64 War for Survival 10

As Zhang Yi hoped it was much softer than the other elements absorb the seed, it must be in part because he had a greater knowledge by the wood element than he had by the other elements before.

The seed went quietly and stood close to his heart as soon as he arrived there released the energy that was contained in the seed, as Zhang Yi had reached the fifth realm of body refinement his body was very strong and suffered nothing even with the agitation caused by seed.

Soon the mental energy was unexpectedly the first to increase, it retained a great deal of pure spiritual energy. It quickly advanced two layers and reached the fifth realm of mental energy, then it was the body refinement that rose to the intermediary layer of the fifth realm.

Lastly was the cultivation of Zhang Yi, rose quickly and easily passed by the Xiantian realm and reached the advanced layer of the Xiantian realm, after the seed was fully absorbed the body of Zhang Yi calmed down, Zhang Yi surprised the fact of the heavenly tribulation not yet formed.

Just as he thought of it his body went through another change, after going through the Xiantian realm the body of Zhang Yi could finally as well as his mental energy come into contact with the laws of the elements, so his body began to be seasoned again to become the laws he understood.

Zhang Yi understood the elements metal, earth, wood, fire, water, lightning, ice, wind, space and also the laws of slaughter, were 10 kinds of laws he could now contact even if to different degrees, some laws him had a high understanding and others were just initials.

After that the blood of the dragon that was in his body was finally fully absorbed by his body, now became his pure bloodline, after his body fully assimilated the blood his aura went through a great change, he looked more like a king now.

His body also underwent a major change, Zhang Yi could feel that if he wanted he could create some dragon scales on his body at any time and this would double his defense, moreover, his cultivation of body refinement rose again to the supreme layer this time.

Now his cultivation of body refinement had reached the supreme layer of the fifth realm, after which his cultivation of qi also increased up to the peak layer of the Xiantian realm after that ended Zhang Yi felt another change forming in his body.

After absorbing the treasures of the elements fire, water, and wood Zhang Yi had a body with high affinity with the 5 main elements, before as the other 4 elements were suppressed by the lack of the wood element his body can not feel changes, but now he could feel the absolute balance of your body.

Now Zhang Yi felt that his body was more integrated with the world around him as if the spiritual energy had accepted Zhang Yi, after that finally the spiritual energy began to gather, in addition, to meet for the heavenly tribulation of Zhang Yi, also met to revitalize this world.

After the seed was taken by Zhang Yi this world finally reached equilibrium and the spiritual energy that was diverted for tens of thousands of years began to gather in the world hope again, and that energy gathered near the great tree.

Even the elves who had the lowest cultivations could feel this great amount of spiritual energy filling the world if one were in the desert could instead be small plants and the green being born everywhere, so in a few years, those places would again be forests again.

So the war stopped at that moment everywhere, it was as if they had received a divine call that saved the whole world, the forest elves that were closer to the great tree thought that it was because of the tree that this had happened and they remain animated.

The dark elves had conflicting expressions on their faces; they liked it very much that the world was again filled with spiritual energy, but they did not like that it was because of the tree that was worshiped by the forest elves.

Only Lusserina still had a big smile on her face, she knew this was happening because Zhang Yi had fulfilled her mission, but all the other elves had forgotten about Zhang Yi at this historic moment when the elven race was saved.

In the place above the great tree, the spiritual energy was so great that it came to form a great colorful swirl, it really seemed a miracle to those who did not know what was happening, Zhang Yi who was responsible for this did not have time to admire the changes.

Soon his celestial tribulation would come, even though he was confident he could not be negligent, he took his spear and activated the technique of the celestial armor to ensure his safety, with all this spiritual energy near him it was impossible for him to go without qi to use the technique.

This whirlwind of spiritual energy continued for a few hours, Zhang Yi was surprised at this because he felt that the spiritual energy in the environment was already the same as on the outside, that is to say that many elves could reach the realm of the spiritual sea in the future or even in the realm of mortal tribulation.

In addition, Zhang Yi remembered the voice saying that it would take years for this world to become what it should be which means that the spiritual energy in this world would still be denser, in the future that could really become another divine plan.

Everywhere in this world, several elves advanced to the next realm or layer of cultivation that had been trapped for many years, many elves who were in the realm of the creation of the nucleus advanced to the realm of the core revolution, and so it was the same in all the realms of cultivation.

Even Lusserina advanced to the next realm of cultivation coming to the realm creation of the nucleus, this was terrible news for the dark elves, even though many have come to the realm core revolution they had not adapted to the new realm of cultivation.

But now the reinforcements that were coming from both the realm core revolution and thousands that were from the Xiantian realm and now are from the realm core creation, that is to say, they would be surrounded by thousands of realm elves creating the core in no time.

They were lucky that now everyone was very happy with the spiritual energy that was lost, but Lusserina knew that now more than ever they would try to get close to the great tree that was where they were.

After a few minutes, the whirlwind of spiritual energy began to dissolve, but soon upon the great tree large clouds began to form in the sky, everyone could see that there was a great deal of spiritual energy in those clouds.

It was the heavenly tribulation of Zhang Yi, but the elves who were trapped in this world for tens of thousands of years and unable to reach the realm of mortal tribulation would never know that this was a tribulation, so they thought the heavens were punishing the great tree for giving so much spiritual energy to this world.

After a while the first lightning fell on Zhang Yi, it was yellow lightning much stronger than the last celestial tribulation, but even the heavens knew that Zhang Yi would be so strong, so the first lightning had the force of a blow of a warrior of the realm Xiantian supreme.

But even the cultivation of Zhang Yi overcame this, so the first lightning that was with the earth element laws were easily absorbed by the heavenly armor of Zhang Yi, with this energy the mental energy came close to another advance after being absorbed.

The second lightning which was made by the laws of the water element fell on the armor and was also easily absorbed, then the third and all six elements of the tribulation were absorbed easily, but part of the lightning was absorbed by the spear of Zhang Yi which became much stronger and close to the gold rank.

In addition, the spear has finally become indestructible and need not be refined again, the cultivation of mental energy has reached the advanced layer with all this pure spiritual energy absorbed by Zhang Yi's armor.

Even if Zhang Yi tried otherwise, some of the energy was absorbed by the cultivation of Zhang Yi qi as well, so his cultivation reached the intermediary layer of realm core creation, so another celestial tribulation would be formed next.

Luckily his defense increased a lot in a short time after absorbing the seed, otherwise, he could end up dead because of that, maybe he was the first person in history to go through two celestial tribulations in a row.

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Meanwhile, a strange situation was happening in the world hope, as they did not know what a celestial tribulation was the Elves thought that the clouds were a punishment for the great tree, so the dark elves twisted so that the great tree was destroyed.

The forest elves had a lot of faith in the great tree that they wished it to resist this punishment after the tribulation ended as the lightning was mostly absorbed by Zhang Yi and the great tree that had lived for tens of thousands of years and had received strength of the seed of the wood element can withstand with some branches burned and destroyed.

When the forest elves celebrate that the tree resisted and the dark elves lamented, the next heavenly tribulation arrived and the elves became apprehensive again.

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