55 War for Survival 1

Maybe if she did not know that Zhang Yi was going to do something important now, Lusserina could have declared herself to him officially and given the next step herself, but she knew it was not the time for it, so she wanted Zhang Yi to become accustomed to being around her and liking her on this trip.

Zhang Yi did not know what Lusserina was thinking and only took advantage of what could be his last days of peace, after a few more weeks they arrived in the city, Zhang Yi saw that in this city he could even make his celestial tribulation and to advance to the realm Xiantian with so much spiritual energy he had.

But in doing so he would practically leave the dry city of spiritual energy that in this world does not recover so quickly, all these experiences were important for Zhang Yi to understand the next steps he would have to take in the world of his mental energy.

After separating from Lusserina, Zhang Yi wasted no time and soon left for the elven side of nature, after a few more days he could see the first city of the elves, it seemed that from what he talked to Lusserina that the elves of the forest were more united from the beginning.

Thus they were the first elves to dwell in a city, after thousands of years all these cities formed a kingdom, and that kingdom was much more united and had no internal disputes as in the side of the dark elves, the difference of general force was not great, but near the king the forest elves were much stronger than the dark elves of the city.

Not to mention that there were many more warriors in an army, it was normal to see nearly 3,000 elves from the Xiantian realm forest in the king's army, but it was difficult together 150 dark elves from the Xiantian realm to the city army.

Zhang Yi had a force that made him not care how many opponents he faced, but how strong they were, if the forest elves did not have any of the Core Revolution realm he did not have to care about how many he faced.

In addition, Zhang Yi thought of only facing all the elves of the forest after taking the third natural treasure and going through the tribulation of the Xiantian realm, there he would not have to fear anyone.

This city had lots of Xiantian realm guards, dozens of them, Zhang Yi shifted his mental energy disguise to an elf in the forest and then used his mental energy to hide his presence and easily pass by the guards' watch.

After arriving more in the center of the city he stopped to hide his presence, the others only looked at him once and they continued walking, after seeing that his disguise was working he continued walking through the city.

As Zhang Yi was a little in a hurry he only stayed three days in the city to learn about some important news and things and then continued walking towards the third natural treasure.

After a few weeks, he could already see the natural treasure, it was a huge tree almost 200 meters high, yet he realized that the natural treasure was under the tree that was like an underground tunnel.

The problem was that he knew that the forest elves worshiped this tree, so they had more than 1000 elves protecting the tree, some were from the Xiantian realm, and few were from the realm core creation, it was good that no one was from the realm. , but even so, he could not just bring down the tree.

If he tried to knock down this tree even with his strength it would take him almost 1 day to get it, and as long as he tried to knock down the tree he would receive attacks from all the forest elves that could attack.

After all, it would be as if he were attacking the deity they worshiped, it was no wonder they attacked him, so Zhang Yi had to abandon his plan to attack the treasure and then flee, because even if he did he would have killed me hundreds of thousands of elves in a day for this.

Even so, he had to think of a way to at least distract the people that were near the tree, so he could dig a tunnel under the ground and pick up the treasure without knocking down the tree, but if he tried to do it now he would be attacked before picking up the treasure.

Zhang Yi found this strange, because this treasure was different from the others, with the other treasures people died only coming close to him, but they had thousands of elves near him every day.

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And it seems that the elves do not even suspect that there is something under the 200-meter tree, they must think that it is the tree that leaves the spiritual energy so concentrated in that area.

And so Zhang Yi realized he would need the help of the dark elves to take this treasure, after a few more weeks he returned to the city where he entered the territory of the forest elves, but the weather seemed to be heavier in the city, so Zhang Yi had to know what happened.

"Do you know what happened?"

"You do not know yet, those damned dark elves decided to attack our race, they are really wild, wanting to steal our land that was divided by who created this world, they should be ashamed."

So it seems that the war would start Zhang Yi before he wanted to prevent this war from happening, but now he has decided to use the situation in his favor to pick up the third natural treasure and prevent other wars from happening in the future.

So he began to think of a plan that would cause fewer people to die and that he could get the treasure in the end, but after thinking for a while he realized that he would have to talk to Lusserina before, only she could help him on that plane.

So Zhang Yi went to a corner where he had no one and hid his presence, and just as he entered just passed the guards without anyone noticing.

After leaving the city Zhang Yi changed his disguise to look like a dark elf and continued to walk towards the city of the dark elves to meet with Lusserina.

He went directly to her house upon arriving in the city and after a few minutes had arrived.

When Lusserina opened the door she saw that it was Zhang Yi and gave him a hug and cried for a while, she knew that Zhang Yi could take time to do what she had to do, but then she started to think about bad things that could happen and began to be anxious.

She thought that he could be discovered and murdered by the elves of the forest or be able to save all the elves and then decide to leave without coming back to see her again, Zhang Yi also saw how Lusserina seemed to have lost some weight and looked tired and stayed excited about it.

After she stopped crying Zhang Yi placed both hands on her head tenderly and wiped a few tears, then gave her a kiss.

After the unexpected kiss ended Lusserina managed to recover and began to smile in love.

So Zhang Yi sat near Lusserina and told what happened in her, as he had to ask a favor he decided to reveal some more information, as to why this world to be dying were the three natural treasures and he had taken two of them.

He also told that he had to get the third treasure, and that treasure was under the tree that the forest elves worship.

"I never liked those forest elves and it seemed to me that I was right, and to think that because of their madness, hundreds of thousands of dark elves eventually died, how could they not have realized that this treasure was sucking all the spiritual energy out of this world?"

"They might not know Lusserina."

"I do not believe it, as I told you a few thousand years ago the two races came together to try to find out why this world was dying, but they did not say anything about a giant tree that absorbs spiritual energy."

"They knew that if they had talked about this tree the people of my race would want to destroy the tree, so through their selfishness, thousands of lives were lost."

"That's not right, even if they had discovered this treasure they could not do anything about it, not to mention that there would still be two treasures that you could not do anything about."

"You know this, but they do not know, that means they could be the culprits and they knew it, but they ignored the deaths of my race."

Zhang Yi did not continue to speak because he also thought that the forest elves were also wrong about it, that third natural treasure was different from the others, so it could be sealed and they would prevent the strength of the treasure to grow and by what he saw that era the treasure that most affected the lives of the elves.

After all the other treasures were in a different situation, they always prayed strongly from the beginning and only used spiritual energy to stay and not to grow, and the blue turtle's jewel used more of the spiritual energy from the spiritual stone mine to sustain itself.

The voice said only that these treasures could in the future hinder the development of this world, but what most hurt the elves was that third treasure, so Lusserina had reason to be angry.

"Zhang Yi in this situation I think it best we tell this whole situation to my father, I'm sure he will have a lot more rage from the forest elves than I like him who was the leader of the dark elves who died all this time."

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