50 War for Power 5

With his keen perception Zhang Yi who could now feel better laws can see how the 5 elements united in the sky, such as the world of Zhang Yi before had not day and night only darkness existed, so Zhang Yi had no difference since he only saw everything with his mental energy, but that was one of the things that made life impossible there.

After a while the 5 elements spun in the sky the atmosphere began to change, a light began to emerge and after Zhang Yi could see that the air was being formed, in a few hours the world in his mental energy was now much more similar with the normal world.

It was really incredible and even seeing and feeling Zhang Yi did not know how from the 5 elements all this was formed, even if his understanding about the element wood was smaller than the others, the other elements actually fit so that everything was in a perfect balance.

Zhang Yi may also realize that the light element had nothing to do with the light that existed in this world, just as the element of darkness also had nothing to do with the night, but in that world, it had only a little of the elements of time and space that he could not quite understand.

After the mental energy stopped forming and he was now inside the realm room of mental energy Zhang Yi realized that the world of his mental energy now looked a bit like the earth had no spiritual energy in the atmosphere, even so, Zhang Yi knew by instinct that a person could not yet live in this world.

Zhang Yi can also see that the earth, water, and wood elements were down from the ground, and the metal elements and fire mixed from the air and disappeared so Zhang Yi realized that the process is finally over.

Another thing he realized was why the people who cultivated the mental energy were much stronger than the warriors who cultivated qi and also had no instability in their cultivated at higher realms.

After going through this experience of creation in his mental energy world Zhang Yi felt he had gained a lot, it would be much easier for him to understand any elements and also use laws to fight, Zhang Yi also realized several things about the Dao that all the warriors pursued.

So it would be unlike any warrior who normally passed by the Xiantian realm, that difference would only increase in the future, Zhang Yi even thought that maybe the elves went through something like this, and so they could control the laws better.

Zhang Yi once thought of cultivating his qi also for the Xiantian realm and going through the tribulation, but after going through what he passed Zhang Yi can understand that he should not go through tribulation in this world before getting the third treasure.

Because a lot of spiritual energy would have to be formed in his tribulation and that would cause people on this side of the world to die faster after he could get the third treasure he would have no problem going through the tribulation because that world would return to normal after that.

So Zhang decided to continue to cultivate his mental energy and also to cultivate his body refinement he could now rely on the help of his mental energy to strengthen himself so only his cultivation of qi would have to be left behind for a while.

After Zhang Yi used many spiritual stones in those months to cultivate the elves of the village were also able to cultivate more easily because of this, many hunters and common elves managed to advance some layers suddenly.

This was normal even if Zhang Yi did not lose much spiritual energy in his cultivation, just by using the spiritual stones that react with the spiritual energy that normally exists in the environment.

Of course, none of the village elves could notice any difference, only when Zhang Yi reached the fourth realm of mental energy that some of the stronger hunters might have noticed.

As Zhang Yi cultivated the months passed quickly, and after so long the elves of the large towns and cities realized something, the town elves did not care much about a new blacksmith because they had many in town.

But the people of the large towns paid more attention to the new information, after a few more days the four large villages also learned that the village of Dalyor was almost destroyed and that Dalyor was killed by the hunters of 5 villages united, so two of the large villages gave up the blacksmith.

But two of the large villages in which the leaders were friends were still interested in the blacksmith and the power of arms that could make 5 small villages stronger than a large village.

So the two leaders began to think of an alliance, even if the five small villages managed to almost destroy the village of Dalyor the two leaders thought that the allied villages should have lost some hunters on their side in this fight as well.

And they also thought Zhang Yi had participated in the fight as well, so with these two misjudgments, they deduced that it would not be difficult for two large villages that were stronger than the village of Dalyor to be able to together destroy the five allied villages.

But it was normal for them to think so, after all, if two large towns came together they could cause problems even for the city, let alone five small villages.

At the same time that the two leaders thought of attacking the 5 villages in the city in a large isolated house in the corner of the city an elf woman who was talking to a warrior who was in the Xiantian realm.

"Are you sure this blacksmith came out of nowhere?"

"I have, it is my job to keep an eye on Dalyor's village to prevent possible threats, so I learned long before about this news that a blacksmith suddenly appeared in one of the small villages and because of his weapons the war began."

"I can assert that allied villages have only won thanks to these weapons and armor, so the hunters of the Houtian realm could fight against warriors of the Xiantian realm, so I began to investigate where this blacksmith came from."

"But the strange thing is that even after several months no one knew about this new dark elf who was blacksmith, besides, although he has a name is not from the city, it is impossible for a blacksmith to live in a city and is not known, "

"He is not from any of the big towns either, so I do not know where he came from."

"What do you think about his weapons and armor?"

"I think they're better than the best weapons in this town, so this Zhang Yi is a better blacksmith than the current blacksmiths."

So the woman thought for a long time and then spoke.

"In that case, I have to go to this village to meet this blacksmith, I have to know if he's the one I've always waited for, and if he can, he can save our lives."

"But I think this is very dangerous, lady, how many warriors will you take with you?"

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"None, if he's even who I'm thinking he'll be wary if I go with more people."

As the warrior knew that it was no use trying to convince this woman then he gave up, in fact, he thought that if she did not do any madness would not have any danger in this trip, only if she ended up offending the blacksmith in some way, in that case, the warrior did not know if the woman would leave alive.

So she began her journey to the small village, it would take a few weeks to make a trip like this, so she prepared well and was not in a hurry.

Zhang Yi continued to cultivate all this time but he could feel that something big was about to happen, it was close to 1 month before he could reach the other layer of his mental energy and also his body refinement, now each layer took 4 months to be achieved.

Zhang Yi was not worried about this because he would be at the age considered ideal to cultivated until he was 40, and he was only 16 years old now if he continued at that pace he could reach the divine plan before he was 40 years old.

That if Zhang Yi found no more natural treasure as he has already found 3 and is after another 1, or some baptism as he passed through several, furthermore, Zhang Yi to this day has never used any medicinal pills to advance his cultivation to maintain its most stable base.

This means that if Zhang Yi wanted to advance to the realm that would give access to the divine plan in a few years, and despite not having spent much time with the elves and even having gone through a war, Zhang Yi could now say that he had accomplished his desire to live a life as a mortal.

So there was nothing else to stop him from climbing into the divine plan when it was possible and meeting his masters, after rising to the divine plan the cultivation would not be as fast as now, but Zhang Yi could be close to his masters and say who had a place to belong in the world.

Because since coming to this world Zhang Yi still can not find a place to be at ease, he spent little time in Iron Sect and most of the time he stayed there was farming, and in this world Hope for Zhang Yi is only a time that he is staying to fulfill the request of the voice and fulfill a long desire.

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