52 War for Power 7

"After thousands of years, the races still did not have much contact with the other, but then a misfortune began to happen in this world."

"The spiritual energy that was abundant throughout the world began to diminish gradually, and when everyone realized it already thousands of years ago and the spiritual energy did not allow the warriors to reach higher realms, only there everyone realized."

"The two races talked, but they could not figure out the cause and come to a solution, so they decided to just live in hope of stopping it, but after thousands of years the situation only got worse."

"So one day the forests and rivers that were so abundant before they began to die, as the forest elves were more accustomed to nature managed to turn around in some way, but the dark elves were beginning to fear it."

"After a few tens of years, elves began to discover that forests died faster on the edges of this world, so the dark elves began to fight against each other to live more in the center of nature."

"These struggles lasted for hundreds of years, as the dark elves were never united they created villages from the beginning and many villages were created and extinct every year."

"Thus the number of dark elves continued to decline more and more, and it seemed that even the forest elves also began to struggle to have a place closer to the center of this world."

"To try to solve this, the darkest elves who were stronger decided to create the first city of the dark elves, and with several of the strongest warriors together they tried to ensure that elves who did not fight in the wars were not killed."

"They also killed the elves who always sought new wars, and then began to improve the rights of people with skills like blacksmiths, all to prevent the destruction of the elves and not to have more power."

"But the other elves thought that the city had been made only to show authority over all the elves, so greedy people like Dalyor decided to make a city, but the city warned that any town that was called a city would be destroyed."

"Thus came the name of great villages, another thing that was also created to stimulate the desire of the elves to become stronger and United was that the common dark elves could have no more names."

"Only the leaders of large towns or people in the city who reached the height of the Xiantian realm could have a name of their own."

So much that Zhang Yi did not understand was explained, he found it confused as to why the elves had no names, but he could not ask either, otherwise, he would practically be announcing that he was not of this world as this seemed to be common sense.

"But the situation keeps getting worse and it does not seem to stop until all the forests become deserts and we all die."

"Just as the situation seems to be getting unsustainable, city leaders who fear that new wars will happen among the dark elves are meant to unite the entire race and attack the forest elves, because the elves of the forest have more than 5 times the territory that our race."

"So we will unite until we can get a part of this land to prolong our lives, anyway if many people die in this war, there will be more land left over and more time for those who are still alive."

Zhang Yi could understand this, it was a war for survival so all the dark elves will unite, and even though many die the plan will work for those who remain alive.

"You explained many things, but you have not explained why you said that I would be a husband."

"I was going to get to that part, in fact, this story I told you is what everyone knows, but there is another part of this story that I did not tell you."

"In our race of the elves in general sometimes extraordinary people are born, these extraordinary people are always very respected by the two races, both the elves of the forest and the dark elves."

"And when the people who created this world, in the beginning, expected prosperity a woman said that there would be a disgrace, these extraordinary people are called oracles."

"This woman was the oracle of the age, in fact, most oracles are born of the forest elven race, so people who were dark elves did not believe the prophecy."

"After thousands of years another oracle appeared and said that this world would be destroyed, but this time the races believed as part of the world was becoming deserted."

"But the Oracle did not know the solution to this problem, and said that only the next Oracle could say the answer."

"After thousands of years, another oracle appeared, but made no prediction this time, shortly before dying 20 years ago that Oracle called me and also called the princess of the elves of the forest."

"I do not know what she said to the elven princess of the forest, but to me, she said I would meet someone who would be the greatest of the talents of an era."

"But this talent would not be of this world, nor would this person be an elf and that this person could save all elves, and that this person should be my husband so that the race of the dark elves would be saved."

Zhang Yi was sincerely surprised by the ability of these oracles, even if he did not think he was the greatest talent of that time, what he had was lucky to have good masters and find incredible treasures that improved his cultivation.

But it was true that Zhang Yi actually came over to save the elves, but Zhang Yi also though he tried hard enough to do it peacefully would not mind causing a massacre for some elves to be able to save the whole race.

Even if he spent a few years in this place he did not want to spend his entire life convincing the elves, if someone gets in his way while he picks up the treasure he would kill without doubting.

In fact the oracle had also planned this part and told Lusserina to try to help Zhang Yi as much as possible and prevent his race from getting in his way, otherwise, it would be Zhang Yi even if he could exterminate the dark elves.

So she would try to get him to marry her, but even if Zhang Yi did not want to marry her at least he could out of friendship and respect her not to destroy the dark elves in his way.

Lusserina thought that Zhang Yi should be a very old man who was disguising himself as a dark elf now, so she also thought that Zhang Yi's cultivation was much larger than hers and so he realized his true hidden strength that even his father did not could.

"I may not be the person you've been waiting for, but even then I really do have a mission to accomplish here, if you help me everything will be easier and less deadly."

When Lusserina heard what Zhang Yi said she started to get a little frightened, she knew he would not tell her the truth and trust her immediately, but she also did not expect him to say she had a mission and that she needed her help to avoid death.

"I'll do what I can to help."

"Well then, I foresee that soon two or more of the great villages may unite to attack the allied villages, so I want you to get help from the city to stop this war from happening if you can do that I'll believe you."

"Even if you can not stop the war from happening I want you to have the city attack the large villages that are trying to attack allied villages, which I do not want to happen is that these villages lose none of these hunters and I do not have to fight in this war."

Lusserina understood that this was a test for her and for the city if they could help Zhang Yi was good, but if they could not he would not avoid doing whatever it took, so it all depended on her.

"You can count on me, I'll do something about it."

After that Lusserina immediately returned to the city to try to do something about it, Zhang Yi never really trusted anyone, so he wanted to give her a chance to prove it was useful, if she succeeded then he could trust her more.

So Zhang Yi continued his training as if nothing had happened the more he could increase his cultivation of mental energy and the more bodily refinement he had to go through the tribulation now.

Zhang Yi hoped that this would be the last time he would have problems with celestial tribulation, then with his talent, he could understand much more of the laws of the elements, and in other tribulations, he would be much safer.

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Not to mention that now he could count on his spear that after refined greatly increased his rank and during this tribulation would gain the indestructible attribute, so he could rest easy knowing that at least he would never be without a descending spear.

Over time the divine techniques that Zhang learned rose to the second level too, although not much change in performance of the techniques, now became much easier to activate, Zhang Yi had not yet tested his new speed and also not I was worried about that.

But it was good for him to know that with the passage of time he grew stronger and stronger, he planned to wait a little longer before learning the new techniques, the important thing was that he could learn these techniques before arriving at the divine plan, only facing opponents much stronger than these techniques would be fundamental.

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