53 War for Power 8

As Zhang Yi prepared to stay strong enough to master the world hope if necessary the leaders of the two large villages met again today, after many talks, they finally resolved all terms in order to become allies.

As arrogant as Dalyor was, the two leaders were already counting on the victory and capture of the blacksmith, they were even discussing plans to attack the city after that, after all with all their hunters armed and much stronger they really would have to ability to attack the city.

The leader of one of the large villages was named Sylvar Uriric, he was an elf of the Xiantian realm on the peak, his era considered the second strongest of the large villages, so Sylvar had the idea of ​​allying himself with the leader of the third strongest village , so together they could dominate the other 3 large villages alone if necessary.

The leader of the third great strongest village was Kieran Norgolor, he knew that the strength of his village was a little weaker only than the village of Sylvar, so he easily accepted the alliance, that is to say, that they planned after starting the alliance to betray this alliance.

But even after tens of years, this alliance was of no use to both of them, only now with the new weapons and armor that sprung up in the small villages that this alliance would be useful.

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They knew that the five Allied villages were now stronger than one of the great villages, but if they united the two large villages with all their hunters who were individually stronger than the village of Dalyor, they were sure of the victory.

So after getting all the details they had only to wait a few more weeks when all the hunters were present in the two villages to start the attack, they never expected that weeks before Zhang Yi had already asked for help from the city.

Of course, the city would worry that two large towns would unite and become stronger with new weapons, this left Lusserina's job of convincing the city to help the allied villages much easier.

Lusserina told the strongest people in the city that one of the small allied villages had a blacksmith who had to be protected by the city, but after tens of years there were many more greedy people inside the city, not everyone thought only of doing things were good for the dark elves.

So some people were saying that they would only help the allied villages if Zhang Yi sold weapons to the city as well, Lusserina was furious because if they did this they would not be helping but selling the protection.

Lusserina could not tell the city elves that the main reason for them to help Zhang Yi was by the city's own security, that Zhang Yi was very powerful and they would have to take his favor, she could not do that because dark elves did not believe in the oracle.

And even if they believed in the oracle, they would want Zhang Yi to show their strength first to prove that it was worth the dark elves of the city to help him, and Lusserina also could not say that Zhang Yi was human too, she was fighting alone to protect the elves.

So she could only use the blacksmith status Zhang Yi had to give everyone a reason to help.

"I do not think we have to help allied villages only for they're good, but for our good as well, and that is far greater than just extorting a blacksmith's weapons."

"We are not trying to extort but to get compensation, after all, we can lose several hunters on our side."

"We will no longer argue about this, we can not charge to help anyone else, this could cause the elves to suspect that we are doing what we do to increase our power and not to help the elves that are our just cause."

"Now Lusserina, tell us why you think it can help us too."

"As you all may have heard the rumor that the 5 Allied villages managed to destroy the great village of Dalyor because their hunters had the new weapons and armor of Zhang Yi, that rumor is true."

"So I talked to Zhang Yi personally and I think he is someone who has a broad view of things, and he said he was worried and had reason to believe that maybe two or more of the big villages would be allied to destroy the allied villages."

"And with these great allied villages getting the weapons and armor of the people from the allied villages he said they could join and attack the town soon after."

"We all know that the truth is that the total power that the city has is far greater than the elves of the large villages imagine, but even if they have new weapons and armor the strength of all of them can approach the realm creation of the nucleus , and with that force they can at least harm and kill the elves of the city."

After they heard this all the elves who were present at the meeting were quiet with a more somber mood if what Lusserina said was true the city could have problems if things got to that point.

"And what you suggest we do, after all, that's just the opinion of this blacksmith who may be trying to alarm us so we can protect his village."

"I think we should prepare ourselves to fight two or three of the great villages before they reach the allied villages, we can use the protection of the elves from the smaller villages as a cause, after preparing our forces we can send elves to investigate whether the large villages are really planning to partner."

"If they are really allied, we use our strength already prepared to attack them before they reach the allied villages, and if they are not allies we just leave things as they are."

So everyone thought that this was a good idea, they could be able to prevent a potential problem if the big villages are coming together and also send a message to others who no longer think about joining to attack the city.

Lusserina was happy that she had been able to fulfill her mission, now she would receive the trust of Zhang Yi, she had no doubt that Zhang Yi's assumptions were right and that the large villages were indeed allies.

After a few weeks, the city had already assembled a large army with only Xiantian realm warriors, they got 150 people, all this army was equipped with deadly rank weapons and armor that were stronger than ordinary and weaker weapons than Zhang Yi did.

With this army they were sure to be able to destroy all four large villages if necessary, and leading this army were two warriors of the realm creation of the nucleus, they were there to ensure that none of their men died in this war that could come.

Soon an elf who had gone to the great villages confirmed that what Lusserina said was true, the second and the third of the great villages united to attack the allied villages, that meant that they would really fight.

Sylvar did not know that soon he would have to fight against the great army of the city, all the hunters of his village were gathered today, had 30 warriors of the Xiantian realm if counting on him and also 70 warriors of the Houtian realm.

This was the second force of the strongest of the five large towns, he had almost twice the strength of Dalyor who had the weakest strength of the 5, and with that strength, Sylvar was still wary of attacking the allied villages, and so he allied with Kieran.

All of Kieran's forces were assembled as well, he had 25 Xiantian realm warriors and 60 Houtian realm warriors, was only a little weaker than Sylvar if the large village of Sylvar lost some of his hunters in today's fight they would be the second largest stronghold.

In the village not knowing what else a great war could happen because of you, Zhang Yi finally reached the middle layer of the realm room of mental energy and reached the supreme layer of the realm room in the body refinement, with that Zhang Yi had become stronger and also was more confident in facing the celestial tribulation.

Zhang Yi did not rely heavily on Lusserina to help the allied villages and thought he would end up having to face most of the large army alone, and he was confident he would win with his silver rank lance that was 3 ranks stronger than the weapons that he himself made.

With this spear he had confidence in facing a warriors of the Core Revolution realm and still had chances to emerge victorious, after all, someone from the realm Core Revolution would only have a stronger body and qi stronger than a Xiantian warriors, and Zhang Yi had his body refinement and his divine techniques to be able to fight the difference between realms.

In the normal world, he would not have this confidence because all the warriors of the Core Revolution realm would also have a ground rank weapon at the very least, so Zhang Yi would not have many advantages, but in the hope world, he could use his spear to dominate.

After this war ended Zhang Yi would have to reveal all his power and could forget to continue trying to live a normal life, so he would have to leave and think how he would take the treasure and fulfill the desire of the voice, Zhang Yi could feel that the forest elves were close to this natural treasure.

So it remained to know if he could take the treasure in peace and save all the elves and go away or if he would have to kill some elves of the forest for the good of all.

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