51 War for Power 6

Zhang Yi also did not know his masters, he was very grateful that they had risked doing something taboo to give him a new chance to cultivate, he was also grateful that they did everything they could to ensure that Zhang Yi came to necessary to go to the divine plan.

So he hoped that his masters would be like substitutes for his family who had already died Zhang Yi could not even think what he would do if his masters were not as he thought.

After arriving at the room realm of his mental energy Zhang Yi could now along with the divine technique 'sense divine' that doubled his area of ​​perception to watch all the area of ​​the 5 allied villages, he was afraid that the enemies that could come decided to attack one of the allied villages without his knowledge.

So after a few weeks, he can catch someone entering alone in the area of ​​the 5 Allied villages, Zhang Yi to realize that this person's cultivation was the peak of the Xiantian realm and that person seemed to be using a kind of medium to try to disguise their true cultivation.

This left the situation more suspicious for Zhang Yi, so he strengthened his mental energy toward that area to know more of the person, after all, he was not worried about a sudden attack, even the weaker hunter could defend himself against a Xiantian peak by a few minutes until help came.

And if this person were thinking of attacking an ordinary person, it would not make sense to send someone so strong for that, after looking more closely at the area Zhang Yi was surprised because this person was a woman, and also did not seem to have any murderous intent.

She was an elf with long black hair and green eyes, had a tiara with flowers on her forehead and had a pretty face with a thinner nose, had a slender body with slightly smaller breasts, but this must be a characteristic of the elves, after all, several in the village were like that.

She was wearing a cloak so they would not see his face, but it was useless against mental energy, in fact, any cloth could be invisible to Zhang Yi if he wanted, of course, if he focused too much on his mental energy one could discover that he was being peeked.

But it seemed that the elves of this world did not know about the mental energy, of course, that Zhang Yi would do nothing of the sort after all things like that could affect his martial heart, after observing for a while that elf seemed to be heading towards the workshop. Zhang Yi.

Normally he would warn the other hunters of this, but this time his instinct was that he should at least hear what that elf meant, and he would not be in any danger at all.

So after a few minutes, that elf entered Zhang Yi's workshop.

"You can come in here if you want, you must have something you wanted to tell me to have come here."

"Hi, fine, I'd like to buy some of your knives and pots I've heard so much say, I really enjoy cooking."

"Same? My name is Zhang Yi, what's yours? "

"My name is Lusserina, could you show me the knives and pots?"

"Of course, just wait for a little."

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So Zhang Yi left the workshop and took three models of pots and two models of knives, then he went to the counter to show the products better.

"Here they are, these are all the models I make you can prepare almost any type of food with these things."

"Really incredible, it's the first time I see a blacksmith preparing tools to sell to ordinary people, the other blacksmiths would think they should not lower their status to do something like that."

"Well I've never cared much about these things, I just wish I could sell more stuff, so also I decided to sell the weapons and armor I make for a cheaper price."

"But even if I sell cheaply, there are very few people living in the 5 villages who have the money and the need to buy these weapons, so I thought to make simple tools more people could buy."

"It's true I heard you sell your weapons cheaply here, why do you do it? If you sold in the city one of your weapons that was sold would be worth the same as all the weapons and tools you have sold so far."

"I do not see anything around here that's worth buying with that much money, just how much I've got to live for many years to come."

"Just for that?"

"I think that's enough reason for me, after all, I do what I want so small motives like that are enough for me to do something, and I also wanted to help a little the elves that live in my village where I have been so well Received."

"You could be welcome in any village as a blacksmith."

"But the people of this village did not know that I was a blacksmith when they received me, they treated me well because it is their nature."

When Lusserina heard that Zhang Yi's personality was interesting, usually the more power and authority the person had, the more arrogant the person became, the blacksmiths she met did not have much respect for even the more normal elves.

"Since you asked me so many questions, I'd like to ask some questions as well."


"And I did not know it was normal for people from the Xiantian realm to enjoy cooking so much, is there any reason why?"

When Lusserina heard Zhang Yi's question she was surprised, in fact, she planned to come to Zhang Yi's workshop a few times and then gain some friendship and find out about this mysterious blacksmith before deciding whether to reveal her identity.

But she never thought that Zhang Yi could see through her disguise and recognize her true strength, now the plan she had thought of before could no longer happen.

"So you already knew who I was?"

"I do not know who you are, but I can see your level of cultivation since you entered the village, I have to watch out to prevent possible attacks."

"I thought you were at peace now after all your allied villages gave such a clear message to the other great villages."

"You did not really think that the other village elves might think we were in peace for a while, but you and I both know how these leaders can be greedy, they would never lose the opportunity to increase their strength."

Zhang Yi was right, Lusserina knew from the beginning that it would be so, indeed things could even get worse for the allied villages now because the large villages know the true strength of the allied villages, so they only attacked when they are sure of success.

"So I guess it does not make sense anymore to hide my identity, after all, I do not want to have made such a long trip for nothing."

"My name is Lusserina Vamyar, and I am the daughter of the city leader of the dark elves, I knew about you and so I came here to confirm if you are who I waited for so many years."

Zhang Yi was a little surprised by this, he expected Lusserina to leave the city, but he did not expect her to be the daughter of the city leader, but he soon understood that she had revealed his identity to ensure his safety, though that Zhang Yi had a much larger cultivation than hers to discover through the disguise.

"And who did you wait for so many years?"

"I waited for the person who would be destined to save all the elves and also be my future husband."

So Zhang Yi was surprised again, how could he be someone's husband if no one knew who he was.

"Come to my house then, so we can talk better about all these things."

So Zhang Yi brought Lusserina to his house and then closed the shop and the shop so no one would bother the conversation, even if he was a little surprised he did not care much about it, after all, Zhang Yi had the strength to do whatever he wanted in this world and would not allow anyone to force him to do what he did not want.

"You can start talking."

"Well, where do I start ... I'll start by telling the story that is known by the elves."

"This place was created by very powerful elves thousands of years ago, unfortunately, those elves and elves who came after them erased any record of why they created this world, but we know this was to be our paradise."

"The creators of this world were the strongest who represented the two races, the forest elves, and the dark elves, these two races were very friendly and came here together, but even if these races were friends, they never mingled."

"The forest elves always liked places with a lot of nature and they were always very close, the dark elves were different, they liked to live more freely and they were not that close."

"So when that place was created there were many more forest elves than dark elves, as dark elves had no choice had to learn to be more united."

"So the people who created this world also divided this world in two and then divided this part of the world into two again, with the forest elves on one side and the dark elves on the other."

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