48 War for Power 3

Soon the fighting became more violent, as the hunters of allied villages still had the numerical advantage and strength the first hunters of the great village soon began to die, it was always so the greater the numerical advantage the faster the fights ended.

So after a few seconds, only the realm Xiantian hunters were alive, but being attacked by 5 enemies with superior strength the two were full of deep wounds and knew that soon they would die, yet they wanted to hold out more time for their leader and the others village hunters knew of the invasion.

But soon as if fate was laughing at their determination to hold out longer the swords of the two warriors broke, unarmed they washed several sword bars and died.

As soon as this fight ended 3 more warriors of the Xiantian realm who were faster than the others realized what was happening and even knowing that they would die they ran towards the invading 50 hunters.

After almost 10 minutes that the invasion began had passed, Dalyor who was the leader of the village and so lived in a large house that was far away from the gate finally knew that something was wrong.

In his house, there were always 15 hunters from the Houtian realm and 5 from the Xiantian realm totaling 20 to defend him in case of an attack, but no one really expected that an attack would happen like now and so they would be relaxed.

As soon as Dalyor knew that something was wrong he went to the middle of the village with the hunters who stayed in his house when Dalyor approached the village he saw two more warriors of the Xiantian realm being killed.

After killing the three Xiantian realm warriors who came to them the large village reinforcements arrived and had 2 more Xiantian realm warriors and 20 Houtian realm elves who were hunters and villagers.

As before in a few minutes, all the elves of the great village were dead and only two warriors of the Xiantian realm remained, so far the attack had been a success, but more than 50 enemy elves had been killed so far, yet they had none still low.

After the two opposing elves had been killed the hunters from allied villages were able to see Dalyor coming with 20 more hunters with him, so everyone knew that this was the last fight and after that one of the great villages would be finished regardless of who won.

Even so, the hunters of the Allied villages were confident in the victory, after all despite the other side having 6 Xiantian realm warriors in total they had fewer hunters than those of the Allied villages, and it has already been proven that Houtian realm hunters can face the realm Xiantian for a time being miss.

This gave confidence that they could win this fight without losing anyone.

"I have to admit that what happened today was my mistake for having underestimated the courage of your small towns, never that I would expect you to have the courage to attack my village."

"We know what big village leaders are like, you are all ambitious people who only think of yourselves, so after you attacked two of our villages to steal the weapons we knew you would not stop here, just attacking first, we can be safe."

"You were right I was preparing to attack the village of one of you in a few weeks, but now I've missed the chance, let's fight at once."

Dalyor was prepared to lose since he lost more than half of his men with the surprise invasion of the Allied villages, but he still thought he had a chance to win, and if he won today he would have the weapons he wanted bringing to his door.

So the fight started the 5 Xintian realm warriors of the allied villages took an enemy Xiantian warrior to fight, as who had led the whole fight the hunter of the village of Zhang Yi was the one who faced Dalyor, although Dalyor is the leader of a large village he was still a warrior of the Xiantian realm, with the guns the hunter did not fear him.

Dalyor saw that one of the Xiantian realm warriors on his side had no realm opponent and went to attack Houtian realm opponents and was hopeful in the victory but soon he saw that two warriors of the Houtian realm were facing him and were winning and saw that things would not be so simple.

The hunters from allied villages were fighting two against one with their opponents, yet they were tired after having fought so many times since the village gate, so the fights were much more time consuming than before.

Even after a few minutes of fighting the opponents were full of injuries and the allies were all well, the armor Zhang Yi did protect the bodies of the warriors of the allied villages, seeing that Dalyor realized that they could lose today.

Soon the sword of one of the hunters of the great village broke and he was killed next, just as if it were a signal the swords of several hunters began to break and also was the signal of defeat of the great village, unlike the ranks of the arms was very large, so ordinary weapons could last only a few minutes.

Realizing this the warriors of the Xiantian realm of the great village began to use more qi to protect their weapons, but as they were worried about their representatives the Huntian realm hunters who had already killed their opponents began to send blows of all directions for the warriors of the realm Xiantian opponents.

So in a few minutes the hunters of the great village began to die and in the end only Dalyor leader remained, to be a leader needs strength beyond ambition and charisma, so Dalyor who knew how to use the laws of the elements to survive can take more, still facing attacks from 50 hunters he soon became all wounded and dropped his weapon.

"Now you've lost Dalyor, your ambition and madness are what caused the deaths of all people here today, at least your defeat will serve to show to the other great villages that we should not be underestimated."

After finishing speaking the hunter crossed Dalyor's neck with his sword without waiting for the answer of the leader that caused so many problems for all.

After the fight was over, all the hunters in the allied villages were exhausted, but they were also very happy that they could win this fight without losing a hunter, they faced many more hunters than they had expected and many were still hunting out of the large village.

They only managed to win without losing anyone because the enemy did not expect an attack and so they fought their fights always in numerical advantage, so everyone could win the fights more easily.

A few hundred yards from the large village where the fight happened Zhang Yi was watching the whole fight with his powerful mental energy, although unable to actively participate in the fight he could rescue some hunters in case of defeat or leave to face a stronger enemy that could appear.

But the fight happened as he expected even though the Allied hunters were afraid of losing some men in this fight would be impossible without several more powerful enemies appearing, although they were afraid to test, with common weapons Zhang Yi's armor in Houtian realm warriors could withstand several blows from warriors of the Xiantian realm.

So Zhang Yi was quieter with this fight if the enemy numbers were as reported in the reports.

It just appeared in case some of the kernel creation realm appeared or the other large villages appeared to help.

After the fight was over, the village representative of Zhang Yi who led this fight got up and went to a high place where everyone in the large village could see him.

"We are from allied villages and because we feared that our villages would be destroyed by the gain of their leader Dalyor we had to make the drastic decision to gather the hunters from the 5 villages and attack their village first."

"So we decided in advance that we would only attack and kill anyone with a gun in our hands, so, unfortunately, we had to kill some of the villagers who came in our armed path."

"Now that Dalyor and most of the warriors of this great village have been killed we are only going to leave and if some of you are afraid that after we leave others may attack your village again they can follow us if they want to wait for the warriors of their village to return to get up again, we will not interfere."

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After saying this he just walked toward the exit of the village and the other hunters followed behind, though he had many silver and gold coins in the house of Dalyor and other warriors and they could force the villagers to follow them, it was first combined 5 villages that this war was for their safety and not for power as it was for Dalyor.

So after they were sure that the enemies were dead, the hunters from the allied villages just left, they moved very slowly toward the exit, so after a while, some elven families also followed the hunters for safety, others remained back waiting for the warriors who had come back.

The families of the hunters who were killed preferred to die after the killers of their loved ones, some just did not know what to do, they knew they could be attacked, but they never faced any of this as they were from that village hundreds of years ago.

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