang Yi asked Lusserina to call some representative of the city to negotiate, who came to Zhang Yi's house ended up being Nuala who was Lusserina's aunt.

Lusserina said that his aunt Nuala was a realm warrior of the core, that the leader of the city who must have asked Nuala to see what the man Lusserina liked was like.

After all, Zhang Yi could be the future son-in-law of the city leader was normal that he tested you, but Zhang Yi did not want to waste time with antics and no meaningless conversations and just wanted to talk business.

"So you are Zhang Yi, I was curious to know who the man deserved my niece to follow him to a small village."

"I think this is not a conversation to be made now, I wanted to know if the city wants to negotiate with me or not."

"Okay, if you do not want to talk about it let's talk about business, I think you're too bold to want to propose conditions for the city just because we're in wartime."

"I do it because I can, if I did not have the ability I would not do it now, I want you to guarantee that you will agree to my terms before I sell my weapons to you."

"Like a dark elf, I think you should be giving these weapons and armor to the city."

"Alright, enough, Lusserina tells the city that if they do not send someone normal next time I will not sell anything else, just because she's your aunt I do not need to keep talking to this crazy person."

"How dare you call me crazy, I think you're too daring to have Lusserina on your side and to be a blacksmith, I'd better put you in your place."

So Nuala became angry and drew her sword to attack Zhang Yi, as she was very talented and also the sister of the city leader Nuala was always treated well everywhere she went, only her brother could quarrel with her, and a blacksmith now she called Nuala crazy, she could not take it anymore.

Lusserina just walked away and said nothing, she was also angry at the way her aunt spoke to Zhang Yi, after all, she knew well that Zhang Yi did a lot for the elves already being human, and even if he sold the swords 100 times the more the price would still be fair, but Nuala wanted to teach Zhang Yi what was right, that was laughable.

When Nuala saw Lusserina walk away she thought her niece also wanted her to teach a lesson in Zhang Yi, so she was more determined to hit him, the biggest difference between the Xiantian realm and the realm of core creation was that one would have more qi and qi would be denser which left the attacks stronger.

But Nuala's gun was just rank, a rank higher than he did with the worst materials, while Zhang Yi's weapon was in rank silver, which was two ranks above, so without much effort, he could fight with someone from the realm core creation alone.

Nuala attempted to attack Zhang Yi with the sword using the laws of the fire element in which she was good, but Zhang Yi only used her celestial armor technique along with the essence of the pheasant's flames, so Nuala's stroke was absorbed by the armor.

So Zhang Yi just used his technique of movement to keep the distance and absorbed the blows of Nuala who had the laws of the fire element, actually after arriving at the room realm with his mental energy his armor could absorb blows to you various types of elements.

So Nuala finally realized that Zhang Yi was not only arrogant and that she really had strength, but she still had not let the anger aside and continued to attack, Zhang Yi just defended herself and deflected because she thought Nuala would realize the disparity of strength and would back off.

But seeing that she did not stop he started to get irritated, he took his spear and moving to the blind spot of Nuala attacked with a feather rain technique, so four strokes with the normal force of Zhang Yi attacked in different places at the same time.

Nuala was an experienced fighter and managed to block two punches, but even those two punches defended her injured the other two punches hit her body directly with full force and crossed all of her defenses.

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As it was not the strongest blow of Zhang Yi, Nuala was not seriously injured, but still lost some of the fighting power, so Zhang Yi kept the spear and began to hit Nuala with the fists, so despite the blows hurt she did not run the risk of dying.

As Zhang Yi had a body much stronger than normal thanks to the body refinement being in the supreme layer of the realm room he did not need to use much spiritual energy and so he hit Nuala for a long time.

Nuala was proud and so she did not regret it and only thought about taking the punches until Zhang Yi got tired, but after a few hours she ended up fainting and Zhang Yi still had not stopped beating.

After so much hitting that he had made small fractures in the bones of the whole body of Nuala Zhang Yi decided to stop hitting, he knew that with some medicinal pills and some medicinal plants passed on the wounds would heal easily.

But the pain and humiliation of picking up to faint would stay forever in Nuala, Zhang Yi did not do it out of spite because if he wanted he could have killed her easily, but he wanted to teach Nuala a lesson and also send a message to the city to take him more seriously.

Lusserina stood aside watching all the beating Zhang Yi gave in Nuala, at first she felt good because she knew her aunt deserved, but in the end, she was already sorry for the aunt and almost asked Zhang Yi to stop, but how did she know Zhang Yi was holding on just watched in silence.

After this he asked that Lusserina get someone to take his aunt to receive treatment, so Lusserina even took her aunt in her arms to prevent her from being humiliated by letting others see her in this state, so Lusserina told some trustworthy people to take her aunt to town.

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