54 War for Power 9

Lusserina wanted to participate in this war, but as she was the daughter of the city leader and also the army already had many warriors of the Xiantian realm she was prevented from participating because in battle it could end up becoming a distraction for the other warriors who would try to protect if something happened.

As all the elfs of the Xiantian realm were at least some of them using the laws of land and wood to be able to hide the entire army while they waited for the army of the big villages, they would try to quickly kill the warriors of the Houtian realm with a surprise attack to eliminate the numbers of the opponent.

And different from the Houtian realm warriors of the allied villages who had Zhang Yi's armor that could protect them from an ambush for the warriors of the large villages would be fatal.

After a few hours, the great army of 185 hunters formed by the two large villages, Sylvar and Kieran were in front of their army proud of their warriors, they did not expect they were going to their deaths.

The army of the city had 150 warriors who were less, but all were of the Xiantian realm, soon the army of the great towns passed by the point where the ambush of the city's army had been mounted.

To facilitate the work of the city's army the Houtian realm warriors were all in the back of the army, so after a while the attack took place, they all launched martial techniques with the elements that were stronger in the warriors of the Houtian realm.

More than 150 blows fell with the laws of the strongest elements of the elves of the city, in the few 75 warriors of the Houtian realm that received 2 blows each of the army of the city ended up dead without being able to react.

Thus only 110 army warriors of the large villages remained alive, now with numerical advantage and advantage in the general army force the warriors the city were confident in victory.

And with full advantage although it seemed that it was a more fought fight between the warriors of the Xiantian realm those of the city had the advantage, within minutes the Houtian realm warriors of the large villages had all been killed, and then the city warriors began to fight two against one against the warriors of the great villages.

The two realm creation warriors neither cared to participate in the fight, Sylvar and Kieran managed to bravely fight two warriors of the Xiantian realm each, but in a few minutes, the warriors of the Xiantian realm were dying in their fights.

So the numerical advantage only continued to increase, in just over ten minutes after that only Sylvar and Kieran were left, they fought to the end where they were killed without even being able to know why they had been attacked by the city.

After this struggle the two large villages were completely finished, it was different from Dalyor village that there were some surviving Xiantian realm warriors, in a few weeks the dark elves who lived there would realize that something was wrong and they would move to another place.

Thus three large villages suffered for the gain of their leaders caused by the weapons and armor of Zhang Yi, the city can win this fight more easily because it had time to prepare before thanks to the information of Zhang Yi and Lusserina, the city became much safer after of losing three possible enemies.

The other two large towns could not threaten the city if they did not receive the weapons and armor of Zhang Yi, and Zhang Yi had no interest in participating in this power struggle, but he was one of her most important pieces.

Zhang Yi did not know, but thanks to him how three of the large villages had been weakened the city considered the most united race on the leadership of the city, and without Lusserina know about this also the city's plan to attack the forest elves began to take form.

This was a war that was thought by both races, the dark elves wanted more land to survive longer, and forest elves wanted to protect their lands, but the leaders saw it as a good opportunity to kill thousands of elves and increase energy in the environment.

Zhang Yi did not know this, but even if he knew he would not change his plan that was in progress to take the last natural treasure and save the rest of the elves, he had waited too long for it, and Zhang Yi knew that after getting involved with Lusserina he could no longer have his normal life.

But that did not matter, Zhang Yi may feel that his wish had already been fulfilled because his martial heart was firmer than ever, and he had no more burden and no unfulfilled wish, with the current martial heart of Zhang Yi it was impossible for something how it happened again.

Zhang Yi was still preparing for war anytime while farming, but after a few weeks who appeared was Lusserina again, she went directly to Zhang Yi's workshop again.

When she appeared again he could see that Lusserina looked very tired for some reason, so he just let her in and after they entered they only looked at each other for a while without saying anything.

Zhang Yi was already in the heart and mind of Lusserina who had dreamed since childhood a child with her possible husband after hearing the prophecy of her master who was the oracle, so she replaced the image of Zhang Yi by this elven savior she fell in love that he thought Zhang Yi was an old man.

Already Zhang Yi was looking at Lusserina hoping she would rest and decide to tell him whether or not the city would help in their struggle with the large villages.

"I already fulfilled the mission you gave me, now you must be able to trust me a little more."

"So the city will even help in the fight against the large towns?"

"The fight has already happened a few weeks ago, the army of the city can ambush the army of the great villages that came here and won easily."

Zhang Yi believed, he thought it strange that even waiting for a few weeks the enemy did not appear, but in fact, the enemy had already appeared and been defeated, now he thought he could trust a little more in Lusserina.

"I believe you are sincere, so I'm going to tell you what I intend to do now, there's something I need to do in the forest elf town, so I'll prepare to get in there in a few months."

"If possible I want to do what I need to do quickly and without having to kill anyone, but I do not think it will be possible."

When Zhang Yi met Lusserina who said he wanted to help, he thought of trying to help the dark elves of the city to go with him so he could get the treasure, but after thinking for a while he realized that this would cause a war that it was the one he wanted most avoided.

So he could use his mental energy to disguise himself as the forest elf to get closer to the treasure and try to catch him without causing a war.

"But I want to help you."

"You have already helped me greatly, as you have defeated the armies of the large villages that wanted to attack these villages I think we could say that the allied villages are safe for a while."

"And I did not need to show my true strength as I did not have to fight, so it was easier for me to disappear and keep the allied villages safe."

"Are you going to leave me behind?"

"This time, yes, I can hide well and get into their territory, but you're just going to mess with it, but after I finish what I have to do I'll come back to tell you before I leave."

Lusserina realized that what Zhang Yi said was right, how better he was alone, she was a little happy when he said he would come back to see her after finishing what he had to do after he came back she would ask him to take her with him.

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So Zhang Yi just told the hunter of the village Xiantian realm that was his friend who would have to leave for a while and leave the store and workshop closed, Zhang Yi cannot say that the village had almost been destroyed while they were relaxed, after all, the matter was settled.

And so Zhang Yi went with Lusserina to the city, he had to pass through there any way on his journey, so he could very well accompany Lusserina into the city and thus know where to find her when he returned.

They went back through the forest that grew more abundant as they approached the city, Zhang Yi could not even imagine the whole forest becoming a desert with what he saw when he reached this side of the world, the more forests there were the more he felt the energy in the environment was greater.

Zhang Yi could also feel more clearly where the natural treasure he had to look for, the whole trip he hunted and prepared the food, Lusserina liked it very much and always took the opportunity to talk.

After a few days Zhang Yi may also realize that Lusserina liked him, and she was much more direct than the other elfs of his village who visited his shop for months to never try anything different, Zhang Yi even liked it in his day to day , it was a pity he did not know how to show his emotions so well.

Lusserina may also realize that Zhang Yi seemed to like her too and that her personality was a bit different, it gave her more courage and confidence that she could conquer him.

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