49 War for Power 4

Zhang Yi was thinking about what to do now, he knew that this war was not over yet, the allied villages only got more time with it, soon the other big villages would know about the new weapons, and knowing that they would think about attacking the small villages.

Once they knew that the 5 villages were united and managed to destroy a large village without losing any man they might be scared for a while, but in the end, the gain would blind their eyes, and this could get much worse for the 5 allied villages in the future.

Zhang Yi still wanted to live longer this normal life he always wanted, but to live even a normal life a people have to have strength, so another part of the martial heart of Zhang Yi got clean, he realized that to live a person has to be strong, otherwise he would never be truly free.

So even living a normal life as always wanted did not mean that one could not cultivate like that to keep his life in peace, Zhang Yi decided to return to cultivate to get stronger.

After several months without cultivating the base and the mentality of Zhang Yi were more stable than ever, the weight of climbing several realms in a few months had already disappeared, in addition, Zhang Yi also managed to decipher the mysteries of several layers above his in cultivation, so he would not have bottlenecks for a long time.

Zhang Yi after living so long near the elves can also discover all the mysteries about the laws, so he could use the laws of 8 elements after reaching the Xiantian realm, and also could already create almost totally the atmosphere of the world in his space of mental energy, beyond the most perfect day and night.

Even Zhang Yi had more achievements than many others in dozens of years, Zhang Yi first needed to raise his mental energy and then his cultivation of qi, after all, he had to think about the next tribulation he would face.

As for training, your body refinement would be much slower because your body is already in an advanced layer of the realm room, so it could not receive much help from your qi or mental energy.

There was another thing that Zhang Yi had noticed after spending several months on this side of the world, Hope, just someone with tremendous talent and insight as he might realize it, or someone with a fairly high cultivation realm who did not exist in this world.

What he had realized was that little by little in those months the spiritual energy on this side of the world was increasing in quantity, as this was a huge world and most of that side of the world was now deserting the increasing amount of spiritual energy in that place where Zhang Yi was small.

But Zhang Yi may even realize this small increase, and he also knew the cause of this increase, it should be the natural cycle that was created by the experts who created and organized this world, this was the natural cycle that could make this place turn plane similar to the divine plan according to the voice.

And the reason the energy is only increasing now after tens of thousands of years, even after much of this world has become a desert because of a lack of spiritual energy, is the treasures that Zhang Yi took while testing on the other side, now that the two treasures were collected by Zhang Yi to spiritual energy should return to what should be on this side of the world.

Another thing he might also realize was the direction of the third treasure the voice asked him to take as well, Zhang Yi might feel that in a certain direction there was something that attracted great spiritual energy, this thing that attracts spiritual energy must be the treasure Natural.

This talent of Zhang Yi to feel the flow of spiritual energy is something that the voice did not expect too, so the voice thought that Zhang Yi would take tens of years to find the third treasure.

Zhang Yi also realized that if he did not take this treasure the elves of this world would actually die in less than 1,000 years, in fact this world only exists for so long even because of wars like that between the allied villages and the large village of Dalyor, in such wars the elves die and the spiritual energy returns to the world.

So Zhang Yi returned to train his mental energy, to train his mental energy without greatly affecting this world Zhang Yi decided to start using the spiritual stones he had first he picked up the low-level spiritual stones he had millions of them to train.

Although Zhang Yi knew that high-level spiritual stones could greatly increase his cultivation was a waste, after all, he did not know where he could find more of these high-level spiritual stones, in addition, his realm was still very low and these spiritual stones would be more necessary when even dozens of low-level spiritual stones no longer served.

Zhang Yi was already in the peak layer of the third realm of mental energy, so a few more months would be what he needed to get to the fourth realm, of course, thanks to the blue turtle's jewel without this jewelry to increase the speed of his energy cultivation mental it would take years to get to the next realm.

In the space of his mental energy Zhang Yi was creating his city now, the villages were already beginning to connect and the new buildings were being created as well, the whole atmosphere and everything else needed could be immediately created as soon as salt mental energy passed for the fourth realm, so what he lacked for him was only to accumulate mental energy.

So a few weeks passed after the war and Zhang Yi returned to cultivate, as all he needed was to accumulate mental energy even by cultivating Zhang Yi still lived the same way as before, he would open his workshop and sometimes talk to the elves that appeared over there.

Many elves had come from the great village of Dalyor to the village of Zhang Yi, after all, it was the village that seemed the strongest and had the blacksmith Zhang Yi who was also very respected, yet other elves who left the great village went to allied villages.

So in those weeks, several elves would come to the Zhang Yi shop to buy knives and pots, it was something that every elf would like to have in his house, the elves of Zhang Yi village were also very happy and feeling much safer after they won one of the great villages.

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In those weeks also the hunters from the great village of Dalyor who had left finally returned, although they were angry about the deaths of their friends, everyone knew that all this was caused even by the gain of Dalyor, so now the great village was, for now, a normal village that had 3 Xiantian realm warriors and almost 15 Houtian realm.

These people decided to continue in the place of the great village because within a few tens or hundreds of years two more warriors of the Xiantian realm would naturally arise and they could once again be considered a great village.

As the great villages seized to consider themselves allies were very distant from each other and did not maintain much contact, neither the other four large towns nor the city knew yet about Zhang Yi and the arms and armor nor about the near destruction of a great village.

But Zhang Yi knew that this was only a matter of time, the elves had a different time perception of normal humans, so while Zhang Yi thought that 1 year was long for the elves was like a month or a week, so the news took time to happen.

After cultivating for a few more weeks Zhang Yi finally reached the room realm with his mental energy, it was the first time after starting to cultivate the qi that his mental energy reached another realm before his qi.

With this you can see how much Zhang Yi can win with these years in the world Hope, his mental energy that was well below his qi after all these baptisms and tribulations and also the blue turtle's jewelry grew a lot, which could take tens of years normally.

So Zhang Yi had to take two of the high-level spiritual stones to ensure that his advance to the realm of mental energy would be done smoothly, after all, much spiritual energy was needed for this, much more so than to pass from the peak of the Houtian realm to the Xiantian realm on qi.

That's because a great change was taking place in the spiritual energy world of Zhang Yi, more than half of the city had already been created, but the same incredible thing happened in the atmosphere, Zhang Yi had long understood the laws, but now these laws were gathering to create the atmosphere, day and night, air and everything that is necessary for a person to survive.

Preparing for this lawsuit, which Zhang Yi knew was important, it should also be very time consuming, so he warned all the elves that his workshop would be closed for a few days and also took a fasting pill.

Zhang Yi who was observing the change that was taking place in his world of mental energy can observe that although he had captured something of 8 elements only the 5 main elements were acting more for the formation of the atmosphere and day and night.

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